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TW WoW Speed Kills Rankings

The Butcher Mythic

1 風雨同行 12m 34s
2 Play for Uber 14m 09s
3 BaLance 16m 04s
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Brackenspore Mythic

1 Play for Uber 14m 47s
2 Age of Innocence 15m 24s
3 UST 17m 11s
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Tectus Mythic

1 PhantomTwilighT 11m 11s
2 Play for Uber 11m 55s
3 最終狂想曲 16m 19s
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Twin Ogron Mythic

1 Play for Uber 12m 20s
2 Clown Return 13m 23s
3 風雨同行 14m 12s
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Ko'ragh Mythic

1 Clown Return 15m 33s
2 Asgard 16m 43s
3 Fight Together 20m 39s
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Imperator Mar'gok Mythic

1 CLANNAD 32m 03s
2 Final Dawn 53m 17s
3 PhantomTwilighT 71m 45s
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Gruul Mythic

1 Punishment of Asia 30m 33s
2 Fortune 64m 50s
3 Final Dawn 67m 34s
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The Blast Furnace Mythic


Hans'gar and Franzok Mythic


Flamebender Ka'graz Mythic

1 Final Dawn 27m 23s
2 Punishment of Asia 35m 48s
3 CLANNAD 52m 26s
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Kromog Mythic

1 Punishment of Asia 113m 32s

Beastlord Darmac Mythic

1 Punishment of Asia 96m 09s

Operator Thogar Mythic

1 Punishment of Asia 46m 23s

The Iron Maidens Mythic


Blackhand Mythic


The Butcher Heroic

1 幽游魔獸 07m 04s
2 心之永恆 07m 11s
3 ICBC 07m 36s
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Brackenspore Heroic

1 鳳翼天翔 07m 22s
2 PhantomTwilighT 07m 31s
3 神樣 07m 57s
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Tectus Heroic

1 神樣 09m 04s
1 沙發馬鈴鼠 09m 04s
3 月刃 09m 11s
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Twin Ogron Heroic

1 Death Invitation 08m 00s
1 Fatality 08m 00s
3 Stars 08m 32s
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Ko'ragh Heroic

1 Punishment of Asia 07m 00s
2 PhantomTwilighT 07m 49s
3 Asgard 08m 07s
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Imperator Mar'gok Heroic

1 月刃 16m 17s
1 Eternity 16m 17s
3 Punishment of Asia 16m 32s
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Gruul Heroic

1 Asgard 06m 45s
2 心之永恆 09m 28s
3 Nobody 10m 18s
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The Blast Furnace Heroic

1 Eternity 23m 30s
2 雲淡风輕 26m 59s
3 Punishment of Asia 31m 19s
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Hans'gar and Franzok Heroic

1 Final Dawn 11m 45s
2 Punishment of Asia 12m 24s
3 靈魂歸宿 13m 20s
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Flamebender Ka'graz Heroic

1 Mythology 12m 34s
2 Asgard 12m 47s
3 雲淡风輕 13m 11s
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Kromog Heroic

1 聰明伶俐好公會 08m 20s
2 凝聚 09m 04s
3 Asgard 09m 57s
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Beastlord Darmac Heroic

1 鋼鐵部落 11m 19s
2 風雨同行 13m 32s
3 蒼狼月影 14m 40s
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Operator Thogar Heroic

1 Asgard 10m 52s
2 CLANNAD 11m 57s
3 Punishment of Asia 12m 00s
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The Iron Maidens Heroic

1 Paradise Lost 16m 38s
2 The Up 18m 10s
3 聰明伶俐好公會 18m 47s
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Blackhand Heroic

1 Brave Vesperia 18m 11s
2 鳳翼天翔 22m 41s
3 雲淡风輕 25m 59s
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