Update Progress for El Clan de los Exiliados

EU (ES)-Exodar

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Perlinn48221.58890.881 day ago
2Dexlesvaro44879.06888.381 day ago
3Gaadum48221.58888.311 day ago
4Wïsor48221.58887.631 day ago
5Taigerøsø48221.58887.631 day ago
6Skyder48221.58887.441 day ago
7Argia48221.58887.131 day ago
8Tyrfìng48221.58887.061 day ago
9Thorvard48221.58886.881 day ago
10Thrâx48221.58886.251 day ago
11Elfduro48221.58885.691 day ago
12Kharrash48177.72885.191 day ago
13Mèrlïn48221.58885.061 day ago
14Polcar44877.26884.941 day ago
15Henoch44864.00884.881 day ago
16Daimhin328.22884.7514 hours ago
17Yandrâk2968.45884.441 day ago
18Koori44877.26883.751 day ago
19Lemmiwinks48221.58883.751 day ago
20Morthark48221.58883.251 day ago
21Marlborito2398.98882.751 day ago
22Kayriú48147.04882.441 day ago
23Gonzy48221.58882.001 day ago
24Løcknox3219.60880.501 day ago
25Dixtor48191.65880.061 day ago
26Naatura47825.91878.887 days ago
27Krakovior2623.43877.317 days ago
28Elssars48147.04876.8110 days ago
29Rëyrä1451.55875.136 days ago
30Bexa379.67874.0010 days ago
31Îo328.63871.813 days ago
32Valier273.32871.811 day ago
33Rozhgar258.66870.943 days ago
34Anatema273.96870.503 days ago
35Maerien4.10869.5622 days ago
36Xió332.49868.633 days ago
37Streight378.97867.0620 days ago
38Bhêkâ84.69866.6922 days ago
39Gannel649.57865.311 month ago
40Dianiyaa258.66865.191 day ago
41Faëdra3.06864.6914 days ago
42Mitnick328.91863.941 month ago
43Päket4.21863.881 month ago
44Kaithanuski0.00863.561 month ago
45Gòldmoon3.71862.131 month ago
46Akë363.61860.311 month ago
47Otsoairu0.28859.941 month ago
48Evenstar3.70859.811 month ago
49Wisör65.66859.751 month ago
50Erethal8.43858.811 month ago
51Luary328.63858.691 month ago
52Shiinø317.01857.943 days ago
53Zaÿa0.00857.001 day ago
54Kubrick0.00856.441 day ago
55Siyea4.21855.751 month ago
56Ängely0.00855.561 month ago
57Rasguín73.17855.311 month ago
58Draeneiris4.21855.311 month ago
59Senllÿ4.06854.311 month ago
60Miyuyo0.60854.191 month ago
61Kayriu0.00854.061 month ago
62Sïlmarïl3.43853.191 month ago
63Golganeth4.16852.881 month ago
64Sýf4.10852.751 month ago
65Maeilz0.00851.631 month ago
66Samdor11.34851.501 month ago
67Almagedon0.00851.131 month ago
68Lesien0.00849.441 month ago
69Drakcáry2393.89847.941 month ago
70Taîger0.00847.881 month ago
71Ladnok4.21847.691 month ago
72Kadeb0.00845.631 month ago
73Sirfil150.00845.001 month ago
74Dardinhox0.00844.441 month ago
75Khaleesitg0.00843.561 month ago
76Caraxancla0.00842.381 month ago
77Taigershadøw0.00842.381 day ago
78Tunomechivas0.00840.691 month ago
79Appynscales0.00840.131 day ago
80Lâdrillo0.00839.001 day ago
81Daishinkan0.00836.561 month ago
82Äxêl1000.00835.0613 days ago
83Sukan258.66835.063 days ago
84Wehee0.15831.501 month ago
85Dhanys0.00831.131 month ago
86Ujuajkelion0.05830.441 month ago
87Dobos0.00820.691 month ago
88Markaab0.00814.941 month ago
89Sutricon318.81809.441 month ago
90Skarlet0.00807.811 month ago
91Selibre0.00805.561 month ago
92Navys0.00805.251 day ago
93Vegamar0.00804.001 month ago
94Dhnox0.00803.311 month ago
95Skaðï0.00800.441 month ago
96Santarra0.00799.191 month ago
97Konam0.00795.311 month ago
98Obsiane0.00790.501 month ago
99Thazhad176.81715.501 month ago
100Klev218.38701.334 months ago
101Azunar0.00619.734 months ago

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