Update Progress for Requiem

EU (ES)-Los Errantes

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Blazer3284.28891.0611 hours ago
2Zanjin3733.21890.7511 hours ago
3Hipana3694.25889.4411 hours ago
4Dilaf3769.33888.6311 hours ago
5Novem3713.71888.6311 hours ago
6Rokae3769.33888.315 hours ago
7Vastiel3769.33888.2511 hours ago
8Vyrael3769.33888.0611 hours ago
9Tanon3769.33887.8811 hours ago
10Tarsïs3763.79885.8111 hours ago
11Baenre3113.77885.5011 hours ago
12Imprim3769.33885.1311 hours ago
13Kálista784.95885.136 hours ago
14Hauskara3744.23884.6311 hours ago
15Metrobull3144.53884.5611 hours ago
16Cheever3769.33884.5011 hours ago
17Senhya2784.39884.2511 hours ago
18Orfell3139.21883.8811 hours ago
19Mëll3627.60883.8111 hours ago
20Dreiøn3663.35883.7511 hours ago
21Jinderox2760.04883.1911 hours ago
22Nuvil3327.73882.6911 hours ago
23Haghazor2869.48882.5611 hours ago
24Mithralas3220.23881.8111 hours ago
25Kobaryo2869.03880.7511 hours ago
26Clèrigo3702.33880.501 day ago
27Crowth1347.61880.004 days ago
28Kaiden310.63879.694 days ago
29Cormaç552.66878.314 days ago
30Shaka2572.47878.254 days ago
31Anwë482.59878.061 day ago
32Metrowar1684.37877.634 days ago
33Alderael328.53876.444 days ago
34Shel394.94874.754 days ago
35Fyana261.25873.1311 hours ago
36Arcannis390.63871.8114 days ago
37Jerint612.07870.5014 days ago
38Sothorian3.50869.1914 days ago
39Shampu7.19869.1314 days ago
40Caldwin0.15869.0014 days ago
41Grankappa57.06869.0014 days ago
42Raeryan1673.71868.3814 days ago
43Jonnieve0.00868.1314 days ago
44Grainnë4.25867.8814 days ago
45Clay0.00867.6914 days ago
46Christian0.00867.3114 days ago
47Raienryuu328.71867.0614 days ago
48Kreis0.00867.0014 days ago
49Craigon72.07867.0014 days ago
50Imaldris23.84867.0014 days ago
51Lonadel0.45866.5614 days ago
52Drüss0.00866.3814 days ago
53Frosteye23.19865.9414 days ago
54Flepu0.00865.8114 days ago
55Notarino0.00865.5614 days ago
56Ivernalia3.50865.5014 days ago
57Orlais3.80865.5014 days ago
58Astelion4.25865.4414 days ago
59Daegul0.00865.1314 days ago
60Zenaide4.13864.8814 days ago
61Nahaste3.50864.7514 days ago
62Spectrös14.61864.5614 days ago
63Pmelkhor353.17863.8814 days ago
64Komarov4.13863.1914 days ago
65Strogonoff693.86862.5614 days ago
66Därdalion0.00862.2514 days ago
67Korkrok0.00861.7514 days ago
68Ganonz41.14861.4414 days ago
69Selendys0.00861.0014 days ago
70Mcgonagal2763.94860.7514 days ago
71Iroqués3.15858.5014 days ago
72Ênêl3.62857.8814 days ago
73Oráquio0.00857.4414 days ago
74Drokhan3.03857.4414 days ago
75Caesaria13.57856.9414 days ago
76Lorrein0.00856.8814 days ago
77Jelina0.00856.1914 days ago
78Rhazgar3.15856.0614 days ago
79Derrael0.00854.4414 days ago
80Zeneca0.00854.2514 days ago
81Nefárian0.00854.1914 days ago
82Spectros0.00853.6914 days ago
83Bratkilla0.00852.8114 days ago
84Darkciara0.00852.2514 days ago
85Kerne0.00851.7514 days ago
86Felpu0.00851.6914 days ago
87Uzyra0.00851.4414 days ago
88Dubsidia0.00851.4414 days ago
89Mignola5.00851.1314 days ago
90Naelica30.00850.8114 days ago
91Yewizel0.00850.5014 days ago
92Triviûm0.00850.2514 days ago
93Taiga3.50849.7514 days ago
94Locien0.00849.6314 days ago
95Nahliel2.73849.0014 days ago
96Shay0.00848.5614 days ago
97Faradem3.50848.0614 days ago
98Aedria0.00848.0014 days ago
99Khaerlion4.46847.5614 days ago
100Yunan0.00847.3114 days ago
101Mataba0.00847.1314 days ago
102Alshat3.03844.6914 days ago
103Gadriel0.00844.5614 days ago
104Moonrise150.00843.9414 days ago
105Maracrow2.88842.1314 days ago
106Metrotiger3.03841.9414 days ago
107Thalrya0.00838.311 day ago
108Menelmakar0.00838.2514 days ago
109Lurju0.00837.5014 days ago
110Erindael0.00837.4414 days ago
111Nêgan0.00834.0614 days ago
112Arsion150.00833.8814 days ago
113Ipsar0.00833.0614 days ago
114Yutsu0.00831.7514 days ago
115Wildsword0.00830.1914 days ago
116Holysparkz1966.83829.8814 days ago
117Livias0.00828.694 days ago
118Vyralzhalos0.00828.0014 days ago
119Fogbringer0.00827.2514 days ago
120Albion0.00824.6314 days ago
121Etrelva0.00824.0014 days ago
122Metronito0.00822.9414 days ago
123Kaines0.00822.1314 days ago
124Cloacker0.00821.1914 days ago
125Cilantro0.00820.9414 days ago
126Mizzrym0.00820.318 days ago
127Égida0.00820.0014 days ago
128Genn3.78817.5014 days ago
129Metroller0.00817.3814 days ago
130Darkaxe0.00816.4414 days ago
131Garakust0.00816.1914 days ago
132Plup0.00814.4414 days ago
133Irezumi0.00812.8114 days ago
134Metrosher0.00812.3814 days ago
135Xosh0.00811.4414 days ago
136Brhutal1750.00809.8114 days ago
137Serjan0.00806.3814 days ago
138Skogul0.00805.5014 days ago
139Dryade0.00804.5614 days ago
140Arïbeth0.00804.5014 days ago
141Tubarroow0.00804.1914 days ago
142Shindary0.00803.3814 days ago
143Katsuragi0.00799.9414 days ago
144Dhoky0.00799.8814 days ago
145Eltarión0.00799.2514 days ago
146Garadar0.00797.4414 days ago
147Laris0.00796.8114 days ago
148Rammus0.00727.8014 days ago
149Leurinel0.00710.194 months ago
150Udder0.00687.674 months ago
151Shinrinyoku0.00685.314 months ago

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