Update Progress for Redhands

EU (DE)-Anub'arak

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Krino74.49860.698 hours ago
2Sidony74.49857.888 hours ago
3Beutze59.59857.388 hours ago
4Mysticdark74.49856.068 hours ago
5Kaipia74.49856.068 hours ago
6Nephry74.49855.888 hours ago
7Skûlli74.49855.818 hours ago
8Teesy74.49855.638 hours ago
9Frâya74.49855.318 hours ago
10Braïnn74.49855.318 hours ago
11Peaks74.49854.5020 hours ago
12Tjuv74.49853.7520 hours ago
13Malgorr74.49853.6945 minutes ago
14Neophyte74.49852.4420 hours ago
15Glòriá74.49852.0020 hours ago
16Glus4.48851.8120 hours ago
17Pepps59.59851.8120 hours ago
18Nandiel4.48851.3820 hours ago
19Moegana4.48851.1320 hours ago
20Nülmeena4.48850.3820 hours ago
21Ariasha4.48850.3820 hours ago
22Kalysia44.70849.3820 hours ago
23Sunches4.48849.3120 hours ago
24Laserlauser74.49849.2520 hours ago
25Tjuv4.48849.0620 hours ago
26Ariâna25000.00849.0620 hours ago
27Kilyne4.48848.562 days ago
28Bøwulk0.00848.062 days ago
29Yath0.00847.941 day ago
30Scorex150.00847.752 days ago
31Zwaggel0.00847.443 days ago
32Cornag0.75847.192 days ago
33Busfahra0.00847.194 days ago
34Zelijko25000.00847.195 days ago
35Furyalla0.00847.005 days ago
36Sunlay25000.00846.945 days ago
37Mìnako25000.00846.884 days ago
38Kirïn25000.00846.814 days ago
39Skûlliboy0.00846.754 days ago
40Yhalia150.00846.695 days ago
41Bhalvris0.00846.635 days ago
42Rilai0.00846.565 days ago
43Shandolo2239.34846.505 days ago
44Lirany0.00846.315 days ago
45Akìo0.00846.314 days ago
46Illseeyou150.00846.135 days ago
47Obolos0.00846.065 days ago
48Zmaen29.79846.062 days ago
49Bubidibibidi0.00846.005 days ago
50Nimea2750.00845.885 days ago
51Tongui6975.42845.695 days ago
52Fardor0.00845.635 days ago
53Laleina0.00845.505 days ago
54Drrown0.00845.385 days ago
55Peaksboom0.00845.315 days ago
56Sladydan74.49845.252 days ago
57Alessiná0.00845.065 hours ago
58Profbrainn25000.00845.005 days ago
59Bullii20.00844.885 days ago
60Xhea25000.00844.885 days ago
61Xanraya150.00844.755 days ago
62Arwya25000.00844.695 days ago
63Fletcherina0.00844.505 days ago
64Kseniya2750.00844.385 days ago
65Ereshmilor25000.00844.255 days ago
66Schmauli1250.00844.195 days ago
67Blitz0.00844.195 days ago
68Edén25000.00844.065 days ago
69Lauser0.00843.945 days ago
70Soryi0.00843.943 days ago
71Beatpeet655.48843.815 days ago
72Scorexx0.00843.815 days ago
73Khamnar0.00843.635 days ago
74Tronmasiri0.00843.385 days ago
75Glusling0.00843.315 days ago
76Elom0.00842.815 days ago
77Moegraine25000.00842.8120 hours ago
78Kyzana0.00842.633 days ago
79Praiolynna0.00842.5042 minutes ago
80Juniarius25000.00842.385 days ago
81Kalisai1.50842.255 days ago
82Rambale0.00841.885 days ago
83Dieliewa0.00841.005 days ago
84Chilos25000.00840.815 days ago
85Liah0.00840.195 days ago
86Vna25000.00840.005 days ago
87Deadybaer0.00839.815 days ago
88Mimí150.00839.134 days ago
89Theudas0.00838.815 days ago
90Glorìa2750.00838.755 days ago
91Jellyfish150.00838.505 days ago
92Ðrownqt30.00838.385 days ago
93Jokre25000.00838.135 days ago
94Louloutel0.00838.135 days ago
95Myrthar2.65837.065 days ago
96Equîlîbrîum0.00835.565 days ago
97Ariyami0.00835.255 days ago
98Cerials0.00835.005 days ago
99Plattfuß278.84834.135 days ago
100Dergolosch150.00833.635 days ago
101Ðrownlol0.00833.445 days ago
102Holyhands0.00831.505 days ago
103Zwagg0.00831.255 days ago
104Leiyá0.00830.135 days ago
105Drownn0.00829.945 days ago
106Xerisiya0.00828.0650 minutes ago
107Teralaw150.00827.757 minutes ago
108Mauî150.00827.255 days ago
109Fletcheriina0.00826.135 days ago
110Lyska0.00826.065 days ago
111Zunter0.00826.065 days ago
112Paramóre1250.00824.635 days ago
113Sanlious0.00824.255 days ago
114Ashamy0.00823.445 days ago
115Chrigux0.00823.255 days ago
116Vituzza0.00823.195 days ago
117Mentyriel0.00819.635 days ago
118Adanessa0.00818.635 days ago
119Deacan0.00812.065 days ago
120Flpzzî0.00809.065 days ago
121Vanyr25000.00808.005 days ago
122Gummibaerli0.00801.255 days ago
123Infernelias191.71801.195 days ago
124Damrod0.00798.945 days ago
125Tinéoidea0.00792.885 days ago
126Tordenvaer0.00792.445 days ago
127Flox0.00790.945 days ago
128Dênta0.00786.885 days ago
129Laftîs15.00769.9410 days ago
130Heth25000.00744.065 days ago
131Eismann0.00710.005 days ago
132Chîlos0.00701.255 days ago
133Vutus0.00686.8810 days ago
134Bloodleech0.00686.6910 days ago

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