Update Progress for El Clan de los Exiliados

EU (ES)-Exodar

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Vesuvan2542.19684.3322 hours ago
2Ed2556.01682.5322 hours ago
3Anthhrax2531.01682.1322 hours ago
4Mefliposola1989.82681.5022 hours ago
5Worthros2534.01681.4722 hours ago
6Akë2533.59681.3322 hours ago
7Tsuteya2541.99681.0622 hours ago
8Amäränth2542.39680.4022 hours ago
9Gonzy2555.90680.2522 hours ago
10Filotormenta2528.68680.0022 hours ago
11Colgren1417.96679.8122 hours ago
12Chizé1959.83679.7522 hours ago
13Valino2556.01679.7322 hours ago
14Thorvard2547.52679.5622 hours ago
15Bexa2001.70678.731 day ago
16Odrareg2489.55678.6322 hours ago
17Anhele2505.85677.8722 hours ago
18Kahenita1839.95677.8022 hours ago
19Rastachech2528.17677.6322 hours ago
20Mauyashi1906.44677.5622 hours ago
21Aoen2500.13677.2522 hours ago
22Synnyster2555.90677.2022 hours ago
23Glîn2001.19676.6722 hours ago
24Appynscales1902.17675.4722 hours ago
25Lanaya2000.58674.7322 hours ago
26Elssars2015.21674.0722 hours ago
27Kïmara1397.72673.0722 hours ago
28Rhener1865.86672.933 days ago
29Ryü1958.86671.943 days ago
30Vennom84.91667.193 days ago
31Mausanrob134.98665.733 days ago
32Pelt135.52665.133 days ago
33Elmalguiver73.26661.403 days ago
34Garwin12.40652.943 days ago
35Chusjin13.24652.733 days ago
36Zarotian0.00652.333 days ago
37Ulthanor2555.90651.401 hour ago
38Esmeralda0.00650.673 days ago
39Typhön0.37650.503 days ago
40Lesien0.00650.253 days ago
41Lestard0.00650.133 days ago
42Kadeb0.00649.803 days ago
43Squitxa0.00649.473 days ago
44Koston0.74649.003 days ago
45Gibanel0.00648.943 days ago
46Darkprincesx0.00648.533 days ago
47Apocatripi14.62648.073 days ago
48Sherezan0.00646.803 days ago
49Cristine0.00646.673 days ago
50Kammaria0.00646.073 days ago
51Maerien0.00646.073 days ago
52Sïlmarïl0.00645.753 days ago
53Vegamar0.00645.133 days ago
54Ängely0.00645.073 days ago
55Sindol0.46644.473 days ago
56Evenstar0.00644.003 days ago
57Eruiel0.00643.073 days ago
58Trankilowey0.00641.633 days ago
59Kaithanuski0.00640.503 days ago
60Sirfil0.00639.873 days ago
61Vartuss0.00638.933 days ago
62Hewen0.00636.273 days ago
63Felhagund0.29634.203 days ago
64Rekkiem0.00633.063 days ago
65Eastwick0.00632.473 days ago
66Fenymoore0.00632.403 days ago
67Soul0.00631.273 days ago
68Ovión0.00630.203 days ago
69Redrumm0.00627.693 days ago
70Kamlat0.00627.533 days ago
71Rebol0.00627.503 days ago
72Løck0.14626.273 days ago
73Sibilä0.00625.533 days ago
74Txarrak0.00624.443 days ago
75Rupi0.00623.563 days ago
76Goldsniper0.00621.533 days ago
77Tfok0.00618.933 days ago
78Picatitanio0.00618.533 days ago
79Cerøir0.00615.473 days ago
80Saruger0.00615.403 days ago
81Heraa0.00614.473 days ago
82Cörnelius0.00613.473 days ago
83Hoper0.00613.273 days ago
84Tsufur0.00612.473 days ago
85Mïthras0.00611.403 days ago
86Rodrius0.54609.073 days ago
87Akenath0.00608.563 days ago
88Zaÿa0.00600.003 days ago
89Yín0.00594.883 days ago
90Killeryou0.00592.673 days ago

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