Update Progress for Requiem

EU (ES)-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Crowth693.86874.942 days ago
2Vastiel693.86871.062 days ago
3Vyrael693.86870.132 days ago
4Imprim693.86870.132 days ago
5Mithralas693.86869.812 days ago
6Dilaf693.86869.562 days ago
7Zanjin693.86869.502 days ago
8Tanon693.86869.252 days ago
9Hipana693.86867.562 days ago
10Jinderox685.60866.812 days ago
11Blazer413.83865.692 days ago
12Raeryan685.60865.632 days ago
13Nuvil693.86865.562 days ago
14Rokae693.86865.251 day ago
15Senhya413.83865.192 days ago
16Novem693.86864.812 days ago
17Holysparkz693.86864.382 days ago
18Haghazor693.86863.132 days ago
19Alderael4.21863.062 days ago
20Strogonoff693.86861.632 days ago
21Kobaryo693.86861.632 days ago
22Cheever693.86861.131 day ago
23Mëll413.83860.442 days ago
24Astelion4.25859.132 days ago
25Arcannis84.58857.503 days ago
26Hauskara693.86856.132 days ago
27Tarsïs413.83855.138 days ago
28Jerint85.26854.948 days ago
29Craigon72.07854.758 days ago
30Juanann86.41854.568 days ago
31Pmelkhor86.58853.698 days ago
32Shel85.15853.638 days ago
33Lonadel0.45852.758 days ago
34Selendys0.00851.888 days ago
35Genn0.00851.258 days ago
36Caesaria4.25850.888 days ago
37Yewizel0.00850.508 days ago
38Zenaide4.13850.138 days ago
39Spectrös14.61849.638 days ago
40Orfell0.00849.568 days ago
41Sothorian0.00849.198 days ago
42Grainnë4.13849.068 days ago
43Komarov4.13848.888 days ago
44Cormaç4.10848.388 days ago
45Ênêl0.00847.568 days ago
46Khaerlion4.46847.568 days ago
47Felpu0.00846.948 days ago
48Kreis0.00846.068 days ago
49Clèrigo413.83845.888 days ago
50Mataba0.00845.568 days ago
51Ivernalia0.00845.508 days ago
52Orlais0.18845.318 days ago
53Caldwin0.15845.258 days ago
54Locien0.00845.198 days ago
55Gadriel0.00843.638 days ago
56Mignola5.00843.388 days ago
57Christian0.00842.638 days ago
58Grankappa0.70842.508 days ago
59Shampu0.00841.758 days ago
60Notarino0.00841.138 days ago
61Faradem0.00839.698 days ago
62Jelina0.00839.638 days ago
63Moonrise150.00838.508 days ago
64Kaiden0.00837.818 days ago
65Naelica30.00837.318 days ago
66Mcgonagal2763.94836.258 days ago
67Cilantro0.00835.068 days ago
68Lurju0.00835.008 days ago
69Alshat0.00833.318 days ago
70Frosteye150.00827.448 days ago
71Ipsar0.00825.888 days ago
72Aedria0.00814.008 days ago
73Brhutal1750.00809.818 days ago
74Lorrein0.00802.258 days ago
75Aphonie0.00798.758 days ago
76Yutsu0.00798.008 days ago
77Kerne0.00797.698 days ago
78Erindael0.00796.505 days ago
79Zeneca0.00795.638 days ago
80Jonnieve0.00795.568 days ago
81Daegul0.00795.318 days ago
82Nefárian0.00795.318 days ago
83Metrowar0.00791.388 days ago
84Laris0.00788.638 days ago
85Rammus0.00727.808 days ago
86Derrael0.00720.931 month ago
87Shaka0.00711.881 month ago
88Clay0.00703.751 month ago
89Dhoky0.00702.811 month ago
90Darkciara0.00695.001 month ago

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