Update Progress for Pantheôn

EU (DE)-Antonidas

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Trycèr14.94860.3821 hour ago
2Neduj59.41858.6321 hour ago
3Saphenía74.14857.0021 hour ago
4Beroin74.14856.4421 hour ago
5Fènrís74.14856.3821 hour ago
6Vraar29.47856.1321 hour ago
7Lazergun74.14854.9421 hour ago
8Aethalya150.00854.7521 hour ago
9Cyberixa74.14854.6921 hour ago
10Santô74.14852.7521 hour ago
11Tará0.00852.5621 hour ago
12Mâggi74.14852.2521 hour ago
13Kurzén0.75852.1321 hour ago
14Creeder44.67851.8821 hour ago
15Matti14.73851.5021 hour ago
16Alexwolfus44.67851.3121 hour ago
17Nofeederino59.41851.3121 hour ago
18Nisah74.14851.2521 hour ago
19Zarnuul74.14851.2521 hour ago
20Meilinia14.74851.1921 hour ago
21Rammsteîn74.14850.5621 hour ago
22Alandrio44.67850.1921 hour ago
23Vyra44.67850.0621 hour ago
24Creedinho45.00849.064 days ago
25Kimbii44.67849.0021 hour ago
26Draikh44.67848.634 days ago
27Liassa0.00848.504 days ago
28Sýrac29.78848.254 days ago
29Kaldeâ44.67848.004 days ago
30Dhatti0.00847.314 days ago
31Sayessà0.00847.004 days ago
32Blakki44.67846.814 days ago
33Nulpinchen0.00846.754 days ago
34Boiindal150.00846.064 days ago
35Juuzoû4.48845.634 days ago
36Mordomar0.00845.564 days ago
37Thaghorz0.00845.504 days ago
38Trycer0.00845.444 days ago
39Trancer44.67845.194 days ago
40Dottis4.48844.884 days ago
41Nyssra0.00843.004 days ago
42Sißßl0.00842.444 days ago
43Noomiyx0.00842.314 days ago
44Semtexhu0.00841.064 days ago
45Desparada0.00839.564 days ago
46Gekido0.00836.694 days ago
47Balin0.00832.564 days ago
48Liraelle0.00831.194 days ago
49Alextriâ0.00829.694 days ago
50Manamanfred0.00829.134 days ago
51Dhayessa0.00827.944 days ago
52Manastrike0.00827.694 days ago
53Idrahdiham0.00823.314 days ago
54Noomí0.00821.384 days ago
55Thurkelton0.00817.634 days ago
56Dhaghor0.00816.884 days ago
57Desparados0.00816.694 days ago
58Syraç0.00816.064 days ago
59Croman0.00814.3121 hour ago
60Stephanie0.00813.694 days ago
61Nordomar0.00807.814 days ago
62Lourder0.00806.944 days ago
63Iamafairy150.00801.8117 hours ago
64Fellwyn0.00794.634 days ago
65Trancedk0.00792.064 days ago
66Igzor0.00705.3118 days ago
67Bashed0.00696.2518 days ago

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