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US-Connected Moonrunner Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Guild Name (r)36813/13 (M)
2Angelic Horizon (r)287512/13 (M)
3Vapor391611/13 (M)
4Phoenix Rising48889/13 (M)
5The Relief Beef64266/13 (M)
6Olympian69335/13 (M)
7Ascensiøn76345/13 (M)
8Demonic Horizon83344/13 (M)
9Paradox84634/13 (M)
10Weapons of Destruc..90993/13 (M)
11Knights of Konquest94942/13 (M)
12Mob Mentality100611/13 (M)
13The fighting Irish104251/13 (M)
14Clever Latin Name11937 13/13 (H)
15Red Tear12901 13/13 (H)
16Blodhemn12940 13/13 (H)
17failsport13612 13/13 (H)
18Sharply Surreal13884 13/13 (H)
19rare spawn15294 9/13 (H)
20Icecrown Reborn15365 13/13 (H)
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