Update Progress for Side Effects


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Aeri4211.79684.6321 hour ago
2Marcelil4200.96683.8721 hour ago
3Silver3605.52683.6021 hour ago
4Archayos4211.79683.5321 hour ago
5Silverray4211.79683.4021 hour ago
6Shaihulud4063.19683.3321 hour ago
7Frezz4211.79683.001 day ago
8Tizzuewizzue3393.15683.001 day ago
9Roadstorm3605.52682.811 day ago
10Shakar4064.12682.561 day ago
11Anaxilae2272.65682.471 day ago
12Evakin4057.92682.401 day ago
13Norguni1672.02682.3121 hour ago
14Xiodric4058.19682.311 day ago
15Tim3611.16681.561 day ago
16Ldb2545.56681.501 day ago
17Koschey2945.16681.441 day ago
18Bbee3581.78680.332 days ago
19Mîa407.57679.882 days ago
20Geronimus2649.59676.562 days ago
21Easymeat246.10674.942 days ago
22Dugguxii164.68674.802 days ago
23Freize203.56672.442 days ago
24Lelandor669.30672.382 days ago
25Diddlydarn157.82672.002 days ago
26Zizi638.85670.732 days ago
27Svn1405.00670.472 days ago
28Necrophyl119.44669.872 days ago
29Inme231.93668.202 days ago
30Estarîa70.37667.382 days ago
31Zenkist199.95667.132 days ago
32Freeize130.00665.332 days ago
33Pyrrhuss724.84665.072 days ago
34Marceill131.13665.002 days ago
35Béleth108.45661.402 days ago
36Agnusdeir74.15661.332 days ago
37Kitsu1326.02661.312 days ago
38Aronah136.11661.072 days ago
39Ziloneens74.97657.502 days ago
40Tyler0.00657.332 days ago
41Badbubble132.74657.192 days ago
42Something3323.60657.002 days ago
43Rom130.00656.932 days ago
44Inmepally51.26655.752 days ago
45Noxe130.00655.632 days ago
46Suyi118.32655.332 days ago
47Elfíé22.22655.062 days ago
48Sikelax130.00654.472 days ago
49Bakboa560.71654.402 days ago
50Høt4194.99654.001 day ago
51Silvertip74.88653.732 days ago
52Choppedliver10.61653.2521 hour ago
53Túlius0.00653.002 days ago
54Drax1.25652.732 days ago
55Conquerorr0.00651.672 days ago
56Gloegloe11.68651.602 days ago
57Bluecircle77.56651.402 days ago
58Dkmikey1.39651.192 days ago
59Ostebrew122.77650.732 days ago
60Enthes0.00650.332 days ago
61Tylerx0.00649.732 days ago
62Tokar1.39649.402 days ago
63Patsyhunter0.00649.202 days ago
64Lorthander118.34649.072 days ago
65Teloch0.00649.002 days ago
66Wraast0.00648.942 days ago
67Navahunt0.00648.732 days ago
68Androméda10.75648.312 days ago
69Flykickfrank122.77648.132 days ago
70Morphéus0.22648.002 days ago
71Kvilt0.00646.872 days ago
72Navapal0.00646.812 days ago
73Tylerjr0.00646.672 days ago
74Angélla88.60646.472 days ago
75Tylerxx0.00646.132 days ago
76Kathlynne0.00646.132 days ago
77Duggu0.00646.062 days ago
78Grimhard1.21645.532 days ago
79Alexandrius0.00645.472 days ago
80Silverwell0.00644.872 days ago
81Weethor0.00644.532 days ago
82Lockedin0.55644.402 days ago
83Méméman23.58644.382 days ago
84Ingwar0.15643.532 days ago
85Nocto0.00643.252 days ago
86Jitts0.64643.002 days ago
87Shaiy0.00642.732 days ago
88Shakarx58.97642.632 days ago
89Etsu0.36642.562 days ago
90Redliné0.00642.072 days ago
91Teenybak0.42642.002 days ago
92Druciol0.00641.732 days ago
93Chrane0.65641.312 days ago
94Pandhemus0.00640.872 days ago
95Desdemora0.00640.692 days ago
96Luthandar43.26640.382 days ago
97Weethór0.00640.272 days ago
98Sammoi0.55640.132 days ago
99Hi0.00639.872 days ago
100Mîa0.00639.402 days ago
101Aidénn0.14638.672 days ago
102Catalsym0.75638.192 days ago
103Slipstick0.11638.192 days ago
104Shadowfreize12.23638.072 days ago
105Shakár0.65638.002 days ago
106Chaotic0.00637.192 days ago
107Arønah0.00637.132 days ago
108Ramall0.21636.882 days ago
109Baihud0.00636.472 days ago
110Tylerqt0.00636.402 days ago
111Hasslebender0.00636.402 days ago
112Skittzo0.00636.252 days ago
113Xellstrayed0.00635.602 days ago
114Mïä0.00634.932 days ago
115Awésome1.35634.002 days ago
116Skantjer0.00634.002 days ago
117Yvie0.00633.802 days ago
118Boytchev0.00633.732 days ago
119Summer0.00633.192 days ago
120Kitteh14.35633.072 days ago
121Patsy0.00631.802 days ago
122Akhasa0.00631.672 days ago
123Kpitek0.00631.252 days ago
124Maxípad0.84631.072 days ago
125Ðåve0.00630.872 days ago
126Demothi0.00630.002 days ago
127Sík0.00630.002 days ago
128Sucuklover0.00629.402 days ago
129Poéte0.00628.752 days ago
130Meowqtpiexx0.00628.402 days ago
131Shakaar0.00628.002 days ago
132Archmyth0.00627.062 days ago
133Weeodin0.00626.072 days ago
134Lilidibabalo0.00626.002 days ago
135Fotmreroll0.00625.732 days ago
136Aronäh0.00624.932 days ago
137Aizenev0.00624.732 days ago
138Zhys0.00624.002 days ago
139Djpikachu0.00622.882 days ago
140Mirabells0.00621.932 days ago
141ßlackdævil0.00620.002 days ago
142Timslok0.00619.802 days ago
143Azraille0.00619.532 days ago
144Eggrollin0.00618.072 days ago
145Archswag0.00617.472 days ago
146Massard0.00616.132 days ago
147Solivan0.00615.932 days ago
148Dequé0.00615.472 days ago
149Sikel0.00614.812 days ago
150Jockmcplop0.00613.812 days ago
151Falgar0.88612.801 day ago
152Draxina0.00609.132 days ago
153Irnbru0.00606.802 days ago
154Myrca0.00606.732 days ago
155Iisgood0.00605.882 days ago
156Zgrtank0.00602.312 days ago
157Timdecay0.00601.332 days ago
158Bolbe0.00600.932 days ago
159Téagan0.00599.601 day ago
160Enori0.00599.062 days ago
161Mortdredd0.00597.602 days ago
162Potatoman3448.83593.401 day ago
163Bloodrazorz0.00588.332 days ago
164Døra1884.06584.692 days ago
165Ethilius0.00584.442 days ago
166Ðøøfy0.00583.692 days ago
167Kirké0.00543.632 days ago
168Kitsix0.00--2 months ago

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