Update Progress for Requiem

EU (ES)-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ivernalia85.81664.471 day ago
2Cheever85.47658.731 day ago
3Mcgonagal85.64656.071 day ago
4Nahliel85.81656.001 day ago
5Lastman85.81655.8716 hours ago
6Kronmgar85.81655.561 day ago
7Blazer85.75655.471 day ago
8Caldwin85.25655.271 day ago
9Rokae85.81655.201 day ago
10Senhya14.17654.071 day ago
11Genn0.42653.331 day ago
12Friedrichsen42.77653.001 day ago
13Dilaf85.81652.061 day ago
14Hauskara85.81651.401 day ago
15Metrobull85.81651.201 day ago
16Tarsïs85.81651.061 day ago
17Craigon29.08650.471 day ago
18Ilthanas42.53649.441 day ago
19Arcannis71.73648.731 day ago
20Ênêl85.81648.251 day ago
21Nuben85.75647.381 day ago
22Brandzohk71.73647.331 day ago
23Vyrael85.81645.401 day ago
24Alderael0.28643.631 day ago
25Bithralas14.23641.691 day ago
26Darkaxe29.08641.005 days ago
27Wrâith0.42640.475 days ago
28Metroger0.14640.335 days ago
29Grainnë0.00640.205 days ago
30Yunan0.42639.565 days ago
31Metrowar0.42639.445 days ago
32Pretender14.56638.815 days ago
33Kathgul0.00638.475 days ago
34Shoirs0.90637.885 days ago
35Veljan56.71637.675 days ago
36Tmuk0.28637.315 days ago
37Yewizel0.00636.535 days ago
38Overland0.00636.135 days ago
39Shêl0.00635.945 days ago
40Darblirz0.14635.205 days ago
41Jaëgger0.28635.135 days ago
42Kreis0.42635.005 days ago
43Rhazgar0.00634.475 days ago
44Clerigo71.90634.005 days ago
45Felpu0.00633.885 days ago
46Tassar0.14633.205 days ago
47Näkär0.00632.875 days ago
48Caesaria0.00632.735 days ago
49Dráygon0.00632.405 days ago
50Napsu0.42631.805 days ago
51Metroger0.00631.673 days ago
52Zenaide0.00631.005 days ago
53Shînîgamî0.00628.535 days ago
54Huntir0.00628.475 days ago
55Laris0.00627.255 days ago
56Taura0.00627.255 days ago
57Derrael0.00626.205 days ago
58Sarn0.42625.135 days ago
59Akenar0.00623.735 days ago
60Kuolemaf0.14623.075 days ago
61Arïbeth0.00622.935 days ago
62Kilana0.00621.675 days ago
63Draküs0.00619.135 days ago
64Jinderox0.00618.255 days ago
65Éisenheim0.00616.605 days ago
66Haane0.00614.445 days ago
67Shaidar0.00611.735 days ago
68Sikre0.00610.335 days ago
69Blondeath0.00608.675 days ago
70Gromhar0.00607.075 days ago
71Ipsar0.00607.005 days ago
72Waveny0.00604.755 days ago
73Kerne0.00602.385 days ago
74Wennik0.00597.805 days ago
75Jonnieve0.00--18 days ago
76Tubarroow0.00--18 days ago
77Jeyne0.00--18 days ago
78Leurinel0.00--10 months ago
79Alshat0.00--18 days ago

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