Update Progress for El Clan de los Exiliados


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Vijug8239.4229 days ago
2Zorlak6632.761 month ago
3Appynscales6403.4623 days ago
4Bexa6403.4623 days ago
5Gonzy6378.4023 days ago
6Danon6350.6723 days ago
7Peponx6303.6911 days ago
8Odrareg6220.1923 days ago
9Glîn6011.7023 days ago
10Chizé5948.599 days ago
11Espinetex5912.4110 days ago
12Elssars5773.434 days ago
13Vesuvan5029.292 days ago
14Grüneholle4202.441 month ago
15Miyanih3988.6223 days ago
16Atâ3558.411 month ago
17Worthros3000.0023 days ago
18Néftís2934.7723 days ago
19Harkaz1807.3223 days ago
20Eldereas949.7223 days ago
21Kronick397.101 month ago
22Clawden250.0023 days ago
23Condemn250.0023 days ago
24Faeli250.0023 days ago
25Penalty250.0023 days ago
26Xletonz250.001 month ago
27Fraygón250.0023 days ago
28Kestelle250.0023 days ago
29Raza250.0023 days ago
30Rastachech250.0025 days ago
31Kaissa250.0023 days ago
32Katrum118.9323 days ago
33Garwin113.7523 days ago
34Athylä103.841 month ago
35Kanibalina99.351 month ago
36Azunar80.6023 days ago
37Krepo80.0023 days ago
38Yntrudichi80.0014 days ago
39Sindol80.0023 days ago
40Danoven80.0023 days ago
41Eristofo60.3223 days ago
42Bradi58.961 month ago
43Legoolass58.711 month ago
44Clondemala49.2523 days ago
45Gibanel48.3223 days ago
46Ávamys37.9623 days ago
47Kestunke30.0023 days ago
48Wai27.9623 days ago
49Sïlmarïl21.441 month ago
50Markuus20.0023 days ago
51Hacher20.001 month ago
52Eastwick20.0023 days ago
53Mankanshoku11.541 month ago
54Gryffindör10.001 month ago
55Filospada0.001 month ago
56Drausmé0.0023 days ago
57Elektria0.0023 days ago
58Neiz0.0023 days ago
59Dansacer0.0023 days ago
60Shiinø0.0023 days ago
61Bihøtz0.001 month ago
62Adusto0.001 month ago
63Bashik0.0023 days ago
64Kronern0.0023 days ago
65Crîda0.001 month ago
66Elsslock0.0023 days ago
67Brandsätze0.0023 days ago
68Teks0.001 month ago
69Danonpancha0.0023 days ago
70Pelipekiroja0.001 month ago
71Korbaz0.001 month ago
72Confutatis0.001 month ago
73Tracks0.001 month ago
74Mortadelita0.0023 days ago
75Volther0.001 month ago
76Blêr0.001 month ago
77Kurokuma0.001 month ago
78Ðærus0.001 month ago
79Aruhal0.001 month ago
80Timpunky0.001 month ago
81Willies0.001 month ago
82Akhima0.0023 days ago
83Zreller0.001 month ago
84Shinray0.0023 days ago
85Gilfor0.001 month ago
86Keriaht0.0023 days ago
87Cogolloxx0.001 month ago
88Elssnight0.0023 days ago
89Phini0.001 month ago
90Volandovooy0.001 month ago
91Sydney0.0023 days ago
92Rugas0.001 month ago
93Möonlîght0.001 month ago
94Yín0.0023 days ago
95Geroniwein0.001 month ago
96Rupi0.001 month ago
97Sinple0.0023 days ago
98Azulejar0.0023 days ago
99Laqened0.0023 days ago
100Andever0.0023 days ago
101Ãres0.001 month ago
102Kanibal0.001 month ago
103Naturage0.001 month ago
104Elmalguiver0.0023 days ago
105Rekkiem0.0023 days ago
106Stringer0.001 month ago
107Timlovy0.001 month ago
108Tudaddy0.0023 days ago
109Pickara0.0023 days ago
110Alvior0.0023 days ago
111Ainülindalë0.001 month ago
112Saklia0.001 month ago
113Aguïlaroja0.001 month ago
114Rodrius0.0023 days ago
115Trankilowey0.0023 days ago
116Elvacan0.0023 days ago
117Danonjam0.0023 days ago
118Desert0.001 month ago
119Carlosdiaz0.0023 days ago
120Sathran0.0023 days ago
121Niwrag0.0023 days ago
122Rikka0.001 month ago
123Timpaty0.001 month ago
124Musycat0.0023 days ago
125Eshfres0.0023 days ago
126Londrail0.001 month ago
127Zaÿa0.001 month ago
128Highspeed0.001 month ago
129Febor0.001 month ago
130Sinpelos0.0023 days ago
131Mïsha0.001 month ago
132Gadriel0.001 month ago
133Karrussel0.001 month ago
134Akenathon0.001 month ago
135Danailla0.0023 days ago
136Suriel0.0023 days ago
137Druinico0.001 month ago
138Thenighthunt0.0023 days ago
139Xomo0.001 month ago
140Kaithanuski0.0023 days ago
141Spectrun0.001 month ago
142Razome0.001 month ago
143Skata0.0023 days ago
144Drënlord0.001 month ago
145Vegamar0.0023 days ago
146Deboralol0.001 month ago
147Chechin0.001 month ago
148Draküla0.001 month ago
149Kadeb0.001 month ago
150Ängely0.001 month ago
151Ratziel0.001 month ago

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