Update Progress for RefresheD


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Tritex5085.336 hours ago
2Cormick4244.986 hours ago
3Dyrome4244.986 hours ago
4Blackwidôw4244.986 hours ago
5Lagrosh4244.986 hours ago
6Müxx4244.986 hours ago
7Yananji4244.986 hours ago
8Kikie4225.516 hours ago
9Socka4128.346 hours ago
10Kerzhul4082.956 hours ago
11Deadhunterr3919.656 hours ago
12Ruelle3889.676 hours ago
13Cythereo3240.986 hours ago
14Tschingis3105.016 hours ago
15Testoownd3093.906 hours ago
16Irenuka2395.4611 days ago
17Habash2000.006 hours ago
18Ragevenom728.0611 days ago
19Zurakz364.506 hours ago
20Karlina353.276 hours ago
21Deformus314.0511 days ago
22Kysyl201.956 hours ago
23Gulwan173.9711 days ago
24Gufur170.536 hours ago
25Jéandârc121.5511 days ago
26Woulus102.5111 days ago
27Krshna84.4811 days ago
28Qave50.006 hours ago
29Vugar20.006 hours ago
30ßlxlß14.4611 days ago
31Kilane5.8311 days ago
32Mîlchspende0.006 hours ago
33Xasdra0.006 hours ago
34Pazifistos0.006 hours ago
35Plúschi0.0011 days ago
36Dubly0.0011 days ago
37Sellmyself0.0011 days ago
38Crinos0.0011 days ago
39Schamanki0.006 hours ago
40Flags0.0011 days ago
41Béatdówn0.006 hours ago
42Ripcôrd0.0011 days ago
43Evilein0.006 hours ago
44Amenie0.0011 days ago
45Mûshô0.0011 days ago
46Kinala0.006 hours ago
47Maldiriel0.0011 days ago
48Eluvîen0.0011 days ago
49Caladro0.006 hours ago
50Laherpes0.006 hours ago
51Ixllxl0.0011 days ago
52Jiggasin0.0011 days ago
53Drekshak0.0011 days ago
54Nocheinpala0.0011 days ago
55Fistofruelle0.006 hours ago
56Cremina0.006 hours ago
57Wuun0.006 hours ago
58Kêiko0.006 hours ago
59Dûrexi0.006 hours ago
60Nägelchen0.0011 days ago
61Seranié0.0011 days ago
62Khaleesî0.0011 days ago
63Yulívéé0.0011 days ago
64Hoofzen0.006 hours ago
65Tchukz0.0011 days ago
66Frugar0.0011 days ago
67Zenhoof0.0011 days ago
68Flötenheinz0.0011 days ago
69Méssala0.0011 days ago
70Käkille0.0011 days ago
71Dubkjuti0.0011 days ago
72Schamfixi0.006 hours ago
73Jaby0.006 hours ago
74Lowlander0.006 hours ago
75Blitzbumms0.0011 days ago
76Kysylxqt0.0011 days ago
77Kisalia0.006 hours ago
78Nîcs0.006 hours ago
79Corchise0.0011 days ago
80Lumfao0.0011 days ago
81Obipawn0.006 hours ago
82Chênlóng0.0011 days ago
83Cive0.0011 days ago
84Krempie0.006 hours ago
85Ghulwan0.0011 days ago
86Jääscher0.0011 days ago
87Titulus0.0011 days ago
88Erebuss0.0011 days ago
89Khenpo0.006 hours ago
90Boredy0.006 hours ago
91Ledgy0.0011 days ago
92Totóriinas0.0011 days ago
93Chûnky0.0011 days ago
94Gundalf0.0011 days ago
95Lunchbox0.0011 days ago
96Ryushichi0.0011 days ago
97Hiimjoe0.0011 days ago
98Zambahrambah0.0011 days ago
99Shagat0.0011 days ago
100Xiftus0.0011 days ago
101Wikiwakiwoo0.006 hours ago
102Àllàdar0.0011 days ago
103Siszi0.006 hours ago
104Catalol0.006 hours ago
105Cygnos0.0011 days ago
106Kinami0.0011 days ago
107Heildaselber0.0011 days ago
108Zonker0.0011 days ago
109Zètor0.006 hours ago
110Knusperklaus0.0011 days ago
111Zhaô0.006 hours ago
112Mocho0.0011 days ago
113Núma0.006 hours ago
114Durexi0.0011 days ago
115Rugath0.006 hours ago
116Simplybread0.0011 days ago
117Brausi0.0011 days ago
118Xiángtán0.0011 days ago
119Vorax0.006 hours ago
120Chema0.0011 days ago
121Pazifisto0.006 hours ago
122Hamaz0.0011 days ago
123Ukor0.0011 days ago
124Sôwâ0.0011 days ago
125Bleurgh0.006 hours ago
126Kanesommer0.0011 days ago
127Mugz0.0011 days ago
128Biza0.0011 days ago
129Sodu0.0011 days ago
130Huldenvolk0.0011 days ago
131Vogelwurst0.0011 days ago
132Cannella0.0011 days ago
133Brotjo0.0011 days ago
134Langnasi0.0011 days ago
135Yorikoo0.006 hours ago
136Caladra0.0011 days ago
137Deadfighter0.006 hours ago
138Xanfu0.006 hours ago
139Bêren0.0011 days ago
140Blairgol0.006 hours ago
141Voodoodoodoo0.006 hours ago
142Kalanda0.006 hours ago
143Tomjin0.0011 days ago
144Raloof0.0011 days ago
145Vulgur0.006 hours ago
146Pluu0.0011 days ago
147Kienna0.006 hours ago
148Hadar0.006 hours ago
149Naldano0.006 hours ago
150Radis0.0011 days ago
151Starkx0.0011 days ago
152Eleminateur0.0011 days ago
153Tonshy0.006 hours ago
154Sylvìna0.0011 days ago
155Dyro0.0011 days ago
156Swaly0.0011 days ago
157Arunta0.006 hours ago
158Insaney0.0011 days ago
159Shàne0.0011 days ago
160Haira0.0011 days ago
161Kimonex0.0011 days ago
162Eluveîtîe0.0011 days ago
163Kaelnor0.006 hours ago
164Highvoltage0.0011 days ago
165Dyromee0.006 hours ago
166Kreonix0.0011 days ago
167Quannah0.0011 days ago
168Grelog0.0011 days ago
169Samâdhi0.0011 days ago
170Nalanji0.006 hours ago
171Pas0.0011 days ago
172Scow0.0011 days ago
173Rumblemore0.0011 days ago
174Xashor0.0011 days ago
175Nibenay0.0011 days ago
176Dailysin0.0011 days ago
177Numara0.006 hours ago
178Mageran0.0011 days ago
179Schrank0.0011 days ago
180Shroomed0.0011 days ago
181Kátinka0.0011 days ago
182Samool0.006 hours ago
183Konathak0.006 hours ago
184Ódin0.0011 days ago
185Nose0.006 hours ago
186Deejane0.0011 days ago
187Tibarian0.0011 days ago
188Thorá0.0011 days ago
189Kalria0.0011 days ago
190Kynera0.0011 days ago
191Karliá0.0011 days ago

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