Update Progress for La Familia


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Siyä750.007 days ago
2Nounouogg500.007 days ago
3Grothug165.487 days ago
4Demonauss165.487 days ago
5Sylaen165.487 days ago
6Watanka165.487 days ago
7Psyroth165.487 days ago
8Kawette165.486 months ago
9Fortis165.487 days ago
10Alkatraz165.487 days ago
11Håku154.986 months ago
12ßaltazar150.427 days ago
13Ragetørn81.886 months ago
14Amynowen80.007 days ago
15Pandersnatch69.666 months ago
16Boeuclié65.246 months ago
17Akhâ59.307 days ago
18Aemaeth35.007 days ago
19Ciasoon10.387 days ago
20Ahwai0.007 days ago
21Røwan0.007 days ago
22Maerive0.007 days ago
23Slashqt0.007 days ago
24Adraeth0.007 days ago
25Junön0.007 days ago
26Pursyflex0.0016 days ago
27Gøldigger0.0016 days ago
28Morkarth0.006 months ago
29Kicklepanda0.0016 days ago
30Psycøpriest0.0016 days ago
31Kattÿ0.0016 days ago
32Förbannelse0.0016 days ago
33Cenobite0.0016 days ago
34Spion0.0016 days ago
35Delirius0.0016 days ago
36Galtyv0.0016 days ago
37Mescalium0.006 months ago
38Zhou0.0016 days ago
39Kakaolak0.0016 days ago
40Tøtorø0.006 months ago
41Vroshgar0.0016 days ago
42Tapavumaceur0.0016 days ago
43Pandersnotch0.006 months ago
44Kacia0.0016 days ago
45Mikø0.0016 days ago
46Swäy0.0016 days ago
47Terminatør0.006 months ago
48Mortbak0.0016 days ago
49Lucite0.0016 days ago
50Bôw0.0016 days ago
51Jaifrois0.0016 days ago
52Trévarde0.0016 days ago
53Valkeus0.0016 days ago
54Kaal0.0016 days ago
55Ilestdéjàmor0.0016 days ago
56Drïa0.0016 days ago
57Kumitz0.0016 days ago
58Cooldouce0.0016 days ago
59Ciabolt0.0016 days ago
60Dreadline0.0016 days ago
61Enaïc0.0016 days ago
62Ðjulz0.006 months ago
63Påzu0.006 months ago
64Maeth0.0016 days ago
65Stéropès0.006 months ago
66Hoak0.0016 days ago
67Abadøn0.006 months ago
68Cairmit0.0016 days ago
69Alästøre0.0016 days ago
70Äkha0.0016 days ago
71Chassmasseur0.0016 days ago
72Urwen0.0016 days ago
73Droodicaël0.006 months ago
74Nonoco0.0016 days ago
75Psycømage0.0016 days ago
76Okinawa0.0016 days ago
77Eluniya0.0016 days ago
78Löü0.0016 days ago
79Charcutor0.006 months ago
80Gören0.0016 days ago
81Sahresse0.0016 days ago
82Psycølock0.0016 days ago
83Anoréksix0.006 months ago
84Marilatouche0.006 months ago
85Weedzard0.006 months ago
86Raaziel0.0016 days ago
87Psycodruido0.0016 days ago
88Démonweed0.006 months ago
89Wormboy0.0016 days ago
90Ahnilator0.006 months ago
91Darkcodom0.0016 days ago
92Brizakncy0.006 months ago
93Akhacha0.0016 days ago

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