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US-Connected Greymane Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Despotism (r)3289/13 (M)
2Solution (r)4847/13 (M)
3All the Single Lad.. (r)12484/13 (M)
4The Unnamed19292/13 (M)
5Eighty Six3910 12/13 (H)
6Slainte (r)4146 12/13 (H)
7The Silvan Rangers5288 11/13 (H)
8Just The Tip5292 11/13 (H)
9Ferocious Kittens7112 8/13 (H)
10Usual Suspects7162 8/13 (H)
11Madness8969 6/13 (H)
12Council of Nine (r)10304 6/13 (H)
13Fear and Loathing10890 5/13 (H)
14Excellence11798 4/13 (H)
15Anubis12558 1/13 (H)
16Dark Tempest13687 1/13 (H)
17Care Bare Stare15101 13/13 (N)
18Terrible Friends (r)16678 12/13 (N)
19The Evil Within17232 12/13 (N)
20Sixty Seconds To W..19628 10/13 (N)
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