Update Progress for El Clan de los Exiliados

EU (ES)-Exodar

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Mefliposola87.17701.441 day ago
2Vesuvan87.17698.801 day ago
3Anthhrax87.17698.801 day ago
4Worthros87.17698.401 day ago
5Gonzy1.80698.311 day ago
6Angileptol59.04698.251 day ago
7Dragosi87.17697.561 day ago
8Synnyster1.80697.401 day ago
9Ozdalva73.29697.071 day ago
10Recalcitra58.19697.001 day ago
11Valino58.19697.001 day ago
12Akë87.17696.811 day ago
13Aoen58.19696.751 day ago
14Chizé58.25696.731 day ago
15Ed58.19695.381 day ago
16Dilayla0.00695.201 day ago
17Ulthanor87.17695.001 day ago
18Elssars58.19694.931 day ago
19Suty58.19694.731 day ago
20Mauyashi87.17694.401 day ago
21Filotormenta29.04694.191 day ago
22Lanaya1.05694.001 day ago
23Kahenita14.49693.801 day ago
24Appynscales0.00693.801 day ago
25Bexa0.00692.801 day ago
26Anhele0.90692.696 days ago
27Ryü58.19692.201 day ago
28Odrareg1.20692.064 days ago
29Rastachech0.00691.946 days ago
30Amäränth0.00691.806 days ago
31Glîn0.00690.806 days ago
32Kïmara1.65690.504 days ago
33Linnked1.80688.443 days ago
34Furymonk0.00688.316 days ago
35Lìsanna1.80686.804 days ago
36Colgren0.00685.196 days ago
37Thorvard1.20682.406 days ago
38Vennom0.00682.276 days ago
39Pelt0.00682.076 days ago
40Mausanrob0.00678.876 days ago
41Slowen29.65676.884 days ago
42Sydney0.00672.406 days ago
43Kadeb0.00670.406 days ago
44Kaithanuski0.00670.386 days ago
45Esmeralda0.00669.136 days ago
46Rodrius0.00668.406 days ago
47Mûldoon0.00667.076 days ago
48Typhön0.00667.006 days ago
49Chusjin0.00666.806 days ago
50Garwin0.00666.806 days ago
51Vartuss0.00666.006 days ago
52Sherezan0.00664.876 days ago
53Ängely0.00664.076 days ago
54Krakovior0.00663.672 days ago
55Minisaf0.00662.886 days ago
56Sïlmarïl0.00662.136 days ago
57Fenymoore0.00661.406 days ago
58Zarotian0.00661.336 days ago
59Darkprincesx0.00660.936 days ago
60Eruiel0.00660.076 days ago
61Apocatripi0.00660.006 days ago
62Trankilowey0.00659.066 days ago
63Gibanel0.00658.636 days ago
64Sindol0.00658.476 days ago
65Evenstar0.00658.006 days ago
66Wai0.00657.736 days ago
67Ovión0.00656.406 days ago
68Maerien0.00656.206 days ago
69Lesien0.00656.136 days ago
70Sirfil0.00654.806 days ago
71Cristine0.00654.736 days ago
72Squitxa0.00653.806 days ago
73Rebol0.00653.756 days ago
74Redrumm0.00653.006 days ago
75Rupi0.00653.006 days ago
76Saruger0.00650.206 days ago
77Lestard0.00650.136 days ago
78Rekkiem0.00649.566 days ago
79Hewen0.00647.446 days ago
80Warrico0.00647.256 days ago
81Øvi0.00645.886 days ago
82Neomin0.00645.336 days ago
83Vegamar0.00645.136 days ago
84Héwen0.00644.136 days ago
85Skarlet0.00639.476 days ago
86Eastwick0.00638.136 days ago
87Mïthras0.00636.476 days ago
88Cörnelius0.00635.936 days ago
89Løck0.00635.806 days ago
90Felhagund0.00634.206 days ago
91Eldereas0.00632.886 days ago
92Condemn0.00632.676 days ago
93Soul0.00631.276 days ago
94Jeanvaljean0.00629.736 days ago
95Glïn0.00628.076 days ago
96Kamlat0.00627.536 days ago
97Sibilä0.00625.536 days ago
98Txarrak0.00624.756 days ago
99Záfiro0.00624.756 days ago
100Marlena0.00624.566 days ago
101Tronjhaïm0.00620.336 days ago
102Azunar0.00619.736 days ago
103Zaÿa0.00619.676 days ago
104Makkinavaja0.00619.636 days ago
105Magicco0.00618.676 days ago
106Galbba0.00616.476 days ago
107Lurine0.00616.316 days ago
108Hoper0.00615.276 days ago
109Heraa0.00614.476 days ago
110Perián0.00613.536 days ago
111Blaír0.00613.136 days ago
112Tsufur0.00612.476 days ago
113Lâdydârk0.00612.406 days ago
114Niwrag0.00609.076 days ago
115Akenath0.00608.566 days ago
116Franconeti0.00608.276 days ago
117Götan0.00607.136 days ago
118Mortadelita0.00605.006 days ago
119Elementwall0.00603.876 days ago
120Setyr0.00601.606 days ago
121Jeloal0.00600.136 days ago
122Skylêr0.00600.076 days ago
123Thedøctør0.00598.006 days ago
124Yín0.00597.946 days ago
125Sinpelillos0.00595.636 days ago
126Sinple0.00595.076 days ago
127Yaimä0.00585.006 days ago
128Skata0.00578.536 days ago
129Azulejar0.00562.676 days ago
130Drausmé0.00403.936 days ago

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