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Update Progress for Jetzt schlägts Dreizehn

EU (DE)-Antonidas

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

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UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Yidrak0.00703.443 days ago
2Taar0.30702.333 days ago
3Dalmaron0.00701.003 days ago
4Sâth0.00700.403 days ago
5Düstermond28.72700.063 days ago
6Phanku0.00696.733 days ago
7Tensika0.00693.003 days ago
8Annwell0.26693.003 days ago
9Teralon0.00690.503 days ago
10Eryana0.00690.203 days ago
11Strykêêr0.00689.693 days ago
12Nefriti0.00689.253 days ago
13Loba0.00689.133 days ago
14Valtorna0.00689.073 days ago
15Grawl0.00689.003 days ago
16Morimm0.00688.333 days ago
17Chérub0.00687.333 days ago
18Synni0.00685.443 days ago
19Theknack0.00684.733 days ago
20Arnìe0.00682.883 days ago
21Rauko0.00680.733 days ago
22Lonemage0.00679.443 days ago
23Sizzel0.00678.733 days ago
24Wárx0.00678.333 days ago
25Novilo0.00677.733 days ago
26Mallalei0.00676.311 month ago
27Elûny0.50675.001 month ago
28Vgamêl0.00672.471 month ago
29Worganizer0.00672.131 month ago
30Blixt0.00670.941 month ago
31Sheêra0.00670.691 month ago
32Eclipsi0.00670.671 month ago
33Sperare0.00670.601 month ago
34Santaná0.00670.471 month ago
35Killeradlér0.00670.061 month ago
36Fanator0.00670.001 month ago
37Shanaiá0.00669.671 month ago
38Jaydn0.00669.671 month ago
39Knacklinchen0.00668.631 month ago
40Aloêvera0.00666.751 month ago
41Alcedini0.00666.601 month ago
42Crâftý0.00666.001 month ago
43Böseseele0.00665.531 month ago
44Aldessia0.00665.401 month ago
45Marô0.00664.801 month ago
46Hellgason0.00664.401 month ago
47Fahsi0.00663.731 month ago
48Gaige0.00662.801 month ago
49Kimo0.00661.941 month ago
50Hogrisch0.00661.671 month ago
51Wîzu0.00661.131 month ago
52Katharìna0.00660.271 month ago
53Phânku0.00659.071 month ago
54Dechala0.00658.561 month ago
55Baobhansith0.00658.201 month ago
56Zacard0.00657.731 month ago
57Alanie0.00657.131 month ago
58Flumy0.00655.131 month ago
59Vaterstaat0.00655.131 month ago
60Nny0.00654.811 month ago
61Amalla0.00651.731 month ago
62Jazz0.00651.071 month ago
63Ellric0.00650.871 month ago
64Sôtan0.00649.881 month ago
65Ansense0.00649.531 month ago
66Hazzed0.00649.381 month ago
67Kilindor0.00648.941 month ago
68Shojinko0.00647.671 month ago
69Findis0.00646.931 month ago
70Wiwi0.00645.731 month ago
71Waross0.00645.671 month ago
72Nêmø0.00645.191 month ago
73Shâyen0.00645.001 month ago
74Denevê0.00644.131 month ago
75Simir0.00643.691 month ago
76Zoss0.00641.501 month ago
77Najidah0.00641.401 month ago
78Thrillcosby0.00639.381 month ago
79Éxó0.00637.061 month ago
80Cîtrell0.00636.691 month ago
81Sueezee0.00636.201 month ago
82Rêmulos0.00636.201 month ago
83Yøgî0.00636.131 month ago
84Ohelia0.00634.731 month ago
85Talimee0.00634.131 month ago
86Teiwas0.00632.001 month ago
87Vgamel0.00632.001 month ago
88Skywâllker0.00629.751 month ago
89Xantiri0.00629.731 month ago
90Alisêa0.00628.751 month ago
91Linò0.00625.731 month ago
92Glühwein0.00625.331 month ago
93Noah0.00624.601 month ago
94Jóg0.00623.191 month ago
95Rexpedes0.00622.271 month ago
96Kwasi0.00612.751 month ago
97Chavéz0.00612.381 month ago
98Báø0.00611.801 month ago
99Lìno0.00608.381 month ago
100Pendejo0.00601.531 month ago
101Patronymi0.00597.931 month ago
102Jaanari0.00594.251 month ago
103Ny0.00587.401 month ago
104Raé0.00513.0611 months ago
105Wiccae0.00--11 months ago

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