Update Progress for Time In Motion

EU-Twisting Nether

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Rakerage89.23866.1323 hours ago
2Ellza89.23859.7523 hours ago
3Ainires440.74859.5023 hours ago
4Luxor440.74859.1923 hours ago
5Zilvie440.74858.9423 hours ago
6Rakhoal440.74858.5623 hours ago
7Kunsum440.78858.4423 hours ago
8Elegacy440.78857.4423 hours ago
9Racos440.78857.3823 hours ago
10Cainín440.74857.2523 hours ago
11Slackey440.74856.7523 hours ago
12Shinzhi440.74856.1923 hours ago
13Fúshè440.78856.0023 hours ago
14Shanutty440.74855.7516 hours ago
15Álomar440.78855.5023 hours ago
16Arcrins440.78855.4423 hours ago
17Naýru440.74855.196 hours ago
18Jie150.00855.192 hours ago
19Kinkyfætter440.74855.0023 hours ago
20Spacejam440.74854.9423 hours ago
21Executerdk0.60854.5023 hours ago
22Polzmon440.78854.3823 hours ago
23Sortekugler440.78853.8123 hours ago
24Alumi74.49853.5023 hours ago
25Skottèn440.74853.1923 hours ago
26Borumier1750.00853.0623 hours ago
27Whuzz440.78852.9423 hours ago
28Nawoo440.78852.8823 hours ago
29Ooneshoot0.90852.811 day ago
30Mixeren440.78852.691 day ago
31Raktaas89.23852.691 day ago
32Zansu88.40852.501 day ago
33Deathsworn440.78852.4411 hours ago
34Flurrypuff88.40852.381 day ago
35Kanali440.78852.3816 hours ago
36Pulixo4.45851.941 day ago
37Magikereen88.40851.501 day ago
38Rakerino88.40851.311 day ago
39Altruism88.40851.311 day ago
40Icecoldmilk0.00851.001 day ago
41Maelstrøm89.23851.001 day ago
42Geefy4.45850.751 day ago
43Staneklol4.48850.252 days ago
44Sylvíe74.49850.002 days ago
45Allancruise0.00849.942 days ago
46Bùrsto74.49849.882 days ago
47Nutramine0.90849.812 days ago
48Zatrok4.42849.691 day ago
49Olewedel150.00849.632 days ago
50Thisisnotwow74.49849.632 days ago
51Archlyos0.90849.562 days ago
52Urtesaft74.49849.442 days ago
53Donskis4.48849.382 days ago
54Maarki0.90849.132 days ago
55Captnlól0.00849.002 days ago
56Zookitwo150.00848.505 hours ago
57Tecctoon232.48848.442 days ago
58Klituras4.48848.382 days ago
59Arcrux440.74848.381 day ago
60Cáinin74.49848.252 days ago
61Lajstrom4.48848.132 days ago
62Mileylól29.55848.062 days ago
63Agilis89.23848.061 day ago
64Stubeast74.49848.062 days ago
65Nicoxd4.48848.062 days ago
66Keigean4.48847.942 days ago
67Sàmì0.30847.632 days ago
68Mojoshift4.48847.502 days ago
69Racosy4.48847.312 days ago
70Azzule150.00847.312 days ago
71Altumi1507.17847.192 days ago
72Demonalo4.48846.632 days ago
73Quilzx74.49846.562 days ago
74Habitsa0.15846.252 days ago
75Annifønsby25000.00846.192 days ago
76Skotten4.48846.002 days ago
77Itsallrng4.48845.942 days ago
78Crayzeé0.00845.942 days ago
79Jòhnnyguitar14.74845.501 day ago
80Fám0.75845.132 days ago
81Xedrei211.98845.132 days ago
82Zorrock4.48845.062 days ago
83Dillerfranz150.00845.002 days ago
84Lièshì4.48844.382 days ago
85Ataxas1448.97844.252 days ago
86Bryno0.00843.942 days ago
87Ggsweet0.60843.942 days ago
88Celardor0.00843.442 days ago
89Hecient0.00843.252 days ago
90Maddykinz0.00843.062 days ago
91Falsay0.15843.002 days ago
92Bladesworn150.00842.752 days ago
93Zátah0.00842.692 days ago
94Ondgrønn0.00842.442 days ago
95Vidollo91.14842.382 days ago
96Bïllÿbob0.15842.062 days ago
97Mákaveli750.00841.692 days ago
98Zaknatul0.00841.692 days ago
99Nefurox0.00841.632 days ago
100Whuzly4.48841.192 days ago
101Crayzeemnk0.00841.192 days ago
102Beskidt4.48841.062 days ago
103Groundstump0.60841.002 days ago
104Armitylen277.11840.062 days ago
105Demeyestho0.00840.002 days ago
106Boomercage150.00839.632 days ago
107Lazorpewpew0.00839.632 days ago
108Äbbadon0.00837.812 days ago
109Cärebear0.45837.562 days ago
110Aphyz0.00837.442 days ago
111Kalsifa150.00837.312 days ago
112Equum150.00837.252 days ago
113Immôrtality0.00837.132 days ago
114Kontanthjalp750.00837.002 days ago
115Meretríx1509.34836.882 days ago
116Zééqz150.00836.252 days ago
117Nuttydog74.49836.132 days ago
118Duroxx165.69836.062 days ago
119Akyara150.00835.942 days ago
120Huusmann150.00835.192 days ago
121Racosvll2750.00835.132 days ago
122Nehmésis0.00833.942 days ago
123Sweetchief0.60833.752 days ago
124Shamske150.00833.632 days ago
125Goshmo0.00833.382 days ago
126Pruttemor0.00832.312 days ago
127Ohgeez0.00832.252 days ago
128Klammelasse0.00831.442 days ago
129Àmaterasu0.00830.252 days ago
130Aggu195.39830.062 days ago
131Skott0.00829.132 days ago
132Hurtighurtig1250.00828.562 days ago
133Sørenlund150.00827.502 days ago
134Windfoo209.15827.312 days ago
135Oldoir150.00826.192 days ago
136Yabish150.00825.002 days ago
137Bubbicuka0.00823.062 days ago
138Boomstah0.00822.812 days ago
139Tirioshra150.00822.252 days ago
140Niangi253.88820.942 days ago
141Evoselite0.00820.752 days ago
142Trilug0.00819.562 days ago
143Gummanxd0.00819.502 days ago
144Sqanky0.00819.132 days ago
145Muffmuncherx0.00817.812 days ago
146Paladot0.00817.062 days ago
147Jodrada0.00812.632 days ago
148Freyã0.00812.252 days ago
149Wafflicious0.00811.502 days ago
150Trechen0.00808.192 days ago
151Mayans94.39808.062 days ago
152Deathbille150.00807.752 days ago
153Demonline10.00805.252 days ago
154Zatahx0.25802.752 days ago
155Amortis0.00800.632 days ago
156Jükiji0.00799.812 days ago
157Morija6106.03792.312 days ago
158Ccmeplx1750.00790.562 days ago
159Serrál0.00789.942 days ago
160Leeolita0.00789.562 days ago
161Bádmojo0.00788.562 days ago
162Funkyphil150.00726.002 days ago
163Oblívíon0.00713.7521 day ago
164Prebzy0.00695.942 days ago

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