Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Grándi12617.527 days ago
2Narnak12617.527 days ago
3Winkleqt12617.527 days ago
4Thedrax12617.527 days ago
5Niénor12617.527 days ago
6Specia12617.527 days ago
7Zynesta12617.527 days ago
8Swagah12617.5215 hours ago
9Rasensa12617.527 days ago
10Kitzermitzen12617.527 days ago
11Memmoria12617.527 days ago
12Otello12617.523 months ago
13Katface12617.523 months ago
14Aeristial12617.527 days ago
15Xenorie12617.527 days ago
16Nicma12617.525 days ago
17Seerax12617.527 days ago
18Xururuca12617.527 days ago
19Suprea12617.527 days ago
20Darksend12617.527 days ago
21Otterman12617.523 months ago
22Optimas12617.521 day ago
23Darkend12617.527 days ago
24Beffee12505.163 months ago
25Barkley11896.477 days ago
26Blubz11896.477 days ago
27Silvie11730.317 days ago
28Naowin11730.317 days ago
29Cupidity11730.317 days ago
30Sulliwan11338.447 days ago
31Silence10561.247 days ago
32Eyewitness9122.447 days ago
33Rinkz9009.027 days ago
34Smootier8401.637 days ago
35Derpcane7892.937 days ago
36Xynky7001.597 days ago
37Nilanian6798.083 months ago
38Toramir6676.407 days ago
39Katz6285.897 days ago
40Moonev6236.564 months ago
41Garazog6178.977 days ago
42Dugar5826.557 days ago
43Tilgi5826.517 days ago
44Blubzor5787.867 days ago
45Ghorghor5730.867 days ago
46Vildebill5117.217 days ago
47Xynk5117.217 days ago
48Custards5000.007 days ago
49Velaya5000.007 days ago
50Bíjou5000.005 days ago
51Swagatha5000.007 days ago
52Maskerad5000.007 days ago
53Maskerady5000.007 days ago
54Aari5000.007 days ago
55Shilen5000.007 days ago
56Lumine5000.007 days ago
57Coverduckx5000.007 days ago
58Coverduck5000.007 days ago
59Rastwo5000.007 days ago
60Kitzy5000.007 days ago
61Aeristiel5000.007 days ago
62Flazz5000.007 days ago
63Suprep5000.007 days ago
64Mclovín4960.795 months ago
65Aeristiul4876.947 days ago
66Baelaar3478.667 days ago
67Shaedar3426.717 days ago
68Minionx3228.037 days ago
69Lightend3187.677 days ago
70Modsto3103.997 days ago
71Aeristiboom3027.677 days ago
72Razenzaa2891.957 days ago
73Èdgar2814.837 days ago
74Murjo2750.007 days ago
75Slyp2511.537 days ago
76Incite2500.007 days ago
77Duey2500.007 days ago
78Winklestab2000.007 days ago
79Grimréaper1500.007 days ago
80Marvingaye1250.007 days ago
81Zuziiwan1083.527 days ago
82Rasensa1000.007 days ago
83Natasha1000.007 days ago
84Xuruman1000.007 days ago
85Mjog989.487 days ago
86Caressa555.594 months ago
87Kheimos525.577 days ago
88Bumu500.007 days ago
89Aeristiøl250.007 days ago
90Xynkz250.007 days ago
91Daere235.717 days ago
92Kadyia235.717 days ago
93Katrep235.675 months ago
94Supface216.917 days ago
95Katyrep179.725 months ago
96Curatie148.957 days ago
97Cowstein129.928 months ago
98Quanix116.758 months ago
99Thorwal104.097 days ago
100Bielanova104.097 days ago
101Vry103.395 months ago
102Aramsah89.355 months ago
103Jugar89.353 months ago
104Lubuto84.397 days ago
105Hczasy80.007 days ago
106Fertilizer80.007 days ago
107Derpstar80.007 days ago
108Zhokk80.007 days ago
109Zyalo80.007 days ago
110Endorfine80.003 months ago
111Fryd80.007 days ago
112Soulshard80.001 hour ago
113Bankenfuere80.007 days ago
114Dåra80.003 months ago
115Freak80.007 days ago
116Hrigdish73.357 days ago
117Marsali73.357 days ago
118Eiden68.577 days ago
119Kitzyn65.007 days ago
120Têmpus65.007 days ago
121Blúbzor65.007 days ago
122Willygarage60.007 days ago
123Xiaou49.227 days ago
124Tankingtusks47.837 days ago
125Prodîgy35.137 days ago
126Ritelia29.223 months ago
127Kitzerv26.587 days ago
128Lexini25.007 days ago
129Kapow25.003 months ago
130Cranium15.007 days ago
131Bigjock10.007 days ago
132Altrea6.467 days ago
133Bellá5.007 days ago
134Optimage0.007 days ago
135Snakestick0.007 days ago
136Shileen0.007 days ago
137Manyflaws0.007 days ago
138Melodyy0.007 days ago
139Fritzy0.007 days ago
140Riddle0.007 days ago
141Dyce0.007 days ago
142Côld0.007 days ago
143Klezzen0.007 days ago
144Tianshu0.007 days ago
145Kapriel0.007 days ago
146Chérri0.007 days ago
147Draxrem0.007 days ago
148Analbeans0.007 days ago
149Cetyl0.007 days ago
150Myrabel0.004 months ago
151Xsynk0.007 days ago
152Takeadickx0.007 days ago
153Mqzx0.003 months ago
154Naraeha0.007 days ago
155Nuppilajnen0.003 months ago
156Hanswurst0.007 days ago
157Imaspeedboat0.007 days ago
158Pyxile0.007 days ago
159Lesion0.007 days ago
160Alppiruusu0.005 months ago
161Rinsi0.007 days ago
162Ghorlock0.004 months ago
163Onoss0.005 months ago
164Zogibear0.005 months ago
165Bullghor0.004 months ago
166Ghorep0.004 months ago
167Xynkqt0.007 days ago
168Zynadin0.007 days ago
169Zynestaa0.007 days ago
170Jits0.005 months ago
171Panzermonkey0.005 months ago
172Rasone0.007 days ago
173Thegoodone0.007 days ago
174Mederatus0.007 days ago
175Salley0.007 days ago
176Xzynk0.007 days ago
177Minimai0.005 months ago
178Anenfel0.007 days ago
179Maicakes0.005 months ago
180Xurunk0.007 days ago
181Plahto0.008 months ago
182Skydefar0.008 months ago
183Asje0.005 months ago
184Maisi0.005 months ago
185Cokecrazy0.003 months ago
186Zagmeister0.003 months ago
187Bagh0.005 months ago
188Winkleblink0.005 months ago
189Draxey0.007 days ago
190Winklelvp0.007 days ago
191Winkles0.005 months ago
192Nailon0.003 months ago
193Missclik0.005 months ago
194Rasthree0.007 days ago
195Drâx0.007 days ago
196Wrinkles0.007 days ago
197Winklemvp0.005 months ago
198Hugebull0.007 days ago
199Rasenshunt0.007 days ago
200Bällz0.004 months ago
201Aymn0.007 days ago
202Winkletoot0.007 days ago
203Fluffypawpaw0.007 days ago
204Gaios0.007 days ago
205Struyk0.007 days ago
206Winklepops0.007 days ago
207Corsa0.007 days ago
208Calthia0.003 months ago
209Ezek0.007 days ago
210Ritheks0.003 months ago
211Elysiae0.007 days ago
212Unwound0.008 months ago
213Shinryu0.007 days ago
214Mcis0.008 months ago
215Dràz0.007 days ago
216Dívinestar0.005 months ago
217Girisha0.007 days ago
218Nerami0.007 days ago
219Enyr0.007 days ago
220Deì0.007 days ago
221Eír0.007 days ago
222Winkleboomy0.007 days ago
223Doubledeader0.005 months ago
224Novaq0.007 days ago
225Slf0.008 months ago
226Lumix0.003 months ago
227Rasenza0.007 days ago
228Dîvînîty0.005 months ago
229Rasensaa0.007 days ago
230Vaniyo0.008 months ago
231Dags0.008 months ago
232Access0.007 days ago
233Frýd0.007 days ago
234Troopp0.004 months ago
235Yoshiqt0.007 days ago
236Horva0.004 months ago
237Pandzag0.005 months ago
238Venal0.007 days ago
239Bumbum0.007 days ago
240Deathsadder0.005 months ago
241Heinrick0.003 months ago
242Ben0.007 days ago
243Deadset0.005 months ago
244Alce0.005 months ago
245Loridana0.007 days ago
246Shaps0.008 months ago
247Shappo0.008 months ago
248Deathstotem0.008 months ago
249Xaythi0.007 days ago
250Nemoto0.007 days ago
251Ocera0.007 days ago
252Razensa0.007 days ago
253Chipoopi0.008 months ago
254Grad0.007 days ago
255Replica0.007 days ago
256Consumér0.007 days ago
257Meanflower0.007 days ago
258Aeristialtwo0.007 days ago
259Greenberret0.007 days ago
260Draethen0.008 months ago
261Ortoga0.004 months ago
262Youhan0.007 days ago
263Phoebuster0.003 months ago
264Kotecek0.005 months ago
265Swaggar0.007 days ago
266Ynohaelz0.005 months ago
267Wezker0.007 days ago
268Reprize0.007 days ago
269Sentry0.005 months ago
270Heretics0.007 days ago
271Zonnestraal0.007 days ago
272Deadshot0.008 months ago
273Sugimoto0.007 days ago
274Radgast0.008 months ago
275Recurve0.007 days ago
276Xavinaa0.007 days ago
277Mehdii0.007 days ago
278Xurknight0.007 days ago
279Howlin0.007 days ago
280Rascal0.005 months ago
281Kérp0.008 months ago
282Ikeya0.007 days ago
283Soulturbine0.007 days ago
284Aquavitae0.008 months ago
285Xivona0.007 days ago
286Shock0.007 days ago
287Irelius0.008 months ago
288Thisk0.008 months ago
289Kènjíí0.007 days ago
290Zeerax0.007 days ago
291Reprise0.007 days ago
292Kitties0.007 days ago
293Nailbreaker0.007 days ago
294Casiuss0.007 days ago
295Xurior0.007 days ago
296Unbalanced0.007 days ago
297Xurock0.007 days ago
298Sephrena0.007 days ago
299Kènjii0.007 days ago
300Psychocat0.005 months ago
301Yok0.005 months ago
302Zashi0.003 months ago
303Kénjii0.007 days ago
304Feorae0.007 days ago
305Kowazaggi0.005 months ago
306Danarel0.007 days ago
307Ghoblin0.004 months ago
308Mithrie0.008 months ago
309Jinxii0.008 months ago
310Kenjíi0.007 days ago
311Tryz0.004 months ago
312Ghorr0.004 months ago
313Burizado0.004 months ago
314Sylen0.007 days ago
315Ynohael0.004 months ago
316Xurudin0.007 days ago
317Toosoon0.004 months ago
318Layshius0.008 months ago
319Kenjií0.007 days ago
320Starsear0.008 months ago
321Zugmone0.008 months ago
322Xuruid0.007 days ago
323Kenjíí0.007 days ago
324Naiden0.007 days ago
325Cowazaggi0.003 months ago
326Randyspears0.007 days ago
327Sulliwang0.008 months ago
328Lokmone0.008 months ago
329Dolph0.008 months ago
330Xurumon0.007 days ago
331Deaqon0.007 days ago
332Psylence0.007 days ago
333Darkbløød0.005 months ago
334Fjas0.008 months ago
335Odisx0.008 months ago
336Linêa0.007 days ago
337Kilmone0.008 months ago
338Cornso0.008 months ago
339Layshaladin0.008 months ago
340Flowercow0.008 months ago
341Carasi0.008 months ago
342Keevan0.004 months ago
343Cydon0.008 months ago
344Jiba0.007 days ago
345Zaggi0.004 months ago
346Zumi0.005 months ago
347Exstasis0.008 months ago
348Bicceh0.008 months ago
349Aversion0.007 days ago
350Draki0.008 months ago
351Darin0.005 months ago
352Antidote0.007 days ago
353Melanthon0.004 days ago

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