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Update Progress for Pars Pro Toto

EU (DE)-Frostwolf

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Warak171.72712.201 day ago
2Ego171.33711.871 day ago
3Herrfröstel171.72711.131 day ago
4Ennyaah171.72710.751 day ago
5Parcius171.72710.601 day ago
6Carnox171.39710.071 day ago
7Blacki168.86709.8713 hours ago
8Knasty171.72709.671 day ago
9Arsgam171.55709.061 day ago
10Sunchez171.72709.061 day ago
11Sangi169.31709.001 day ago
12Ehmml166.92708.941 day ago
13Greecon171.60708.751 day ago
14Gobullon170.48708.471 day ago
15Slayy171.39708.071 day ago
16Certerum170.61707.811 day ago
17Kaìba655.54707.251 day ago
18Fjella171.72706.871 day ago
19Jhina170.50706.811 day ago
20Tanna168.53706.801 day ago
21Baschtü171.55706.201 day ago
22Mfuu158.55705.691 day ago
23Barathrum168.66705.191 day ago
24Kinkajou171.28703.601 day ago
25Ildeakenll0.00699.806 days ago
26Anchûsy0.28699.5313 days ago
27Rockhawk143.78699.4013 days ago
28Prayjay0.00697.9413 days ago
29Lyridas82.46697.4713 days ago
30Zaythox0.84696.7313 days ago
31Neela1.18696.5313 days ago
32Baalphegore1.54696.3313 days ago
33Szuluh1.18696.0013 days ago
34Brewpa1.54695.4413 days ago
35Matztatz0.00694.9413 days ago
36Eurien1.35694.8813 days ago
37Irâsch0.00694.806 days ago
38Pyross0.00694.4713 days ago
39Aunjane1.18694.2013 days ago
40Nojiku0.00694.0713 days ago
41Lockelive1.12694.004 days ago
42Healdudû117.55693.8113 days ago
43Arguuz4.04693.8013 days ago
44Klatcher0.00693.7313 days ago
45Størmý83.54693.736 days ago
46Eowa14.94692.9313 days ago
47Sângi1.42692.802 days ago
48Sketi84.96692.5613 days ago
49Gûppy0.84692.4013 days ago
50Stréèt0.00692.3813 days ago
51Kîzâru0.70692.2513 days ago
52Pejoria0.00691.8013 days ago
53Kiritõ1.18691.7513 days ago
54Fateful0.00691.5313 days ago
55Adraste1.61691.381 day ago
56Supermuh1.20691.0013 days ago
57Lassiva0.00691.0013 days ago
58Muragu0.00690.8113 days ago
59Caradir0.00690.3813 days ago
60Sitan1.18689.8013 days ago
61Akumi1.18689.674 days ago
62Corsicà0.00689.1313 days ago
63Reljeh0.00688.4013 days ago
64Nijune1.19687.7313 days ago
65Joóel0.00687.6913 days ago
66Nordicoqt1.56687.1911 days ago
67Sketì0.00687.1313 days ago
68Rufynx0.00686.0013 days ago
69Yûmmy0.00685.4713 days ago
70Yâkîrâ0.00685.4013 days ago
71Lootflut0.00684.8813 days ago
72Sangî1.00683.8713 days ago
73Malaka0.00683.6713 days ago
74Schilddrüse0.56683.5313 days ago
75Duuzu0.00681.8713 days ago
76Yesta0.00681.6913 days ago
77Asteria0.45681.2513 days ago
78Scofíeld0.00681.1313 days ago
79Diøn0.00680.0013 days ago
80Calypsô0.00679.8813 days ago
81Qieshee0.00679.3813 days ago
82Jeljin0.00678.759 days ago
83Rahyá0.00678.7313 days ago
84Egorr0.00677.1313 days ago
85Manabeere0.00676.4013 days ago
86Cunibert0.00676.1315 hours ago
87Tsukaya66.40676.001 day ago
88Lekari0.00676.0013 days ago
89Zeranus0.00675.7513 days ago
90Saarij0.00674.7313 days ago
91Brisei1.26673.6713 days ago
92Isabell0.00673.5613 days ago
93Málano0.00673.0713 days ago
94Percius0.00673.0713 days ago
95Crackly0.00672.2513 days ago
96Anumka0.00671.8013 days ago
97Whiteý0.00670.8013 days ago
98Xaviantra0.00670.4713 days ago
99Adramuh0.00670.3313 days ago
100Shareya0.00670.1313 days ago
101Enemý0.00670.0013 days ago
102Qiesha0.56670.0013 days ago
103Sayoki0.00668.7313 days ago
104Kasilein0.00668.5013 days ago
105Lislya0.00668.1313 days ago
106Jibbsonite0.00667.5613 days ago
107Aszura0.00667.5013 days ago
108Leckar0.00667.0013 days ago
109Idunna0.00666.7313 days ago
110Schlampfíne0.00666.6913 days ago
111Nyashia0.00666.4713 days ago
112Maddelina0.00666.3313 days ago
113Trycá0.00666.1313 days ago
114Habaayib1.05665.4713 days ago
115Harkoon0.00665.4013 days ago
116Sentomaru0.00663.6713 days ago
117Streêt0.00663.4713 days ago
118Ichbindoof0.00663.3313 days ago
119Tyrion0.00662.8013 days ago
120Mamerle0.00661.9413 days ago
121Bärchen0.00661.6313 days ago
122Srogeth0.00660.5313 days ago
123Loknarod0.00660.4013 days ago
124Nôrdîc0.00659.6313 days ago
125Klori0.00659.5613 days ago
126Alouria0.00659.1313 days ago
127Drubedix0.00659.0713 days ago
128Shinei0.00658.9413 days ago
129Shamanolol0.00657.8113 days ago
130Nouméa0.00657.4713 days ago
131Stiffmeistér0.00656.2013 days ago
132Trytocatchme0.00655.0713 days ago
133Javá0.00654.7513 days ago
134Skéti0.00654.3313 days ago
135Stroustrup0.00654.1313 days ago
136Dérpina0.00654.0613 days ago
137Ísí0.00653.0713 days ago
138Shizano0.00652.0713 days ago
139Abdrea0.00651.9413 days ago
140Locklóck0.00651.671 day ago
141Clez0.00651.4013 days ago
142Shiceblock0.00651.4013 days ago
143Vivalamuh0.00650.3313 days ago
144Vìrûs0.00650.3313 days ago
145Aldânía0.00650.3113 days ago
146Ruuken0.00650.1313 days ago
147Amafi0.00649.2013 days ago
148Skìd0.00648.6713 days ago
149Jèsaya0.00648.0013 days ago
150Alistâir0.00647.7513 days ago
151Ástería0.00647.3313 days ago
152Kokossirup0.00646.8013 days ago
153Satorii0.00646.7313 days ago
154Leeonidas0.00646.0713 days ago
155Sêphîron0.00644.8113 days ago
156Lynie0.00643.7313 days ago
157Verdrescher0.00643.5613 days ago
158Skétí0.00643.3113 days ago
159Rynar0.00643.0713 days ago
160Iltkll0.00642.8013 days ago
161Xarid0.00642.0013 days ago
162Tholin0.00640.8713 days ago
163Chevjelios0.00640.8013 days ago
164Sketí0.00640.6713 days ago
165Untouchable0.00640.4013 days ago
166Shéro0.00640.0013 days ago
167Jibbsôn0.00639.9413 days ago
168Supieh0.00639.7313 days ago
169Treckie0.00638.6713 days ago
170Pryderio0.00638.5013 days ago
171Lífty0.00638.2713 days ago
172Firone0.00638.2013 days ago
173Màla0.00637.6013 days ago
174Zakarn0.00637.3113 days ago
175Fittie0.00636.8813 days ago
176Hellrâíser0.00636.4013 days ago
177Mayve0.00635.6913 days ago
178Dotxz0.00635.6713 days ago
179Shadiyah0.00634.4013 days ago
180Nanity0.00634.4013 days ago
181Oomwtf0.00634.3313 days ago
182Zóhàn0.00634.1913 days ago
183Faranoy0.00633.3113 days ago
184Zerkul0.00632.7313 days ago
185Varhon0.00631.4013 days ago
186Xemion0.00631.3313 days ago
187Xyarez0.00631.3313 days ago
188Syrados0.00630.9313 days ago
189Explode0.00630.8113 days ago
190Ghould0.00629.8713 days ago
191Eûphorie0.00629.7313 days ago
192Greedyqt0.00629.3313 days ago
193Fayfay0.00628.6713 days ago
194Kastra0.00624.4013 days ago
195Malánó0.00622.8713 days ago
196Serades0.00621.3313 days ago
197Fêli0.00620.4713 days ago
198Changzu0.00616.5013 days ago
199Screwu0.00615.2713 days ago
200Skipy0.00614.6713 days ago
201Maláno0.00614.0013 days ago
202Shadowslice0.00613.8813 days ago
203Fega0.00610.4413 days ago
204Jhinny0.00605.9413 days ago
205Falbý0.00604.4013 days ago
206Salsasandler0.00602.3313 days ago
207Donatello0.00598.5613 days ago
208Merlorne0.00597.1313 days ago
209Hâdéz0.00595.4013 days ago
210Kêya0.00592.4713 days ago
211Yuudaî0.00587.3313 days ago
212Tsunà0.00584.7513 days ago
213Shelli0.00582.734 days ago
214Whithý0.00572.731 day ago
215Batleesh0.00556.738 days ago
216Jibbson0.00549.8713 days ago
217Tanis0.00--8 months ago
218Eisenwind0.00--8 months ago

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