Update Progress for Misery


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Zulba3826.1411 days ago
2Phoíbe2000.0011 days ago
3Føredukken1500.0011 days ago
4Palababe794.601 month ago
5Trille794.5611 days ago
6Sasandra789.2011 days ago
7Madwez500.0011 days ago
8Zuluj272.281 month ago
9Idrill189.441 month ago
10Tripy189.441 month ago
11Prop189.4411 days ago
12Grognir189.4411 days ago
13Vvejgaard189.4411 days ago
14Magicteats182.0111 days ago
15Siilas179.981 month ago
16Rucus142.2511 days ago
17Mordekayser111.1111 days ago
18Sorim90.5111 days ago
19Chafaile84.0711 days ago
20Ratio80.003 days ago
21Higai80.0011 days ago
22Mesaana67.6311 days ago
23Bøllè60.0011 days ago
24Wulfberth60.0011 days ago
25Zimm50.0011 days ago
26Miniprop49.6711 days ago
27Féline48.601 month ago
28Lynogtorden45.0011 days ago
29Misszulu37.151 month ago
30Aquites36.481 month ago
31Bhoja35.0011 days ago
32Ceryx29.881 month ago
33Revenír25.0011 days ago
34Dukkeføren20.0011 days ago
35Holyisa15.0011 days ago
36Inznao5.0011 days ago
37Queex0.0011 days ago
38Rekrût0.0011 days ago
39Imentet0.0011 days ago
40Tinysknight0.0011 days ago
41Namzata0.0011 days ago
42Pepeledott0.001 month ago
43Fattigmenfed0.0011 days ago
44Vidovdan0.0011 days ago
45Magictëats0.0011 days ago
46Koduro0.0011 days ago
47Tinyhuntard0.0011 days ago
48Puttè0.0011 days ago
49Drdcom0.001 month ago
50Zulumonk0.001 month ago
51Dracke0.001 month ago
52Rémphá0.001 month ago
53Ezildir0.001 month ago
54Abhorrescens0.0011 days ago
55Pandíne0.0011 days ago
56Miverto0.001 month ago
57Yukfou0.0011 days ago
58Magícteats0.001 month ago
59Lochnar0.001 month ago
60Nihav0.003 days ago
61Cerýx0.0011 days ago
62Tripyz0.001 month ago
63Wéígándén0.0011 days ago
64Korkprop0.0011 days ago
65Lomie0.003 days ago
66Silverosé0.001 month ago
67Tripio0.001 month ago
68Tripzy0.001 month ago
69Poisonblond0.001 month ago
70Lololoman0.0011 days ago
71Ego0.0011 days ago
72Dignus0.0011 days ago
73Ondisulet0.001 month ago
74Dreamguard0.0011 days ago
75Skinnyjoe0.0011 days ago
76Luziforr0.0011 days ago
77Killranger0.001 month ago
78Triptonk0.001 month ago
79Vikingens0.0011 days ago
80Tripylicious0.001 month ago
81Hussa0.0011 days ago
82Nhor0.001 month ago
83Seith0.0011 days ago
84Budugly0.001 month ago
85Vejrou0.0011 days ago
86Aleksandria0.0011 days ago
87Tripzzi0.001 month ago
88Tripzi0.001 month ago
89Dazzl0.0011 days ago
90Shamaniaq0.001 month ago
91Norá0.001 month ago
92Frezzkiller0.0011 days ago
93Mellúp0.0011 days ago
94Rosalil0.0011 days ago
95Isador0.0011 days ago
96Holyteats0.0011 days ago
97Cleopatricea0.0011 days ago
98Propski0.0011 days ago
99Steelx0.001 month ago
100Rekrut0.0011 days ago
101Claracz0.001 month ago
102Flashteats0.001 month ago
103Ismael0.0011 days ago
104Elyane0.0011 days ago
105Badjane0.0011 days ago
106Alviarin0.0011 days ago
107Eirh0.001 month ago
108Duffhanne0.0011 days ago
109Pølsepanter0.001 month ago
110Microtrip0.001 month ago
111Amagerbanken0.0011 days ago
112Tripi0.001 month ago
113Sim0.0011 days ago
114Handofdoom0.001 month ago
115Teats0.001 month ago
116Darthzulu0.001 month ago
117Duffwoman0.0011 days ago
118Djvedel0.0011 days ago
119Gyndia0.0011 days ago
120Vejsee0.0011 days ago
121Firechief0.001 month ago
122Caqaz0.0011 days ago
123Hunvej0.0011 days ago
124Proppen0.0011 days ago
125Vejgaarddk0.0011 days ago
126Chazig0.0011 days ago
127Mvejgaard0.0011 days ago
128Mavrik0.001 month ago
129Vejgaard0.0011 days ago
130Shadowid0.001 month ago
131Icesoul0.001 month ago

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