Update Progress for Jetzt schlägts Dreizehn

EU (DE)-Antonidas

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

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UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Negatíve1354.67682.8812 hours ago
2Hellga1354.56682.271 day ago
3Âaliyah1271.23682.131 day ago
4Lafuego1397.61682.001 day ago
5Weißersand1354.51682.001 day ago
6Kamiró1233.15681.9445 minutes ago
7Lokynom1329.82681.271 day ago
8Sâth1340.38681.061 day ago
9Mahsi1412.81680.941 day ago
10Nefriti1340.94680.751 day ago
11Grawl1352.07680.671 day ago
12Crâfty1354.67680.471 day ago
13Lawly1341.05680.381 day ago
14Baccôs1340.55680.311 day ago
15Foxxy1354.17678.631 day ago
16Theknack1354.67678.401 day ago
17Tôsh1124.73678.331 hour ago
18Wermut1322.92678.311 day ago
19Tirabard1146.02677.941 day ago
20Chérub1148.96677.731 day ago
21Strykêêr707.61677.251 day ago
22Staind720.34676.731 day ago
23Shonglie217.20676.001 day ago
24Fukks721.57675.801 day ago
25Brondin710.20674.871 day ago
26Mîkotochan721.68674.674 days ago
27Ábraxx1338.60674.444 days ago
28Emifay740.70674.134 days ago
29Sizzel1296.11673.404 days ago
30Mo1341.21672.814 days ago
31Chîmeira1341.10672.254 days ago
32Vgamêl143.24672.134 days ago
33Plotzenhotz1144.20671.871 day ago
34Linô697.15671.734 days ago
35Phanku130.26671.334 days ago
36Coryn663.50671.134 days ago
37Târanos679.38671.074 days ago
38Kalyke1337.00670.734 days ago
39Shiroo131.88670.634 days ago
40Arnìe741.15670.064 days ago
41Okko133.89669.004 days ago
42Ensiferis67.24667.404 days ago
43Littelbear115.94667.334 days ago
44Bluesrock12.99666.734 days ago
45Annwell74.68665.564 days ago
46Necko65.25665.404 days ago
47Aloêvera13.78665.194 days ago
48Naggae663.38664.471 day ago
49Sheêra81.24663.754 days ago
50Alcedini26.93663.604 days ago
51Lokira13.38662.884 days ago
52Xarfor46.74662.874 days ago
53Düstermond54.48662.504 days ago
54Valtorna215.14662.474 days ago
55Comos32.85662.254 days ago
56Tmage65.50662.254 days ago
57Eryana740.54662.074 days ago
58Villard32.84661.944 days ago
59Donnerbräu41.72661.944 days ago
60Fiamma13.33661.004 days ago
61Kimo1.59660.944 days ago
62Knacklinchen13.33660.814 days ago
63Norig31.41660.074 days ago
64Xerielle0.00659.804 days ago
65Downbelow12.99659.504 days ago
66Crâftý13.33659.134 days ago
67Jarhêad28.30658.944 days ago
68Ragesu12.32658.734 days ago
69Worganize14.46658.474 days ago
70Wárx25.22657.404 days ago
71Florett12.73657.314 days ago
72Marô12.73656.804 days ago
73Jandrix13.61656.404 days ago
74Nomack0.00656.404 days ago
75Granar128.35655.474 days ago
76Makikoh12.73654.734 days ago
77Shanaiá12.80654.674 days ago
78Zacard0.98654.404 days ago
79Xahra0.30654.004 days ago
80Dekanfrost51.55653.874 days ago
81Teralon11.85653.474 days ago
82Katharìna12.40653.004 days ago
83Taar0.56652.804 days ago
84Santaná13.76652.734 days ago
85Yidrak0.00652.384 days ago
86Sperare37.05652.204 days ago
87Kleingeorg0.00651.204 days ago
88Yandalee0.00651.074 days ago
89Amalla0.56650.734 days ago
90Amcar0.12650.534 days ago
91Aldessia0.00650.004 days ago
92Tryca0.30649.814 days ago
93Hazzed0.84649.384 days ago
94Vaterstaat0.00649.204 days ago
95Kilindor0.00648.944 days ago
96Rauko0.00648.944 days ago
97Lonemage0.00648.314 days ago
98Roseprayer0.78648.314 days ago
99Zuhouse0.26647.814 days ago
100Shojinko1.26647.674 days ago
101Vitog12.35647.204 days ago
102Böseseele11.56647.074 days ago
103Babu29.07646.944 days ago
104Findis0.30646.934 days ago
105Ellric0.30646.734 days ago
106Sôtan0.00646.474 days ago
107Ansense0.00646.204 days ago
108Hellgason0.00646.134 days ago
109Alanie12.73646.134 days ago
110Äpril42.77646.004 days ago
111Waross83.99645.674 days ago
112Tensika0.00645.474 days ago
113Netravati0.00645.134 days ago
114Palanie0.00645.074 days ago
115Xolrag0.00644.944 days ago
116Faultier0.00644.814 days ago
117Dalmaron0.00644.804 days ago
118Jaydone0.00644.384 days ago
119Denevê0.00644.134 days ago
120Elûny0.98643.814 days ago
121Tesla0.00643.804 days ago
122Shabakar0.00643.404 days ago
123Elaiyne12.98643.004 days ago
124Jazz0.00642.404 days ago
125Phânku0.00642.204 days ago
126Monicé0.00641.734 days ago
127Zoss0.56641.504 days ago
128Killeradlér57.33641.504 days ago
129Synni0.00640.874 days ago
130Unfox0.00640.274 days ago
131Worganizer0.00640.134 days ago
132Shâyen12.35640.004 days ago
133Nêmø0.00639.934 days ago
134Baobhansith0.00639.804 days ago
135Simir0.00639.254 days ago
136Fanator0.00636.274 days ago
137Sueezee0.00636.204 days ago
138Cîtrell0.00635.444 days ago
139Ohelia0.00634.734 days ago
140Dechala0.00634.274 days ago
141Talimee0.00634.134 days ago
142Rêmulos0.00634.134 days ago
143Mallalei0.66632.274 days ago
144Jaydn0.00632.274 days ago
145Teiwas0.00632.004 days ago
146Vgamel0.30632.004 days ago
147Najidah0.00631.204 days ago
148Weißdochwas0.00630.934 days ago
149Padanie0.00628.474 days ago
150Belerophoon0.00626.934 days ago
151Linò0.00625.734 days ago
152Noah0.00624.604 days ago
153Chîmeîra0.00624.274 days ago
154Yøgî0.00624.134 days ago
155Jóg0.00623.194 days ago
156Loba13.76622.944 days ago
157Emilyfay0.00622.404 days ago
158Rexpedes0.00622.274 days ago
159Alisêa0.00621.884 days ago
160Lucellia0.00620.804 days ago
161Kwasi0.00612.754 days ago
162Báø0.00611.804 days ago
163Lisan0.00611.734 days ago
164Gouda0.00611.604 days ago
165Morimm0.00610.874 days ago
166Xantiri0.00610.804 days ago
167Anymia217.20608.604 days ago
168Lìno0.00608.384 days ago
169Yolaanda0.00608.254 days ago
170Schana0.00607.204 days ago
171Môki0.00603.194 days ago
172Novilo0.00601.314 days ago
173Sushobhana0.00597.074 days ago
174Raviprabha0.00596.404 days ago
175Murajin0.00596.204 days ago
176Yandaley0.00589.334 days ago
177Vespana0.00--4 days ago
178Rajnandhini0.00--4 days ago

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