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US-Kil'Jaeden Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Huge in Japan (r)4611/13 (M)
2DNOgaming (r)7910/13 (M)
3We Gucci (r)4235/13 (M)
4Divine Council5825/13 (M)
5Convergence (r)6064/13 (M)
6Roadrunners (r)7833/13 (M)
7Karma (r)7923/13 (M)
8Blacklisted (r)10012/13 (M)
9Infusion (r)11162/13 (M)
10Real Talk (r)12041/13 (M)
11High Class (r)12921/13 (M)
12Akatsuki13311/13 (M)
13Dream State (r)14101/13 (M)
14To Be Determined (r)14891/13 (M)
15illest (r)1502 13/13 (H)
16Passive Aggressive1743 12/13 (H)
17Raid House2159 12/13 (H)
18Scars of Glory (r)2164 12/13 (H)
19Belly Dancers (r)2244 12/13 (H)
20Insufficiently Sli.. (r)2255 12/13 (H)
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