EU (DE) WoW Realms

# Realm Type Lang Score Population* Horde* Alliance*
n/aAegwynn (up)PvPde0.005997125985
n/aAman'Thul (up)PvEde0.0018533681485
n/aAntonidas (up)PvEde0.00102867410212
n/aBlackhand (up)PvEde0.0089958691304
n/aBlackmoore (up)PvPde0.00968739365751
n/aBlackrock (up)PvPde0.007464744915
n/aDie Aldor (up)RPde0.0017084661242
n/aEredar (up)PvPde0.006745671530
n/aFrostwolf (up)PvPde0.0044854382103
n/aThrall (up)PvEde0.0071716893278
n/aConnected Alexstrasza PvEde0.0020125141498
n/aConnected Area 52 PvEde0.0016324851147
n/aConnected Garrosh PvEde0.0024908711619
n/aConnected Gilneas PvEde0.001057213844
n/aConnected Kargath PvEde0.0014754191056
n/aConnected Ysera PvEde0.0018756301245
n/aConnected Malfurion PvEde0.0019707051265
n/aConnected Lordaeron PvEde0.001078296782
n/aConnected Khaz'goroth PvEde0.0019608061154
n/aConnected Perenolde PvEde0.0014112921119
n/aConnected Tirion PvEde0.001194283911
n/aConnected Lothar PvEde0.0013963391057
n/aConnected Dun Morogh PvEde0.0017924441348
n/aConnected Alleria PvEde0.0032346622572
n/aConnected Madmortem PvEde0.0016683131355
n/aConnected Die Silberne Hand RPde0.0012602561004
n/aConnected Zirkel des Cenarius RPde0.0015615361025
n/aConnected Der Rat von Dalaran RPde0.001141323818
n/aConnected Die Nachtwache RPde0.001267491776
n/aConnected Mal'Ganis PvPde0.00369023591331
n/aConnected Onyxia PvPde0.0032703003267
n/aConnected Arthas PvPde0.00294913101639
n/aConnected Anetheron PvPde0.0026462058588
n/aConnected Anub'arak PvPde0.0024111864547
n/aConnected Destromath PvPde0.0028332369464
n/aConnected Azshara PvPde0.0025012332169
n/aConnected Kult der Verdammten RP-PvPde0.0021161323793

* Population - amount of unique players that meet any of the two conditions:
- has a level 110 character that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
- has a level 110 character in a guild that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
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