Update Progress for Pars Pro Toto


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Kasilein3586.223 hours ago
2Anchûsy3000.003 hours ago
3Lekár2647.143 hours ago
4Srogeth2647.143 hours ago
5Sitan2647.143 hours ago
6Kinkajou2647.143 hours ago
7Sélect2510.913 hours ago
8Beams2500.003 hours ago
9Knödelberta2500.003 hours ago
10Satorii2500.003 hours ago
11Sangi2100.213 hours ago
12Tasmou2000.003 hours ago
13Apodine2000.003 hours ago
14Maitsung2000.003 hours ago
15Equatié2000.003 hours ago
16Saofeng2000.003 hours ago
17Gûppy2000.003 hours ago
18Chainguy1781.893 hours ago
19Kuldarmok1750.003 hours ago
20Herrfröstel1750.003 hours ago
21Lykanon1750.003 hours ago
22Wackenwasi1683.553 hours ago
23Maddrood1250.003 hours ago
24Dalzok1000.003 hours ago
25Huolon1000.003 hours ago
26Vagasha750.003 hours ago
27Jekaterîna500.009 days ago
28Screwu250.009 days ago
29Senfsepp135.289 days ago
30Kayori91.699 days ago
31Yâkîrâ80.009 days ago
32Xarid73.959 days ago
33Xarvik73.569 days ago
34Leckar71.999 days ago
35Yûmmy65.009 days ago
36Felisiá46.849 days ago
37Zóhàn41.779 days ago
38Blödekuuh25.009 days ago
39Xaviantra20.009 days ago
40Kashìva15.009 days ago
41Keltoqt10.009 days ago
42Vairra0.003 hours ago
43Maddwar0.007 days ago
44Tastroll0.009 days ago
45Apodu0.009 days ago
46Leekar0.009 days ago
47Kawato0.009 days ago
48Sagasha0.009 days ago
49Arrôw0.009 days ago
50Landschorle0.009 days ago
51Vænquisher0.009 days ago
52Vollkornudel0.009 days ago
53Darîja0.009 days ago
54Élse0.009 days ago
55Asphyxis0.009 days ago
56Flâshii0.009 days ago
57Tajiri0.009 days ago
58Fîsibûbbele0.009 days ago
59Lekarius0.009 days ago
60Baazingâ0.009 days ago
61Ginthêr0.009 days ago
62Lekari0.009 days ago
63Rufynx0.009 days ago
64Zóhan0.009 days ago
65Hoonigan0.009 days ago
66Wasimodo0.009 days ago
67Whitedrop0.009 days ago
68Sookìe0.009 days ago
69Mamerle0.009 days ago
70Crackly0.009 days ago
71Smartyê0.009 days ago
72Tartraus0.009 days ago
73Xirániús0.009 days ago
74Yoshikazu0.003 hours ago
75Celhorn0.009 days ago
76Matagan0.009 days ago
77Daicon0.009 days ago
78Kytanas0.009 days ago
79Deaxter0.009 days ago
80Lassiva0.009 days ago
81Imricc0.009 days ago
82Shareya0.009 days ago
84Ròók0.009 days ago
86Fayfay0.009 days ago
87Pâscha0.009 days ago
88Tenchikou0.009 days ago
89Amatheon0.009 days ago
90Fateful0.009 days ago
91Tanis0.009 days ago
92Harkoon0.009 days ago
93Cephir0.009 days ago
94Madde0.009 days ago

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