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US-Illidan Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Nothing Personal (r)9892/13 (M)
22FoTM (r)9942/13 (M)
23LostTemple9962/13 (M)
24Eclipse Starfall (r)10082/13 (M)
25Resurge11201/13 (M)
26DAWN12141/13 (M)
27The Bitter End13121/13 (M)
28Best Friend Forever14161/13 (M)
29Deimos (r)14911/13 (M)
30Smokin Fat Bruntz (r)1517 13/13 (H)
31cog1537 13/13 (H)
32Boom Shakalaka1630 13/13 (H)
33Winterfell (r)1743 13/13 (H)
34Summit1749 12/13 (H)
35Dark and Edgy1938 12/13 (H)
36Insane Freedom (r)1990 12/13 (H)
37Last Pull2079 12/13 (H)
38Titans2081 12/13 (H)
39Prevail2229 12/13 (H)
40T K T2235 12/13 (H)
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