Update Progress for Requiem

EU-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Ivernalia5024.7723 days ago
2Friedrichsen5002.7123 days ago
3Rokae4997.0623 days ago
4Dilaf4975.1023 days ago
5Ênêl4958.0223 days ago
6Nuben4952.5423 days ago
7Vyrael4774.7723 days ago
8Wrâith4747.1620 days ago
9Craigon4640.802 days ago
10Cheever3797.6923 days ago
11Arcannis3789.5713 days ago
12Rammus3708.7823 days ago
13Raienryuu3603.4823 days ago
14Öniria2489.9123 days ago
15Blazer1250.0023 days ago
16Kathgul1250.0023 days ago
17Gromhar1169.1623 days ago
18Nazgrael1130.2023 days ago
19Shîva750.0023 days ago
20Huoshan500.0023 days ago
21Drokhan250.0023 days ago
22Darksoùl96.0923 days ago
23Naelica80.0023 days ago
24Crisbe80.0023 days ago
25Akonid75.0123 days ago
26Därdalion71.7423 days ago
27Christian51.0423 days ago
28Kerne41.3523 days ago
29Kreis40.655 months ago
30Ninfamana35.5623 days ago
31Kronmgar30.0023 days ago
32Jinderox30.0023 days ago
33Shampu26.7123 days ago
34Shaco25.0023 days ago
35Zenaide21.2023 days ago
36Jerint14.6723 days ago
37Remusirius14.105 months ago
38Sarn10.0023 days ago
39Zowtern0.0023 days ago
40Dubsidia0.0023 days ago
41Paimatki0.0023 days ago
42Lorrein0.0023 days ago
43Taura0.0023 days ago
44Mishiki0.0023 days ago
45Péque0.0023 days ago
46Aedria0.0023 days ago
47Myrr0.0023 days ago
48Broduk0.0023 days ago
49Mcgonagal0.0023 days ago
50Lurju0.0023 days ago
51Tronchapinos0.0023 days ago
52Sullyra0.0023 days ago
53Kyllua0.0023 days ago
54Tïmmy0.0023 days ago
55Nidhugg0.0023 days ago
56Edipro0.0023 days ago
57Shadowsly0.0023 days ago
58Grolok0.005 months ago
59Napsu0.0023 days ago
60Grôk0.0023 days ago
61Rhino0.0023 days ago
62Greensoul0.004 months ago
63Nathanniel0.0023 days ago
64Grokhog0.0023 days ago
65Papoy0.0023 days ago
66Kamu0.0023 days ago
67Elfmelon0.0023 days ago
68Elebits0.004 months ago
69Sandia0.004 months ago
70Flánagan0.0023 days ago
71Saderk0.0023 days ago
72Bithralas0.005 months ago
73Litshuo0.0023 days ago
74Taotze0.0023 days ago
75Masrur0.005 months ago
76Xêllos0.0023 days ago
77Rhazgar0.005 months ago
78Lockyy0.0023 days ago
79Metrotiger0.004 months ago
80Virihereminu0.0023 days ago
81Pancetas0.005 months ago
82Rashta0.005 months ago
83Thálos0.0023 days ago
84Hellshadow0.0023 days ago
85Shankreed0.005 months ago
86Xellôs0.004 months ago
87Yuirnero0.005 months ago
88Haane0.0023 days ago
89Gumias0.005 months ago
90Funda0.0023 days ago
91Parcelso0.0023 days ago
92Sre0.005 months ago
93Aisling0.005 months ago
94Thale0.0023 days ago
95Tassar0.0023 days ago
96Batatita0.005 months ago
97Cloudchaser0.005 months ago
98Kilpi0.0023 days ago
99Niameh0.005 months ago
100Skarvile0.0023 days ago
101Symph0.005 months ago
102Pýros0.005 months ago
103Garthug0.0023 days ago
104Saculin0.0023 days ago
105Maaya0.0023 days ago
106Mapahe0.0023 days ago
107Atarion0.005 months ago
108Roheit0.005 months ago
109Milick0.0023 days ago
110Nökia0.005 months ago
111Neoma0.0023 days ago
112Karu0.004 months ago
113Kuta0.0023 days ago
114Kosovar0.0023 days ago
115Taürdin0.0023 days ago
116Solanillos0.0023 days ago
117Thevetia0.005 months ago
118Sikre0.005 months ago
119Ceb0.004 months ago
120Elbel0.005 months ago
121Rükasü0.0023 days ago
122Wacken0.004 months ago
123Abulta0.0023 days ago
124Mikilimú0.0023 days ago
125Lanthier0.005 months ago
126Grow0.005 months ago
127Vuori0.0023 days ago
128Erigaomok0.0023 days ago
129Cloacker0.0023 days ago
130Kreisito0.005 months ago
131Arïbëth0.0023 days ago
132Sothorian0.0023 days ago
133Despero0.0023 days ago
134Drezzar0.0023 days ago
135Molinillo0.005 months ago
136Blackfoxlol0.0023 days ago
137Dráygon0.0023 days ago
138Loktarogár0.0023 days ago
139Kilana0.0023 days ago
140Tirandus0.005 months ago
141Cheitor0.005 months ago
142Anzïa0.005 months ago
143Triski0.005 months ago
144Metroller0.004 months ago
145Kratoth0.0023 days ago
146Yewizel0.0023 days ago
147Pherienbly0.005 months ago
148Incorpóreo0.0023 days ago
149Melancthe0.0023 days ago
150Oskura0.005 months ago
151Nobelio0.005 months ago
152Korkrok0.005 months ago
153Tyshara0.0023 days ago
154Caesaria0.005 months ago
155Keneu0.005 months ago
156Bassest0.0023 days ago
157Daëva0.0023 days ago
158Hojitaverde0.005 months ago
159Leurinel0.005 months ago
160Metrojer0.004 months ago
161Dacker0.0023 days ago
162Leyendacaida0.005 months ago
163Darblirz0.0023 days ago
164Sahque0.0023 days ago
165Drarksoul0.0023 days ago
166Mänchitas0.0023 days ago
167Tovosh0.004 months ago
168Chusenn0.005 months ago
169Seosamh0.005 months ago
170Sïrion0.0023 days ago
171Blashyrkh0.004 months ago
172Shaakra0.005 months ago
173Wildboy0.0023 days ago
174Jeyne0.0023 days ago
175Shaidar0.0023 days ago
176Locien0.0023 days ago
177Blutsüchtig0.004 months ago
178Akenar0.005 months ago
179Hächäzö0.005 months ago
180Piedrasangre0.004 months ago
181Baculum0.0023 days ago
182Mäläck0.0023 days ago
183Ryza0.0023 days ago
184Victalius0.0023 days ago
185Hellgore0.0023 days ago
186Nekmaran0.0023 days ago
187Enjin0.0023 days ago
188Vosego0.0023 days ago
189Thrilz0.0023 days ago
190Lykaioss0.0023 days ago
191Felpu0.0023 days ago
192Kelthariel0.0023 days ago
193Galthor0.0023 days ago
194Iroqués0.0023 days ago
195Thorian0.004 months ago
196Calnerissen0.0023 days ago
197Overland0.005 months ago
198Frôstmague0.004 months ago
199Byakuyâ0.0023 days ago
200Shînîgamî0.0023 days ago
201Dunkelgeist0.005 months ago
202Ipsar0.0023 days ago
203Darkciara0.0023 days ago
204Metroger0.004 months ago
205Yunan0.0023 days ago
206Elîsha0.005 months ago
207Rauha0.0023 days ago
208Nogiarc0.0023 days ago
209Dryade0.0023 days ago
210Prodigy0.005 months ago
211Kaines0.0023 days ago
212Ihriel0.0023 days ago
213Grainnë0.0023 days ago
214Derrael0.005 months ago
215Udder0.005 months ago
216Alderael0.0023 days ago
217Nuvîa0.005 months ago
218Siok0.0023 days ago
219Bullops0.004 months ago
220Jelina0.005 months ago
221Menelmakar0.0023 days ago
222Notarino0.005 months ago
223Vamú0.005 months ago
224Gissmo0.004 months ago
225Azarel0.0023 days ago
226Tubarroow0.0023 days ago
227Égida0.0023 days ago
228Zenavam0.005 months ago
229Laris0.0023 days ago
230Tula0.0023 days ago
231Darkaxe0.005 months ago
232Draküs0.0023 days ago
233Krog0.0023 days ago
234Livias0.005 months ago
235Izual0.005 months ago
236Skram0.005 months ago
237Tisha0.005 months ago
238Ilthanas0.0023 days ago
239Plup0.005 months ago
240Daegul0.0023 days ago
241Valarion0.005 months ago
242Pândoro0.005 months ago
243Jonnieve0.0023 days ago

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