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FR WoW Speed Kills Rankings

The Butcher Mythic

1 Prophets 09m 54s
2 From Scratch 09m 57s
3 Bloody Tearz 10m 01s
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Brackenspore Mythic

1 From Scratch 09m 42s
2 EquinoXx 11m 14s
3 Ambition 11m 17s
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Tectus Mythic

1 Tried Everything 07m 57s
2 From Scratch 08m 26s
3 EquinoXx 09m 59s
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Twin Ogron Mythic

1 From Scratch 08m 48s
2 Tried Everything 09m 27s
3 Bloody Tearz 09m 54s
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Ko'ragh Mythic

1 WarLegend 09m 06s
2 From Scratch 09m 30s
3 Tried Everything 09m 51s
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Imperator Mar'gok Mythic

1 From Scratch 28m 05s
2 OLTH 33m 30s
2 Ambition 33m 30s
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Gruul Mythic

1 Ambition 14m 12s
2 Tried Everything 21m 10s
3 WarLegend 25m 00s
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The Blast Furnace Mythic


Hans'gar and Franzok Mythic


Flamebender Ka'graz Mythic

1 From Scratch 15m 16s
2 The Fallen 15m 51s
3 Reign of Nemesis 17m 18s
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Kromog Mythic

1 Ambition 20m 21s
2 From Scratch 26m 38s
3 The Fallen 45m 08s
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Beastlord Darmac Mythic

1 From Scratch 17m 49s
2 The Fallen 1407m 51s

Operator Thogar Mythic

1 Ambition 28m 41s
2 From Scratch 45m 56s
3 Reign of Nemesis 135m 01s
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The Iron Maidens Mythic

1 From Scratch 1174m 40s

Blackhand Mythic


The Butcher Heroic

1 Sight 06m 21s
2 Arise 06m 27s
3 Æxøde 06m 34s
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Brackenspore Heroic

1 Haelor Mahäthy 06m 30s
2 Ambition 07m 04s
3 Mind 07m 11s
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Tectus Heroic

1 Pandemønium 06m 57s
2 SVEF 08m 07s
3 Niebelungen 08m 10s
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Twin Ogron Heroic

1 Pandemønium 07m 09s
2 Wave 07m 29s
3 Les Marcheurs en F.. 08m 01s
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Ko'ragh Heroic

1 Arise 06m 42s
2 Reign of Nemesis 07m 00s
3 Ambition 07m 08s
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Imperator Mar'gok Heroic

1 Ambition 15m 43s
2 EquinoXx 15m 58s
3 Pandemønium 16m 17s
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Gruul Heroic

1 EquinoXx 05m 54s
2 Quichons 06m 41s
3 One Shot 07m 36s
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The Blast Furnace Heroic

1 EquinoXx 13m 23s
2 Vindicta 15m 19s
3 From Scratch 16m 25s
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Hans'gar and Franzok Heroic

1 EquinoXx 07m 46s
2 Haelor Mahäthy 09m 27s
3 Prophétie 10m 06s
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Flamebender Ka'graz Heroic

1 EquinoXx 10m 38s
2 From Scratch 11m 07s
3 Zephyr 11m 30s
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Kromog Heroic

1 From Scratch 07m 11s
2 Bloody Tearz 07m 48s
3 EquinoXx 07m 56s
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Beastlord Darmac Heroic

1 EquinoXx 10m 00s
2 Pandemønium 11m 17s
3 Quichons 11m 26s
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Operator Thogar Heroic

1 EquinoXx 08m 50s
2 From Scratch 09m 10s
3 Reign of Nemesis 09m 28s
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The Iron Maidens Heroic

1 Bloody Tearz 13m 42s
2 Ambition 14m 50s
3 From Scratch 15m 42s
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Blackhand Heroic

1 From Scratch 17m 23s
2 Pandemønium 19m 36s
3 Prophets 22m 42s
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