Update Progress for Requiem

EU (ES)-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Pmelkhor1.35695.7319 minutes ago
2Arevalak14.66695.6019 minutes ago
3Ivernalia14.66695.0019 minutes ago
4Nahliel14.66694.8119 minutes ago
5Shel1.65694.8019 minutes ago
6Mcgonagal14.66694.5619 minutes ago
7Blazer1.65694.5019 minutes ago
8Craigon0.00694.1319 minutes ago
9Dilaf14.66693.9319 minutes ago
10Bithralas14.66693.8019 minutes ago
11Tarsïs14.66693.3819 minutes ago
12Arcannis0.00693.2019 minutes ago
13Tanon14.66693.2019 minutes ago
14Rokae14.66693.1319 minutes ago
15Senhya14.66692.8819 minutes ago
16Metrobull0.00692.4019 minutes ago
17Raeryan14.66691.8019 minutes ago
18Zoljin0.00691.6019 minutes ago
19Kronmgar14.66691.3119 minutes ago
20Nuben0.00691.0019 minutes ago
21Lastman0.00690.8019 minutes ago
22Hauskara1.35690.8019 minutes ago
23Cheever14.66690.4019 minutes ago
24Zhalfir0.00689.8019 minutes ago
25Friedrichsen0.00689.8019 minutes ago
26Clerigo14.66689.471 day ago
27Ênêl0.00689.132 days ago
28Caldwin1.05688.002 days ago
29Vyrael1.05687.472 days ago
30Nasgüê14.66686.631 day ago
31Spectrös1.05686.002 days ago
32Prub0.00683.132 days ago
33Daggerrosen0.00681.002 days ago
34Darkaxe0.00679.132 days ago
35Fogbringer0.00674.802 days ago
36Alderael0.00674.692 days ago
37Prubdark0.00674.332 days ago
38Kuolemaf0.00673.472 days ago
39Brandzohk0.00672.532 days ago
40Metrotiger0.75672.472 days ago
41Genn0.00671.402 days ago
42Alshen0.00670.942 days ago
43Jaëgger0.00669.132 days ago
44Metroger0.00668.752 days ago
45Metrosher0.00668.272 days ago
46Kathgul0.00668.132 days ago
47Kreis0.00667.562 days ago
48Spectros0.00666.872 days ago
49Derrael0.00666.802 days ago
50Yewizel0.00666.732 days ago
51Yunan0.00666.692 days ago
52Wrâith0.00666.472 days ago
53Metrowar0.00666.252 days ago
54Darblirz0.00665.872 days ago
55Alshat0.00665.732 days ago
56Sikre0.00665.472 days ago
57Ilthanas0.00665.382 days ago
58Därdalion0.00664.872 days ago
59Jonnieve0.00664.812 days ago
60Leurinel0.00664.382 days ago
61Kilana0.00662.802 days ago
62Akonid0.00662.332 days ago
63Navajo0.00662.252 days ago
64Huoshan0.00662.132 days ago
65Iroqués0.00662.072 days ago
66Kvôthê0.00661.332 days ago
67Blondeath0.00661.132 days ago
68Despero0.00661.072 days ago
69Metroger0.00661.002 days ago
70Égida0.00660.732 days ago
71Tubarroow0.00660.272 days ago
72Raimak0.00659.382 days ago
73Arïbeth0.00658.802 days ago
74Victalius0.00658.332 days ago
75Ixiane0.00658.132 days ago
76Notarino0.00657.942 days ago
77Tassar0.00657.872 days ago
78Vosego0.00657.632 days ago
79Metronito0.00657.532 days ago
80Kerne0.00657.002 days ago
81Draküs0.00656.402 days ago
82Metrojer0.00655.202 days ago
83Jelina0.00655.132 days ago
84Shampu0.00654.942 days ago
85Çormaç0.00653.732 days ago
86Huanda0.00653.332 days ago
87Sarn0.00653.002 days ago
88Ipsar0.00652.732 days ago
89Saderk0.00652.562 days ago
90Overland0.00651.072 days ago
91Laris0.00650.442 days ago
92Jeyne0.00650.272 days ago
93Péque0.00648.942 days ago
94Thrilz0.00648.882 days ago
95Rhazgar0.00648.532 days ago
96Lanthier0.00646.502 days ago
97Caesaria0.00645.472 days ago
98Crisbe0.00645.442 days ago
99Mataba0.00644.442 days ago
100Azarel0.00643.272 days ago
101Dráygon0.00643.132 days ago
102Triviûm0.00642.882 days ago
103Lurju0.00640.442 days ago
104Galthor0.00640.382 days ago
105Grainnë0.00640.202 days ago
106Byakuyâ0.00639.732 days ago
107Genzo0.00639.202 days ago
108Tmuk0.00639.132 days ago
109Pretender0.00638.812 days ago
110Shînîgamî0.00638.672 days ago
111Frôstmague0.00638.132 days ago
112Shoirs0.00637.882 days ago
113Paimatki0.00637.672 days ago
114Zenaide0.00637.192 days ago
115Napsu0.00637.002 days ago
116Akenar0.00635.072 days ago
117Maracrow0.00634.272 days ago
118Huntir0.00634.132 days ago
119Darkciara0.00634.002 days ago
120Felpu0.00633.882 days ago
121Hashtagtótem0.00632.812 days ago
122Tyshara0.00632.192 days ago
123Shaidar0.00632.132 days ago
124Kreisito0.00628.402 days ago
125Vuori0.00628.382 days ago
126Dubsidia0.00627.872 days ago
127Lorrein0.00627.472 days ago
128Taura0.00627.252 days ago
129Vamú0.00626.132 days ago
130Raienryuu0.00624.072 days ago
131Eltarión0.00623.312 days ago
132Papoy0.00615.672 days ago
133Haane0.00614.442 days ago
134Xellôs0.00610.072 days ago
135Metroher0.00609.202 days ago
136Jhanelle0.00608.382 days ago
137Gromhar0.00607.072 days ago
138Ihriel0.00607.072 days ago
139Kamu0.00606.072 days ago
140Drüss0.00605.752 days ago
141Waveny0.00604.752 days ago
142Grôk0.00601.932 days ago
143Sullyra0.00600.732 days ago
144Aegnar0.00600.072 days ago
145Orlais0.00599.132 days ago
146Wennik0.00597.802 days ago
147Hellshadow0.00582.812 days ago
148Rhino0.00582.632 days ago
149Nekmaran0.00553.402 days ago
150Tonks0.00499.536 months ago

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