Update Progress for Pantheôn

EU (DE)-Antonidas

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Drakkarí3512.26740.403 days ago
2Kimbii5305.88740.003 days ago
3Meilinia2750.00739.871 day ago
4Rhadex2500.00739.751 day ago
5Hikârú4693.89739.191 day ago
6Cyberixa25000.00737.871 day ago
7Santô2750.00737.801 day ago
8Ksepi2750.00737.131 day ago
9Trancer2750.00736.061 day ago
10Alextriâ1500.00735.871 day ago
11Sephariah4795.99735.601 day ago
12Nisah1500.00733.691 day ago
13Kaldeâ2500.00731.191 day ago
14Sindragrosa150.00730.731 day ago
15Mâggi2500.00729.941 day ago
16Dottis2250.00729.931 day ago
17Myiá3021.26723.381 day ago
18Avana40.00722.201 day ago
19Ramisa1.50720.471 day ago
20Neduj150.00720.401 day ago
21Noomí150.00719.751 day ago
22Seanna1.50718.631 day ago
23Cimeries16.61713.941 day ago
24Lourder0.00712.811 day ago
25Blisdale150.00711.0614 days ago
26Dragos150.00711.001 day ago
27Neysa5.00710.671 day ago
28Zarnuul0.30710.131 day ago
29Nordglânz0.00709.381 day ago
30Imoonys1.50708.671 day ago
31Varcô0.55708.401 day ago
32Lenatia123.89705.601 day ago
33Noomyi56.10705.201 day ago
34Shadowcreed150.00703.751 day ago
35Balin0.00703.671 day ago
36Imoony0.00700.401 day ago
37Meiterumi150.00699.381 day ago
38Matti74.97699.131 day ago
39Lyvanya150.00697.191 day ago
40Alista0.10695.381 day ago
41Esprit0.00695.001 day ago
42Feona0.98692.401 day ago
43Aguras0.00690.631 day ago
44Garagoth0.00690.071 day ago
45Kumpelblasê0.00688.7514 days ago
46Pârvati0.45688.6714 days ago
47Saphenía0.00688.5314 days ago
48Nayfal0.00683.8014 days ago
49Cascady0.00682.8014 days ago
50Noomi0.00682.5014 days ago
51Zamera0.00678.7514 days ago
52Incadia0.00678.0714 days ago
53Cptcyclone0.00674.6714 days ago
54Xetia0.00670.4014 days ago
55Nyssera0.00667.4414 days ago
56Stephanie0.00667.2514 days ago
57Chargepwratk0.00665.691 day ago
58Neesha0.00665.0714 days ago
59Brookîe0.00663.1314 days ago
60Cheyene0.00660.0614 days ago
61Liassa0.00659.4714 days ago
62Sayessà0.00659.4414 days ago
63Beroin0.00656.7314 days ago
64Surneris0.00656.0014 days ago
65Noomy0.00654.2014 days ago
66Roguehound0.00652.5614 days ago
67Cesca0.00648.8114 days ago
68Thurkelton0.00641.2014 days ago
69Sarione0.00640.0014 days ago
70Gekido0.00639.2014 days ago
71Jaiva0.00638.8014 days ago
72Boiindal0.00634.2514 days ago
73Talli0.00631.4414 days ago
74Xyntha0.00630.2014 days ago
75Bashed0.00629.7314 days ago
76Saphenia0.00628.0714 days ago
77Telrunya0.00626.8714 days ago
78Grub0.00625.0614 days ago
79Desparada0.00623.8114 days ago
80Tará0.00623.8014 days ago
81Kidneykok0.00620.3814 days ago
82Thaghorz0.00613.6314 days ago
83Yurang0.00602.8014 days ago
84Ilikemages0.00601.6714 days ago
85Alandrio0.00601.0014 days ago
86Iamwarrior0.00593.5614 days ago
87Evilwarlock0.00592.0014 days ago
88Frôzén0.00590.9314 days ago
89Idrahdiham0.00587.0014 days ago
90Iamhunter0.00586.8014 days ago
91Quäntin0.00583.0714 days ago
92Stepzi0.00580.9414 days ago
93Trycerr0.00572.071 day ago
94Neyrak0.00401.2014 days ago
95Nulpinchen0.00--3 years ago

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