Update Progress for Jetzt schlägts Dreizehn


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Crâfty5146.351 day ago
2Sën5127.041 day ago
3Hellga5076.691 day ago
4Awanaki5051.891 day ago
5Eryana5046.741 day ago
6Kalyke5039.601 day ago
7Ôptimûs5000.001 day ago
8Baccôs4968.611 day ago
9Aajun4954.921 month ago
10Mo4937.801 day ago
11Grawl4895.751 day ago
12Foxxy4821.241 day ago
13Arnìe4821.241 day ago
14Waross4740.751 day ago
15Mahsi4648.971 day ago
16Giulîa4602.041 day ago
17Phanku4572.561 day ago
18Nefriti4564.381 day ago
19Emifay4541.951 day ago
20Lafuego4528.731 day ago
21Báø4491.311 day ago
22Midaz4205.451 month ago
23Shanaiá4161.351 day ago
24Lokynom4109.241 day ago
25Phânku3489.541 day ago
26Killeradlér3381.039 days ago
27Gothaz3309.021 month ago
28Negatíve3273.7223 days ago
29Senó3176.9312 days ago
30Sueezee3002.0823 days ago
31Zacard2910.5323 days ago
32Ârryn2890.844 days ago
33Talimee2789.9323 days ago
34Sizzel2769.8623 days ago
35Dulucio2750.0023 days ago
36Mîkotochan2750.0023 days ago
37Fukks2750.0023 days ago
38Staind2750.0023 days ago
39Strykêêr2750.0023 days ago
40Âî2750.003 days ago
41Linô2750.0023 days ago
42Santaná2611.8823 days ago
43Zauberchen2547.531 day ago
44Chîmeira2500.0023 days ago
45Sperare2493.4323 days ago
46Suizíd2461.3023 days ago
47Elíos2250.0014 days ago
48Gollop1866.721 day ago
49Wîzu1500.007 days ago
50Noîry1500.0023 days ago
51Monicé1344.9423 days ago
52Elûny1250.0023 days ago
53Sônai1250.0016 days ago
54Flumy950.281 month ago
55Aagorn750.001 month ago
56Androiic685.7923 days ago
57Felurix666.941 month ago
58Æsh666.941 month ago
59Phandor666.941 month ago
60Waltráud250.0016 days ago
61Ryúhayabúsa250.0013 days ago
62Fuchsy250.0023 days ago
63Emipfeil250.0023 days ago
64Wárx250.0019 days ago
65Pandîne250.0023 days ago
66Wermut167.221 month ago
67Tryca161.001 month ago
68Mallalei143.861 month ago
69Crâftý137.851 month ago
70Jaqulinchen135.2919 days ago
71Nøiry131.9323 days ago
72Nostrâdamos91.9219 days ago
73Domínatrixx89.8823 days ago
74Cêltec89.351 month ago
75Tschaubella88.059 days ago
76Sillas85.774 days ago
77Abnorm85.4111 days ago
78Witzlebend80.0023 days ago
79Lisan80.0016 days ago
80Vendettø80.0016 days ago
81Pendejo80.0014 days ago
82Xarfor80.0023 days ago
83Lonesn80.0023 days ago
84Andukai80.0023 days ago
85Böseseele80.0023 days ago
86Nalaniari80.0023 days ago
87Yidrak80.0023 days ago
88Celtec80.001 month ago
89Lownstar80.0023 days ago
90Hauwegbräu78.3623 days ago
91Arcaniss72.471 month ago
92Xamtina65.0023 days ago
93Raviprabha65.0011 days ago
94Comos65.0023 days ago
95Tensika59.5423 days ago
96Gouda55.001 month ago
97Gáladríel50.0019 days ago
98Juanaina50.0019 days ago
99Aloêvera49.881 month ago
100Battista45.0023 days ago
101Paxanoid40.0023 days ago
102Dechala40.0023 days ago
103Nuum40.0023 days ago
104Lìno35.0023 days ago
105Yøgî30.0023 days ago
106Lokira30.0023 days ago
107Hellgason25.0023 days ago
108Nethawk25.001 month ago
109Lunny15.601 month ago
110Glühwein10.5614 days ago
111Linò0.001 day ago
112Môrgul0.004 days ago
113Unfox0.004 days ago
114Alisêa0.005 days ago
115Mujas0.005 days ago
116Quyil0.007 days ago
117Thumarsil0.007 days ago
118Stenglein0.007 days ago
119Takoma0.0014 days ago
120Disan0.0014 days ago
121Sérgej0.0016 days ago
122Neffertima0.006 days ago
123Adrima0.0019 days ago
124Phánku0.0019 days ago
125Quyi0.0023 days ago
126Raé0.0023 days ago
127Zetto0.0019 days ago
128Nêotron0.0023 days ago
129Lonemage0.0023 days ago
130Thísa0.0014 days ago
131Rogalosch0.0023 days ago
132Belerophoon0.0023 days ago
133Yscoron0.0023 days ago
134Qîang0.0023 days ago
135Mipsy0.0023 days ago
136Rewag0.0023 days ago
137Dalmaron0.0023 days ago
138Miall0.0023 days ago
139Shenghuo0.0023 days ago
140Makarius0.0023 days ago
141Lebaø0.001 day ago
142Nachiro0.001 month ago
143Katrinâ0.0019 days ago
144Gîulietta0.0023 days ago
145Haylêy0.0023 days ago
146Âmârâ0.0023 days ago
147Kathêrinê0.0023 days ago
148Serenîtî0.0023 days ago
149Mêlînda0.0023 days ago
150Sêraphînê0.0023 days ago
151Pandorîa0.0023 days ago
152Killerraabe0.0019 days ago
153Turbolone0.0023 days ago
154Lanaîa0.0023 days ago
155Kaosa0.0023 days ago
156Hildecrâft0.001 month ago
157Meldurix0.001 month ago
158Lucellia0.0023 days ago
159Edø0.001 month ago
160Morimm0.0023 days ago
161Nêmø0.001 month ago
162Loneone0.0023 days ago
163Eîkaramba0.001 month ago
164Sâmsâ0.001 month ago
1650.001 month ago
166Nupari0.0023 days ago
167Verith0.001 month ago
168Êlitezwerg0.0016 days ago
169Grumpynoiry0.001 month ago
170Emilein0.0023 days ago
171Emifell0.0023 days ago
172Kanesh0.001 month ago
173Zinks0.001 month ago
174Ironaria0.001 month ago
175Nodin0.001 month ago
176Pharix0.001 month ago
177Antonêlla0.0023 days ago
178Bullyray0.0023 days ago
179Rachegôtt0.004 days ago
180Abegail0.001 month ago
181Wiccae0.001 month ago
182Dúnja0.001 month ago
183Päbblz0.001 month ago
184Khelldra0.0023 days ago
185Sheêra0.0023 days ago
186Ceradwyn0.001 month ago
187Rauko0.0023 days ago
188Brewslii0.001 month ago
189Ârcânâ0.001 month ago
190Snae0.001 month ago
191Kimo0.001 month ago
192Firefoxxy0.0023 days ago
193Lonedwarf0.0023 days ago
194Vespana0.001 month ago
195Cekeira0.001 month ago
196Makikoh0.0023 days ago
197Tmage0.001 month ago
198Natharell0.001 month ago
199Lééloo0.001 month ago
200Dyoran0.007 days ago
201Padanie0.001 month ago
202Palanie0.001 month ago
203Florett0.0023 days ago
204Yinpo0.001 month ago
205Emilee0.0023 days ago
206Sinjio0.001 month ago
207Nesza0.0016 days ago
208Vuuh0.001 day ago
209Nergrow0.0010 days ago
210Reskew0.007 days ago
211Taar0.0023 days ago
212Éxó0.001 month ago
213Motu0.0010 days ago
214Ischkur0.0019 days ago
215Hollylaura0.0019 days ago
216Jaanari0.001 month ago
217Mellarnie0.001 month ago
218Deathhammel0.0023 days ago
219Eclipsi0.0023 days ago
220Bêrtl0.0023 days ago
221Abulafia0.0023 days ago
222Emilyfay0.0023 days ago
223Yberius0.0023 days ago
224Marô0.0023 days ago
225Donnerbräu0.0023 days ago
226Moosrosé0.0023 days ago
227Fistizia0.001 month ago
228Fiamma0.0023 days ago
229Tejra0.001 month ago
230Villard0.001 month ago
231Novilo0.0023 days ago
232Norig0.001 month ago
233Fistlik0.001 month ago
234Marieola0.0016 days ago
235Cono0.001 month ago
236Ábraxx0.0023 days ago
237Monne0.001 month ago
238Tyriona0.001 month ago
239Joó0.001 month ago
240Golod0.001 month ago
241Sauza0.001 month ago
242Chiata0.001 month ago
243Pharox0.001 month ago
244Loba0.0023 days ago
245Tayka0.0023 days ago
246Miniloki0.001 month ago
247Xahra0.0023 days ago
248Ûndine0.0014 days ago
249Môki0.0023 days ago
250Noiry0.0023 days ago
251Temjin0.0014 days ago
252Babu0.0023 days ago
253Kissý0.0014 days ago
254Euridike0.001 month ago

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