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DPS Rankings (Beta) based on SimulationCraft project. See details.

Please note that in-game bosses may require different spec/gems/reforging than your optimal SimDPS build.
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1Jamál (u)EssentiaC'thunBeast Mastery48437.70
2Madkip (u)InsaneDun ModrBeast Mastery48295.50
3Garrû (u)Philanthropy Krieg..Dun ModrBeast Mastery48263.60
4Neberch (u) Dun ModrBeast Mastery48033.70
5RendosDreamwalkersDun ModrBeast Mastery47971.20
6DianaThe Penguins MafiaC'thunBeast Mastery47793.30
7TotopuffThe Penguins MafiaC'thunBeast Mastery47600.80
8LechoftwInsomnioDun ModrBeast Mastery47578.50
9DanyehHerp DerpDun ModrBeast Mastery47540.20
10Barrybrøwnz (u)InsomnioDun ModrBeast Mastery47460.20
11Seydell (u)ExødarExodarBeast Mastery47354.40
12WrolfThe Penguins MafiaC'thunBeast Mastery47319.50
13Bucefalok (u)Philanthropy Krieg..Dun ModrBeast Mastery47245.60
14Moxber (u)InsaneDun ModrBeast Mastery47245.30
15Furyhuntard (u)Philanthropy Krieg..Dun ModrBeast Mastery47198.70
16Kaihua (u)DreamwalkersDun ModrBeast Mastery47162.30
17DrakcazadorThe Penguins MafiaC'thunBeast Mastery47018.10
18AlyceRuneC'thunBeast Mastery46849.10
19Zelebroz (u)InsaneDun ModrBeast Mastery46818.90
20Dayanna (u)Legends of Wanderi..Dun ModrBeast Mastery46758.90
21LuxxôrdExødarExodarBeast Mastery46507.00
22Glinfor (u)Orden InmortalExodarBeast Mastery46286.30
23Trâbuco (u)ProvidenceDun ModrBeast Mastery46211.10
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