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DPS Rankings (Beta) based on SimulationCraft project. See the details.

Please note that in-game bosses may require different spec/gems/reforging than your optimal SimDPS build.
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1Ahunae (u)Philanthropy Krieg..Dun ModrDemonology48221.90
2Zexi (u)RuneC'thunDemonology47624.20
3Sneyk (u)The Penguins MafiaC'thunDemonology47226.50
4Cblù (u)RebootDun ModrDemonology47040.40
5Bruxu (u)MÆSTRIAC'thunDemonology46560.00
6Lignd (u)Herp DerpDun ModrDemonology46395.20
7UrithionInsaneDun ModrDemonology46232.30
8OzVengeanceDun ModrDemonology46147.60
9DarksightSo ToxicZul'jinDemonology45927.60
10Spellbøund (lfg)InsaneDun ModrDemonology45863.50
11EdwînRebootDun ModrDemonology45262.40
12EstanisSlothDun ModrDemonology45258.00
13ChymaiCheerful CoffinDun ModrDemonology45070.10
14Warlockstyle (u)InsanityDun ModrAffliction45047.70
15SchwarzelfInsert CoínC'thunDestruction44900.50
16Sefhirot (u)DreamwalkersDun ModrDemonology44787.90
17BôbuDreamwalkersDun ModrDemonology44748.60
18Lukæ (lfg)VengeanceDun ModrDemonology44707.70
19BooqueCheerful CoffinDun ModrDemonology44295.60
20Vicios (u)Raising HellC'thunDemonology44127.30
21HawkørzNon ServiamSanguinoAffliction44080.50
22Saebâ (u)Devils NestDun ModrDestruction43773.00
23LezilMein TeilDun ModrDestruction43349.40
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