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EU WoW Speed Kills Rankings

Elerethe Renferal Mythic

1 FatSharkYes 10m 47s
2 Openness 12m 03s
2 Волны Гасят Ветер 12m 03s
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Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Mythic

1 NollTvåTre 11m 45s
2 EI JATKOON 12m 10s
3 Method 12m 11s
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Ursoc Mythic

1 Rise and Shine 09m 27s
2 Operation Eskimo 10m 23s
3 Attain it 11m 14s
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Dragons of Nightmare Mythic

1 EI JATKOON 08m 36s
2 ScrubBusters 08m 57s
3 Nova 09m 08s
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Cenarius Mythic

1 Security 08m 20s
2 Fryslagg 08m 52s
3 TEAM DONE 09m 01s
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Xavius Mythic

1 EI JATKOON 10m 46s
2 Method 10m 54s
3 NollTvåTre 11m 13s
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Guarm Mythic

1 Wiping As Intended 15m 42s
2 Abstinentia 16m 15s
3 Openness 16m 19s
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Helya Mythic

1 Serenity 36m 22s
2 Nova 47m 13s
3 Method 50m 20s
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Elerethe Renferal Heroic

1 Волны Гасят Ветер 08m 25s
2 Hope n Despair 08m 55s
3 Wiping As Intended 09m 03s
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Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Heroic

1 EI JATKOON 04m 38s
2 Innominatum 04m 46s
3 Divergent 04m 47s
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Ursoc Heroic

1 NeXtLeVeL 06m 06s
2 Lorekeepers 06m 27s
3 Essence 06m 33s
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Dragons of Nightmare Heroic

1 In flagrantì 04m 28s
2 Die Gummibärenbande 04m 50s
3 Vanity 05m 05s
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Cenarius Heroic

1 Эйфория 04m 28s
2 Divinum 04m 29s
3 Revivals 04m 47s
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Xavius Heroic

1 Openness 06m 26s
2 EI JATKOON 06m 27s
3 eXample 06m 51s
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Guarm Heroic

1 macht DRUCK 08m 01s
2 Abstinentia 08m 19s
3 Group Therapy 08m 38s
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Helya Heroic

1 Vanguard 09m 07s
2 Ecology 09m 10s
3 Dark Substance 09m 20s
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