Update Progress for Sons of Myra Tyrnagaarde


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Elisacutberg3402.5918 days ago
2Angmor3383.058 days ago
3Sheiku3238.6218 days ago
4Dilayla2988.622 days ago
5Kraven2938.6418 days ago
6Nathalïe2933.0818 days ago
7Silmeriä2930.3518 days ago
8Dremke2927.4618 days ago
9Benedíctus2911.1318 days ago
10Eneritz2899.6418 days ago
11Kios2838.6518 days ago
12Viedma2813.5418 days ago
13Soyk2805.5518 days ago
14Damael2605.2918 days ago
15Cbx2415.9918 days ago
16Taigers2132.7618 days ago
17Ätenea2096.7918 days ago
18Shiba1827.4218 days ago
19Barn1805.1718 days ago
20Recalcitra1707.9118 days ago
21Normanoth1477.5418 days ago
22Chôpper1227.5418 days ago
23Llåwëllyn1227.5418 days ago
24Dhexther1227.5418 days ago
25Grajea1227.5425 days ago
26Biblia1188.6610 months ago
27Xean955.1025 days ago
28Chaochoxin494.2825 days ago
29Sawer182.7525 days ago
30Rewas182.6425 days ago
31Hexyl117.5425 days ago
32Samuraïblack55.0025 days ago
33Serénity55.0025 days ago
34Psytrâncë51.9725 days ago
35Kimbala51.9725 days ago
36Yagharek51.9725 days ago
37Laosa50.0025 days ago
38Säshä50.0025 days ago
39Lënnëth45.0025 days ago
40Dilay20.785 hours ago
41Macamo20.0025 days ago
42Elrayo10.0025 days ago
43Korox0.0025 days ago
44Shyrö0.0025 days ago
45Mêi0.0025 days ago
46Ramstuin0.0025 days ago
47Fengshui0.0025 days ago
48Xióngmäo0.0025 days ago
49Sihir0.0025 days ago
50Klaive0.0010 months ago
51Montkar0.0025 days ago
52Enemini0.0025 days ago
53Crïsty0.0025 days ago
54Navys0.0025 days ago
55Xamun0.0025 days ago
56Alcanawer0.0010 months ago
57Abussërr0.0010 months ago
58Orushi0.0025 days ago
59Shinei0.0025 days ago
60Mesiguees0.0010 months ago
61Gertrude0.0025 days ago
62Monkisaldur0.0025 days ago
63Streight0.0025 days ago
64Magespa0.0010 months ago
65Apaño0.0010 months ago
66Walternate0.0025 days ago
67Sekai0.0025 days ago
68Delincuentes0.0010 months ago
69Tinitas0.0025 days ago
70Hexpartacus0.0025 days ago
71Gusin0.0025 days ago
72Meriontucara0.0010 months ago
73Abyecto0.0025 days ago
74Kiostwo0.0025 days ago
75Bolapelo0.0025 days ago
76Mêhl0.0010 months ago
77Kôsen0.0025 days ago
78Shikon0.0025 days ago
79Mesiguës0.0010 months ago
80Soldiker0.0025 days ago
81Kumaka0.0025 days ago
82Alcalino0.0010 months ago
83Elmacros0.0025 days ago
84Shämara0.0010 months ago
85Jindevil0.0025 days ago
86Makkinavaja0.0025 days ago
87Rewasilla0.0010 months ago
88Yagh0.0025 days ago
89Superhashman0.0010 months ago
90Änduriel0.0025 days ago
91Rây0.0025 days ago
92Jómete0.0010 months ago
93Shády0.0025 days ago
94Kenomeves0.0025 days ago
95Palarew0.0010 months ago
96Palsaw0.0010 months ago
97Denat0.0025 days ago
98Kicte0.0025 days ago
99Onaseth0.0010 months ago
100Chamikiya0.0025 days ago
101Riya0.0025 days ago
102Galira0.0025 days ago
103Yragore0.0025 days ago
104Tomoe0.0010 months ago
105Palito0.0025 days ago
106Comêta0.0025 days ago
107Menarini0.0025 days ago
108Ofnight0.0025 days ago
109Hiperhasshma0.0010 months ago
110Vukodlak0.0025 days ago
111Larïta0.0025 days ago
112Yukki0.0025 days ago
113Malfuriôn0.0025 days ago
114Cerezâ0.0010 months ago
115Talu0.0010 months ago
116Selüne0.0010 months ago
117Joldar0.0025 days ago
118Thibodk0.0025 days ago
119Amora0.0010 months ago
120Bloodymerÿ0.0025 days ago
121Finalhunter0.0025 days ago
122Alasse0.0010 months ago
123Hryst0.0025 days ago
124Sasimi0.0025 days ago
125Azöte0.0025 days ago
126Hëxyl0.0025 days ago
127Desastratza0.0025 days ago
128Kurosane0.0025 days ago
129Isolda0.0025 days ago
130Hisweloke0.0025 days ago
131Yiazmat0.0025 days ago
132Titanida0.0025 days ago
133Darkhasshman0.0010 months ago
134Xeam0.0025 days ago
135Megahasshma0.0010 months ago
136Razthnar0.0010 months ago
137Yöru0.0025 days ago
138Áiam0.0025 days ago
139Nakels0.0025 days ago
140Axèl0.0010 months ago
141Okabak0.0025 days ago
142Acly0.0025 days ago
143Laella0.0025 days ago
144Cibaris0.0025 days ago
145Karah0.0025 days ago
146Elfandan0.0010 months ago
147Rayzan0.0010 months ago
148Twinx0.0025 days ago
149Yaico0.0010 months ago
150Mesigues0.0010 months ago
151Ynka0.0010 months ago
152Zarptas0.0010 months ago
153Pulgosô0.0025 days ago
154Omrah0.0010 months ago
155Krino0.0010 months ago
156Thibôd0.0025 days ago
157Alca0.0010 months ago
158Mglimit0.0010 months ago
159Nomada0.0010 months ago
160Marconi0.0025 days ago

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