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US-Connected Eredar Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Capital Vices (r)3259/13 (M)
2Months Behind8315/13 (M)
3Mean Girlz15183/13 (M)
4Unity (r)19282/13 (M)
5Gorefiend Best Ser..19802/13 (M)
6Paradigm3032 13/13 (H)
7Whiskey Brigade (r)3222 13/13 (H)
8Try Hards (r)3901 12/13 (H)
9FLIPSIDE KINGS4982 12/13 (H)
10Celestial Reign7636 8/13 (H)
11Hard Casual8183 7/13 (H)
12Deadmoon Tribe8504 7/13 (H)
13Knights of The Old8789 7/13 (H)
14Tramatic Experience8886 7/13 (H)
15Scalebane8887 7/13 (H)
16Grumpier Old Men9210 6/13 (H)
17The Banished9806 6/13 (H)
18Dawn of Valor (r)10795 6/13 (H)
19Red Devils (r)11243 5/13 (H)
20The First Seal (r)12032 4/13 (H)
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