Update Progress for Shadow Ryders

EU-The Maelstrom

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Felixdius54580.89890.5611 hours ago
2Platex54580.89890.4411 hours ago
3Azax54595.73890.0611 hours ago
4Erival54580.89890.0011 hours ago
5Hitagi54580.89889.5011 hours ago
6Vìctorian4470.96889.3111 hours ago
7Raphaflaffa54580.89888.8111 hours ago
8Aizagora54595.73888.6311 hours ago
9Mhmdamit54595.73888.6311 hours ago
10Lurcen53953.09888.3111 hours ago
11Peekachoo53953.09887.6911 hours ago
12Sicret2609.17887.5611 hours ago
13Serbie3480.99887.3111 hours ago
14Nubic712.35886.6911 hours ago
15Mynt54379.49886.5611 hours ago
16Ragegest54595.73886.3811 hours ago
17Antimoose53955.63886.3811 hours ago
18Valkyriä54595.73886.1911 hours ago
19Chucklidelli3178.11886.1911 hours ago
20Akvavit4066.05886.1911 hours ago
21Wonderpray3663.03885.9411 hours ago
22Darkhalan54580.89885.7511 hours ago
23Dronten54580.89884.8811 hours ago
24Nukeys4160.20884.5011 hours ago
25Dashine3274.81884.2511 hours ago
26Sowilo382.88883.563 days ago
27Bitquil54506.19883.312 days ago
28Ooff2989.32883.253 days ago
29Sookeh3438.75882.632 days ago
30Pálwax54506.19882.253 days ago
31Squishyboy2251.32881.443 days ago
32Ohliradna54506.19881.253 days ago
33Happsie339.74881.133 days ago
34Mêcina1960.46880.813 days ago
35Kretenba1388.94880.753 days ago
36Sarnovia2591.74880.503 days ago
37Gachislave1993.77880.442 days ago
38Athrion53955.63879.003 days ago
39Tarezz2956.83878.943 days ago
40Ducktape2047.03878.813 days ago
41Rickity402.24878.753 days ago
42Nalax719.32878.563 days ago
43Peekabooh3051.80878.503 days ago
44Coffeebean3201.43878.313 days ago
45Funkyo407.33877.443 days ago
46Ýóú2012.45877.003 days ago
47Jullina317.47876.193 days ago
48Paljadin253.85875.883 days ago
49Precinct340.62875.563 days ago
50Destró2604.21875.253 days ago
51Perkwunos4.18874.503 days ago
52Kataja2683.15874.383 days ago
53Nîggzt358.90874.133 days ago
54Katarii3217.46873.753 days ago
55Nubka254.40873.693 days ago
56Márdz0.00873.633 days ago
57Poketilludie0.00873.563 days ago
58Nubicka150.00873.253 days ago
59Notpro375.76873.133 days ago
60Pauliplays3276.63873.003 days ago
61Jeffgoldblum406.73873.003 days ago
62Cyrogen649.61871.563 days ago
63Estellaa0.75870.883 days ago
64Jolgax340.86870.633 days ago
65Centipi376.11870.503 days ago
66Heidseick3.21870.003 days ago
67Sockzor262.70869.502 days ago
68Zirnitru309.04869.443 days ago
69Ohlira253.85869.253 days ago
70Fettywap2032.09869.063 days ago
71Tyroniuz8.80868.063 days ago
72Ishkikaros0.00867.133 days ago
73Asyndrah1400.34866.943 days ago
74Idontbuff0.00866.943 days ago
75Nïggzt0.00866.383 days ago
76Geoght253.85866.063 days ago
77Elegibo4.05864.813 days ago
78Nyrenthya372.26863.633 days ago
79Bucken7.08863.503 days ago
80Kanonkosten25.51863.063 days ago
81Madnesforce372.26862.193 days ago
82Eninyad0.00861.003 days ago
83Luniz3.64860.753 days ago
84Magnita2.85859.253 days ago
85Erumeldir2.85859.253 days ago
86Felesdius0.00858.813 days ago
87Rustzor3.86858.813 days ago
88Bellátrix50.70858.063 days ago
89Cilandyra3.63857.883 days ago
90Tofoo0.00856.943 days ago
91Soulkeèper20.00856.563 days ago
92Coüntswagula0.00855.003 days ago
93Peekaluck0.44853.883 days ago
94Blackhalan2.85852.883 days ago
95Impostor0.00852.563 days ago
96Crowdpleaser3.81852.383 days ago
97Katari4.05851.883 days ago
98Ehlire0.00851.563 days ago
99Vesalius677.34851.253 days ago
100Krvavidk253.85851.193 days ago
101Savonkarhu0.00849.883 days ago
102Ironfister0.00849.813 days ago
103Qang0.00849.633 days ago
104Eowin0.00848.883 days ago
105Destructionf0.00848.813 days ago
106Bonsaì14.72848.633 days ago
107Ignitro150.00846.753 days ago
108Bloodbb0.00845.563 days ago
109Mosran0.14845.383 days ago
110Brko0.00843.883 days ago
111Changslang0.00843.693 days ago
112Semenhuntres0.00842.503 days ago
113Erdoh0.00841.383 days ago
114Ehlira0.00840.443 days ago
115Cytx0.00838.383 days ago
116Diakonen0.00835.003 days ago
117Níggzt0.00814.003 days ago
118Yzael0.00810.693 days ago
119Prl0.00805.063 days ago
120Sillentstorm750.00800.063 days ago

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