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Update Progress for Haelor Mahäthy

EU (FR)-Confrérie du Thorium

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Helldora1838.32720.209 days ago
2Gìn1838.32720.209 days ago
3Tinadis1799.35719.009 days ago
4Magnüus1818.91718.279 days ago
5Eqtorine1838.32718.199 days ago
6Xéora1838.32718.069 days ago
7Halû1838.32717.209 days ago
8Seifrooi1182.65716.679 days ago
9Orphak1838.32716.409 days ago
10Phaegis1799.35714.819 days ago
11Nïk1838.32714.139 days ago
12Apsara1818.91714.139 days ago
13Néerya1838.32713.569 days ago
14Ýza1838.32713.209 days ago
15Shwire387.46712.409 days ago
16Pøtion175.82710.139 days ago
17Îpman174.54709.879 days ago
18Gaedwyn1182.65706.409 days ago
19Eqtor71.95706.279 days ago
20Cârlito130.99705.209 days ago
21Lyanka173.05703.209 days ago
22Jiulia170.21702.259 days ago
23Nietzche133.66700.389 days ago
24Chöwper0.00699.809 days ago
25Pøùssy1121.73697.879 days ago
26Draynïa0.00695.132 months ago
27Yzâ0.00693.604 months ago
28Tyhma0.00692.731 month ago
29Booma0.60690.533 months ago
30Powny0.00690.074 months ago
31Dreddpër0.00689.134 months ago
32Thonara1.68686.634 months ago
33Sounkenh0.00682.334 months ago
34Darkadis0.00678.204 months ago
35Methy0.00676.134 months ago
36Gtbd0.00676.071 month ago
37Natix0.00675.404 months ago
38Elendär0.00675.134 months ago
39Pøussÿ0.00674.884 months ago
40Tøth0.00674.754 months ago
41Neklerd0.00672.004 months ago
42Kïwøui0.00671.754 months ago
43Tinatris0.00671.474 months ago
44Haalu0.00670.004 months ago
45Kastümii0.00668.944 months ago
46Noire0.00666.064 months ago
47Tinabis0.00664.674 months ago
48Patarcus0.00662.254 months ago
49Haluwastaken0.00661.564 months ago
50Valkky0.00660.634 months ago
51Claim0.00659.671 month ago
52Noyse0.00657.473 months ago
53Apsära0.00655.334 months ago
54Hazmat0.00653.534 months ago
55Püssy0.00653.404 months ago
56Noitop0.00651.734 months ago
57Zalarh0.00650.949 days ago
58Elénine0.00650.874 months ago
59Cahlan0.00648.404 months ago
60Chalu0.00646.134 months ago
61Aïdorn0.00645.404 months ago
62Orïcia0.00645.204 months ago
63Moustafèk0.00645.194 months ago
64Heeva0.00644.734 months ago
65Lëthy0.00643.734 months ago
66Chamerock0.00642.944 months ago
67Ðævilz0.00642.444 months ago
68Nylliah0.00641.384 months ago
69Méluna0.00640.474 months ago
70Khabaïsha0.00640.064 months ago
71Heriga0.00636.384 months ago
72Arkyson0.00635.874 months ago
73Lyssë0.00635.004 months ago
74Jiunx0.00633.734 months ago
75Höwly0.00633.004 months ago
76Miräh0.00632.404 months ago
77Yzà0.00627.504 months ago
78Phaelawl0.00627.204 months ago
79Vladz0.00626.634 months ago
80Sanguyn0.00624.274 months ago
81Elendël0.00622.674 months ago
82Antonao0.00614.404 months ago
83Maledusa0.00611.204 months ago
84Haerrïa0.00608.194 months ago
85Dorje0.00598.754 months ago
86Mahëlle0.00597.674 months ago
87Dehodoran0.00596.331 month ago
88Phaegys0.00596.271 month ago
89Poilgras0.00593.444 months ago
90Yzá0.00567.504 months ago
91Naèlle0.00460.634 months ago
92Sigmaë0.00247.444 months ago
93Zaranth0.00--1 year ago
94Louwenn0.00--1 year ago
95Meyüna0.00--1 year ago
96Yamatai0.00--11 months ago
97Arïah0.00--1 year ago

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