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Update Progress for RefresheD

EU (DE)-Azshara

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Kaeja164.06698.561 day ago
2Kerzhul0.60698.401 day ago
3Müxx0.60694.311 day ago
4Crinos0.00693.531 day ago
5Yananji1.32693.471 day ago
6Socka0.00692.871 day ago
7Habash0.00691.401 day ago
8Kysyl0.00690.471 day ago
9Tschukiboom0.00690.251 day ago
10Lagrosh0.00689.691 day ago
11Cive0.00689.401 day ago
12Zumakai0.00686.691 day ago
13Vugar0.00686.561 day ago
14Deadhunterr0.00684.601 day ago
15Thystá0.00684.131 day ago
16Arunta0.00683.071 day ago
17Ruelle0.00682.881 day ago
18Dubqt0.00682.531 day ago
19Kêiko0.00680.071 day ago
20Juon0.00677.671 day ago
21Radion0.00676.131 day ago
22Sodu0.00676.001 day ago
23Shroomed0.00675.751 day ago
24Woulus0.00674.001 day ago
25Cannella0.00674.001 day ago
26Wikiwakiwoo0.00674.001 day ago
27Ryllnok0.00672.001 day ago
28Despiced0.00671.631 day ago
29Vörschda0.00669.811 day ago
30Scow0.00669.191 day ago
31Smoochie0.00667.251 day ago
32Gongoll0.00666.401 day ago
33Kilane0.00665.401 day ago
34Nalanji0.00662.801 day ago
35Shiftycent0.00662.001 day ago
36Kikie0.00661.531 day ago
37Swày0.00661.001 day ago
38Jaby0.00660.801 day ago
39Zipzop0.00660.471 day ago
40Olafized0.00659.381 day ago
41Renate0.00658.671 day ago
42Starks0.00658.471 day ago
43Vhaal0.00658.441 day ago
44Education0.00657.731 day ago
45Singaya0.00657.501 day ago
46Díaz0.00656.801 day ago
47Tschukimoo0.00656.751 day ago
48Hogata0.00656.471 day ago
49Zètor0.00655.441 day ago
50Aggrok0.00654.501 day ago
51Naldano0.00654.331 day ago
52Karlina0.00654.201 day ago
53Xìro0.00652.191 day ago
54Tschu0.00651.001 day ago
55Deformus0.00650.401 day ago
56Samool0.00649.871 day ago
57Donnar0.00649.251 day ago
58Schamanki0.00648.881 day ago
59Zenhoof0.00648.731 day ago
60Xill0.00648.441 day ago
61Tschingis0.00646.671 day ago
62Indie0.00645.311 day ago
63Béatdówn0.00644.871 day ago
64Mugz0.00644.691 day ago
65Creampiee0.00644.001 day ago
66Krawutzi0.00644.001 day ago
67Nics0.00643.881 day ago
68Kátinka0.00643.731 day ago
69Langnasi0.00643.191 day ago
70Siszi0.00643.071 day ago
71Yulívéé0.00642.801 day ago
72Pitrella0.00641.631 day ago
73Schrank0.00640.401 day ago
74Musho0.00639.501 day ago
75Daelia0.00638.191 day ago
76Zurakz0.00638.071 day ago
77Puritý0.00636.531 day ago
78Jaylbreak0.00635.881 day ago
79Kysylxqt0.00635.381 day ago
80Tomjin0.00634.671 day ago
81Xiftus0.00634.671 day ago
82Wuun0.00634.471 day ago
83Tibarian0.00634.191 day ago
84Shimá0.00630.401 day ago
85Shykain0.00630.001 day ago
86Ixllxl0.00629.471 day ago
87Pepê0.00627.001 day ago
88Deadfighter0.00626.601 day ago
89Vogelwurst0.00626.201 day ago
90Amenie0.00625.751 day ago
91Liquear0.00625.001 day ago
92Thysta0.00623.871 day ago
93Spârrow0.00622.871 day ago
94Ukor0.00622.501 day ago
95Evilein0.00621.631 day ago
96Sôwâ0.00619.331 day ago
97Nocheinpala0.00617.201 day ago
98Tschakka0.00614.001 day ago
99Dyro0.00613.601 day ago
100Brotje0.00613.401 day ago
101Fîmbul0.00611.871 day ago
102Haira0.00608.931 day ago
103Voljun0.00600.131 day ago
104Dubkjuti0.00599.131 day ago
105Inferias0.00597.001 day ago
106Ruellmine0.00592.131 day ago
107Simplybread0.00582.871 day ago
108Akaba0.00581.501 day ago

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