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EU-The Maelstrom

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

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UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Narelía724.86667.251 day ago
2Déithy724.86665.751 day ago
3Vìctorian724.86665.071 day ago
4Diferent724.86663.801 day ago
5Dakstar724.86663.471 day ago
6Trustone724.86662.871 day ago
7Eyepoker724.86662.631 day ago
8Lendorien724.86662.383 hours ago
9Mustafa724.86661.731 day ago
10Empyrial724.86661.731 day ago
11Pneumatic724.86661.691 day ago
12Feride88.55661.251 day ago
13Mistyque724.86661.071 day ago
14Ezzey724.86660.691 day ago
15Saskard724.86659.751 day ago
16Sipahi88.61658.401 day ago
17Oák724.86657.071 day ago
18Tösabít88.66656.601 day ago
19Vatra73.65655.561 day ago
20Genomon42.96654.131 day ago
21Senzala89.00652.313 days ago
22Xentríc141.67652.133 days ago
23Deestruction14.84648.673 days ago
24Hammasorava14.45648.403 days ago
25Ifrastrasza89.00648.403 days ago
26Gigareborn14.45648.073 days ago
27Draxter14.07647.813 days ago
28Claybakkes14.95647.803 days ago
29Abraxars14.45647.313 days ago
30Memur724.86646.943 days ago
31Bleyzer85.84646.531 day ago
32Blessingz724.86646.531 day ago
33Zelti89.00646.253 days ago
34Metrodora14.45645.813 days ago
35Vingthor0.70644.803 days ago
36Cavidan14.45644.603 days ago
37Icelancecya14.45644.133 days ago
38Jelline0.44644.073 days ago
39Thinian14.95643.443 days ago
40Snoozeslo29.86642.073 days ago
41Eledorf87.43642.063 days ago
42Kryikan0.57641.933 days ago
43Nazni14.45641.873 days ago
44Kolikblek0.75640.803 days ago
45Hazzdruid0.00640.203 days ago
46Bigfataboo14.07639.813 days ago
47Jardalanin0.00639.193 days ago
48Detangler14.45639.133 days ago
49Izziy14.07638.813 days ago
50Transgender0.70638.733 days ago
51Oakfour14.45638.473 days ago
52Ogray14.45638.473 days ago
53Maskinist0.00637.473 days ago
54Machinehead14.45636.803 days ago
55Zeltizar0.00636.533 days ago
56Rochin0.84636.133 days ago
57Backpeddle14.07635.693 days ago
58Matexx14.95635.403 days ago
59Ayuná0.00635.133 days ago
60Wyldz14.07635.073 days ago
61Precinct0.00635.073 days ago
62Alcolyte1.41634.313 days ago
63Elainor0.00634.133 days ago
64Genop0.00633.753 days ago
65Archeany14.07633.003 days ago
66Larandia14.07632.933 days ago
67Deraldo724.86632.403 days ago
68Tjara0.84632.193 days ago
69Zverkica14.95631.253 days ago
70Jacké724.86630.691 day ago
71Madmacdk0.30630.403 days ago
72Purplejam0.00630.253 days ago
73Onurci0.00629.933 days ago
74Huntrëss0.00629.403 days ago
75Apnthrwpos141.67628.801 day ago
76Ralif724.86628.401 day ago
77Fullmetalv28.09628.003 days ago
78Furykiller14.45627.883 days ago
79Zaljubljenix0.00627.733 days ago
80Vyrdaen0.00627.073 days ago
81Gaktirici14.45626.003 days ago
82Silverzeal0.85625.733 days ago
83Thathanka0.00623.673 days ago
84Priz0.00623.473 days ago
85Gorkone0.00622.883 days ago
86Nêmus0.00622.533 days ago
87Barsuk0.00622.133 days ago
88Yoloshot0.00621.873 days ago
89Zam0.00621.503 days ago
90Pandia0.00621.133 days ago
91Gioforce0.00621.063 days ago
92Ralef0.00620.403 days ago
93Eyidyla0.00619.883 days ago
94Happyfunreal0.00619.273 days ago
95Incinirator0.00618.693 days ago
96Khel0.00616.473 days ago
97Doodle0.00615.473 days ago
98Chiltonda0.00614.133 days ago
99Hamiyet0.00614.063 days ago
100Spartanic0.00613.883 days ago
101Kanrethad0.00613.253 days ago
102Robina0.00606.603 days ago
103Oákk0.00606.563 days ago
104Zelt0.00606.403 days ago
105Aedêlas0.00605.333 days ago
106Beerwólf0.00601.203 days ago
107Nadîr0.00598.073 days ago
108Kentura0.00581.333 days ago
109Omenavaras0.00580.873 days ago
110Nezabudka0.00--1 month ago
111Unimus0.00--1 month ago
112Moceanu0.00--1 month ago

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