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US WoW Speed Kills Rankings

The Butcher Mythic

1 Nightmare Asylum 08m 44s
2 Blood Legion 10m 07s
3 Dsylxeic 10m 47s
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Brackenspore Mythic

1 Ascension 10m 37s
2 Nightmare Asylum 10m 40s
3 Avast 11m 44s
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Tectus Mythic

1 Formality 09m 36s
2 Vigil 09m 57s
3 Enigma 10m 08s
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Twin Ogron Mythic

1 Avast 09m 37s
2 Nightmare Asylum 10m 26s
3 Team Dad 10m 48s
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Ko'ragh Mythic

1 Nightmare Asylum 10m 05s
2 Avast 10m 40s
3 Razzia 12m 05s
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Imperator Mar'gok Mythic

1 Ascension 29m 21s
2 Duality 29m 52s
3 Nightmare Asylum 30m 20s
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The Butcher Heroic

1 The Crimson Tide 06m 08s
2 Addiction 06m 19s
3 Blood Legion 06m 21s
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Brackenspore Heroic

1 Midpull 05m 44s
2 Imba 05m 46s
3 Ascension 06m 01s
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Tectus Heroic

1 Revive 04m 04s
2 Midpull 06m 12s
3 Imba 07m 10s
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Twin Ogron Heroic

1 Midpull 05m 55s
2 Odyssey 06m 27s
3 Ascension 06m 42s
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Ko'ragh Heroic

1 Blood Legion 06m 09s
2 Nightmare Asylum 06m 11s
3 Defenestrate 06m 14s
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Imperator Mar'gok Heroic

1 Blood Legion 13m 58s
2 Imba 15m 04s
3 Occasional Excelle.. 15m 21s
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