KR WoW Realms

# Realm Type Lang Score Population* Horde* Alliance*
15Aegwynn PvPkr16749.26000
n/aAl'ar PvPkr0.00000
7Alexstrasza PvPkr21700.7420511392
29Alleria PvPkr6764.98000
4Azshara (queue)PvPkr23249.261979519310485
30Blackmoore PvPkr5061.72000
14Burning Legion (up)PvEkr16801.86441813193099
8Cenarius (up)PvPkr20701.4878887059829
17Dalaran PvPkr16380.371261233
2Deathwing (up)PvPkr27406.30873150373694
5Durotan (up)PvPkr22318.891126758010687
10Elune PvPkr19523.70000
12Eonar PvPkr18135.55000
9Garona PvPkr20644.0720010793
16Gul'dan PvPkr16712.2222013387
6Hellscream (up)PvPkr22052.591000873412667
18Hyjal (up)PvPkr15932.961299852077791
25Karazhan PvPkr8672.96000
11Kargath PvPkr18654.45000
31Kul Tiras PvPkr3983.98000
22Llane PvPkr11974.44000
19Malfurion PvPkr13661.1160591
27Malygos PvPkr7310.10000
24Medivh PvPkr10974.44000
1Norgannon PvPkr29463.331181135
3Ragnaros PvPkr25964.08000
32Rexxar PvEkr3348.0364658
33Sartharion PvPkr3056.50000
20Stormrage PvEkr13138.8921360153
21Tirion PvPkr12448.15000
28Uther PvPkr7043.69000
26Wildhammer PvEkr8462.0079970
23Windrunner (up)PvEkr11604.8227302042526
13Zul'jin (up)PvPkr16837.78665042172433

* Population - amount of unique players that meet any of the two conditions:
- has a level 90 character that killed something in Tier 16 Normal
- has a level 90 character in a guild that killed something in Tier 16 Normal
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