Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Aeristiboom442.23869.3111 hours ago
2Winklebae442.23869.0610 hours ago
3Maageklatten442.23868.3112 hours ago
4Seerax437.32867.0610 hours ago
5Tribbíe440.71867.0612 hours ago
6Pichisenpai442.23865.6912 hours ago
7Meche437.18865.0612 hours ago
8Tiggeh440.71864.6312 hours ago
9Lurx89.43863.1912 hours ago
10Rinkz442.23863.063 hours ago
11Nuitarí440.64862.063 minutes ago
12Fabric442.23861.5612 hours ago
13Monoroth442.23861.1312 hours ago
14Falsefiction440.71860.8112 hours ago
15Qtprincessx442.23860.7510 hours ago
16Rasendha442.23860.6912 hours ago
17Nymzee437.18860.0612 hours ago
18Ashgröve89.43859.5012 hours ago
19Thalocxx89.43859.3112 hours ago
20Holygák442.23858.6312 hours ago
21Nerfmèpls442.23858.3812 hours ago
22Darksend440.71858.3112 hours ago
23Vespi442.23858.3112 hours ago
24Specia442.23857.2512 hours ago
25Häkk440.71855.6312 hours ago
26Xenorie440.71855.5612 hours ago
27Aeristial440.71853.442 days ago
28Suprea89.43853.132 days ago
29Nazhrak442.23853.002 days ago
30Astalicious89.43852.442 days ago
31Fitharn442.23851.442 days ago
32Ampharos440.71851.442 days ago
33Nerfmetoo440.71851.442 days ago
34Macio442.23851.312 days ago
35Hakknpeng442.23851.312 days ago
36Nerdhacker442.23851.062 days ago
37Spooncake442.23851.062 days ago
38Taeyeon74.50850.882 days ago
39Fabriq440.71849.942 days ago
40Mixtape440.71849.632 days ago
41Xync0.00849.634 days ago
42Shaedarr74.50849.502 days ago
43Spoondh150.00849.444 days ago
44Brissy89.71849.384 days ago
45Xynky41.38849.134 days ago
46Anettheron440.71849.132 days ago
47Pichico89.43849.134 days ago
48Winklestab89.43848.754 days ago
49Cèsc442.23848.692 days ago
50Xururuca89.71847.944 days ago
51Razensa14.93847.884 days ago
52Wickedmary150.00847.814 days ago
53Toehold0.00847.754 days ago
54Maageklat89.43847.504 days ago
55Ràven74.53847.504 days ago
56Vashor0.00847.504 days ago
57Lexini89.43847.004 days ago
58Saínz0.00846.504 days ago
59Zeerax89.43845.884 days ago
60Hotgak29.83845.694 days ago
61Thrau2680.14845.064 days ago
62Astraeá89.71844.444 days ago
63Zynthoros0.00844.444 days ago
64Tiggtide89.71844.314 days ago
65Hakknopëng0.00844.194 days ago
66Nymzeepriest89.71843.944 days ago
67Nailon89.71843.814 days ago
68Deaqon0.00842.754 days ago
69Trallás89.71842.504 days ago
70Thalocdh89.71842.254 days ago
71Dolz5914.13841.444 days ago
72Spacedout0.00838.754 days ago
73Trallas14.93832.944 days ago
74Draki0.00831.944 days ago
75Altffour150.00831.634 days ago
76Jenkø1.50828.064 days ago
77Dory28.49825.504 days ago
78Pichie0.00825.444 days ago
79Rasensa61609.85824.194 days ago
80Zylvlol315.97823.194 days ago
81Pineapplés0.00821.314 days ago
82Netharion23.36819.504 days ago
83Thisk150.00818.314 days ago
84Katface0.00795.944 days ago
85Kadyia0.00795.004 days ago
86Faelaya0.00790.694 days ago
87Oshya0.00772.944 days ago
88Norissarri175.32712.0023 days ago
89Xurudin0.00700.6723 days ago
90Onoss0.00--1 year ago

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