Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Derpalina136641.15897.0012 hours ago
2Vespi138028.43895.0612 hours ago
3Meche138028.43894.6312 hours ago
4Jabbaseek132731.33894.6312 hours ago
5Nuitarí138028.43893.7512 hours ago
6Tribbíe138028.43893.6312 hours ago
7Relhuszan131076.39892.8112 hours ago
8Seerax138028.43892.6912 hours ago
9Xenorie136663.34892.5612 hours ago
10Lurx138028.43892.4412 hours ago
11Pichisenpai134144.76892.3112 hours ago
12Specia138028.43892.2512 hours ago
13Thalocxx138028.43892.2512 hours ago
14Aeristiboom138028.43892.0012 hours ago
15Spacedout132780.26891.2512 hours ago
16Fabric133041.62891.1912 hours ago
17Gloina66439.67891.0612 hours ago
18Wots132731.33891.0612 hours ago
19Spottkoppen68703.51890.8112 hours ago
20Darksend138028.43890.5612 hours ago
21Berrí66636.08889.9412 hours ago
22Rasenshunt123030.04889.7512 hours ago
23Winklestab124697.81889.6312 hours ago
24Nymzee73448.14889.6312 hours ago
25Xthrawn136966.87889.6312 hours ago
26Kaguny132731.33889.3812 hours ago
27Fabriq48814.22889.312 days ago
28Falsefiction134144.76889.062 days ago
29Suprea806.09888.4412 hours ago
30Ztary66658.32888.312 days ago
31Suprep964.65888.192 days ago
32Monoroth138028.43888.1912 hours ago
33Spooncake47978.81887.632 days ago
34Dory837.72887.562 days ago
35Cèsc60960.04887.382 days ago
36Tiggeh72349.22886.942 days ago
37Winklebae72713.26886.882 days ago
38Aeristial49002.92886.812 days ago
39Nymzeedin127185.81886.752 days ago
40Astalicious72199.67886.442 days ago
41Geoph66490.42886.442 days ago
42Thalocdh46031.55886.442 days ago
43Nerdhacker46048.09886.132 days ago
44Altffour48727.46885.942 days ago
45Rasendha48820.75885.502 days ago
46Razenza403.67885.502 days ago
47Trallás885.93884.942 days ago
48Macio49934.50884.752 days ago
49Smugru662.88884.752 days ago
50Maageklatten72706.73884.692 days ago
51Anettheron49927.97884.562 days ago
52Mågeklatten380.62884.502 days ago
53Pichico3100.73884.506 hours ago
54Brissy46048.09884.132 days ago
55Jenkø741.42884.002 days ago
56Dyabolyks332.24883.882 days ago
57Scorpeon53775.89883.692 days ago
58Holygák72713.26883.132 days ago
59Naxmenthus49864.55882.942 days ago
60Lillija65312.47882.382 days ago
61Nazhrak3563.93882.312 days ago
62Spoondh697.69882.062 days ago
63Faruna378.76882.002 days ago
64Kadyia49934.50881.942 days ago
65Onoss767.50881.942 days ago
66Lezabel886.28881.691 day ago
67Häkk71341.64881.632 days ago
68Ampharos1036.03881.632 days ago
69Mixtape48814.22881.442 days ago
70Stary46048.09881.192 days ago
71Tentai2745.65881.192 days ago
72Nauv837.75881.132 days ago
73Ashgröve69653.47881.132 days ago
74Lexini49927.97881.002 days ago
75Reniita804.39880.882 days ago
76Dyalol0.00880.562 days ago
77Nailon47968.74880.252 days ago
78Macroklatten0.00880.192 days ago
79Hundike417.01880.062 days ago
80Astraeá49934.50879.132 days ago
81Rinkz72621.58879.132 days ago
82Ràven3102.78878.942 days ago
83Jabbachan2759.91878.692 days ago
84Saínz36.86878.132 days ago
85Spottless45953.07878.002 days ago
86Bielanova734.44877.382 days ago
87Wickedmary58.65877.192 days ago
88Wòts46786.54877.062 days ago
89Thorwal48727.46876.632 days ago
90Jenthas60.87876.442 days ago
91Maageklat1142.72876.312 days ago
92Zeerax1097.53876.252 days ago
93Tiggtide48820.75876.192 days ago
94Stabbí46809.87875.752 days ago
95Blurryface368.86875.632 days ago
96Sourfeng3.69875.382 days ago
97Demonstary372.82874.812 days ago
98Vashor0.00874.312 days ago
99Trallas437.32873.692 days ago
100Boatjob0.78873.192 days ago
101Deaqon0.00872.442 days ago
102Xururuca437.18872.192 days ago
103Tiggqt340.53871.442 days ago
104Ztarx62.25871.062 days ago
105Deäqon0.00871.002 days ago
106Hanzø45.30870.632 days ago
107Ok787.80870.562 days ago
108Narnak2.81870.442 days ago
109Busterkills0.00869.882 days ago
110Gloinatwo3193.31869.632 days ago
111Nymzeé0.00869.562 days ago
112Corlyna2703.21869.252 days ago
113Zylvlol415.69868.882 days ago
114Sentry287.51868.692 days ago
115Korudo3.64868.442 days ago
116Winkletoot0.00868.132 days ago
117Dyabolik0.00867.942 days ago
118Lespa300.98867.062 days ago
119Nymzeepriest685.63866.812 days ago
120Geeko442.22865.692 days ago
121Jupitus2.93864.502 days ago
122Deaqón0.00864.002 days ago
123Pichie373.88863.942 days ago
124Serax373.88862.132 days ago
125Xynky317.80861.502 days ago
126Hotgak2005.25861.442 days ago
127Xurudin4.25860.882 days ago
128Baelaar0.00860.502 days ago
129Hakknpeng442.23858.192 days ago
130Epitaph0.00858.002 days ago
131Xync0.00857.812 days ago
132Lilprincessx0.30856.942 days ago
133Benchy0.00855.562 days ago
134Rasensa61609.85855.312 days ago
135Shaedarr74.50854.132 days ago
136Fitharn442.23853.692 days ago
137Eighteen0.00853.632 days ago
138Toehold4.30853.502 days ago
139Taeyeon437.32853.062 days ago
140Tiggye2.58852.752 days ago
141Hakknopëng0.45852.752 days ago
142Deâqon0.00852.632 days ago
143Norissarri175.32851.442 days ago
144Draki0.00850.692 days ago
145Zynthoros0.00848.252 days ago
146Razensa14.93848.192 days ago
147Reyha0.00847.692 days ago
148Zicha0.00847.382 days ago
149Axism0.00846.942 days ago
150Abalop0.00846.812 days ago
151Crystalbeth0.00843.882 days ago
152Dolz5914.13841.442 days ago
153Faelaya0.00838.002 days ago
154Endorfine0.00836.752 days ago
155Panzermonkey0.00835.192 days ago
156Telg0.00825.562 days ago
157Netharion23.36823.692 days ago
158Psylence0.00817.252 days ago
159Oshya0.00813.942 days ago
160Thisk150.00811.752 days ago
161Lurxidan0.00803.252 days ago
162Katface0.00795.942 days ago
163Aeristiel25000.00795.752 days ago
164Cirith0.00794.002 days ago
165Meisei0.00791.812 days ago
166Rasenza0.00--2 years ago

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