Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Winklestab1494.18711.752 hours ago
2Nicma2238.95710.471 hour ago
3Macio1494.18710.332 hours ago
4Aeristiboom1494.18709.442 hours ago
5Darksend1494.18709.062 hours ago
6Rasensa1494.18709.002 hours ago
7Rinkz1494.18708.802 hours ago
8Zynestaa1494.18708.802 hours ago
9Xynk443.77708.692 hours ago
10Trallas1494.18708.072 hours ago
11Xstyle747.03707.132 hours ago
12Ríxers1491.92707.132 hours ago
13Nymzee747.03707.132 hours ago
14Derp2238.95706.8723 minutes ago
15Kitzermitzen1494.18706.202 hours ago
16Seerax1494.18705.472 hours ago
17Specia1494.18705.472 hours ago
18Xenorie747.03705.252 hours ago
19Memmoria747.03705.202 hours ago
20Darkend443.77704.942 hours ago
21Lurx747.15703.882 hours ago
22Optimas747.15703.472 hours ago
23Aeristial178.50703.472 hours ago
24Vespi1494.18703.312 hours ago
25Swagah1494.18702.881 day ago
26Zynesta178.25702.811 day ago
27Curatie0.00702.601 day ago
28Winkleqt178.25702.561 day ago
29Ràven178.50702.441 day ago
30Flazz178.50702.311 day ago
31Monoroth443.77701.801 day ago
32Lightend178.25701.691 day ago
33Dorislol0.00701.691 day ago
34Brissy178.50701.691 day ago
35Karrìs1494.18701.602 hours ago
36Thrau443.77701.401 day ago
37Shinryu163.36701.131 day ago
38Suzii119.54700.871 day ago
39Dankkush178.50700.801 day ago
40Xururuca0.00700.751 day ago
41Swaggar178.25700.731 day ago
42Zynky178.50700.691 day ago
43Meche178.25700.441 day ago
44Razensa178.50700.401 day ago
45Nymsee178.50700.401 day ago
46Thorwal178.25700.131 day ago
47Waterdolfin178.25700.131 day ago
48Optimage134.03700.001 day ago
49Yakuman0.00699.811 day ago
50Trallás178.50699.401 day ago
51Karrís178.50699.401 day ago
52Thorgák747.15699.401 day ago
53Predatora0.00699.201 day ago
54Mjog178.25699.061 day ago
55Kitzy163.36698.731 day ago
56Suprea443.77698.311 day ago
57Kadyia178.50697.501 day ago
58Anettheron178.25697.441 day ago
59Soulturbine178.25696.131 day ago
60Ortoga178.25696.061 day ago
61Karris0.00695.311 day ago
62Nukeshaman0.00693.801 day ago
63Cupidity0.00692.531 day ago
64Lexini178.50692.131 day ago
65Tailswipe0.00692.001 day ago
66Vildebill0.00691.561 day ago
67Chayse0.00691.137 days ago
68Eyeamegg0.15690.737 days ago
69Chigák44.22690.533 days ago
70Aeristiel0.00690.407 days ago
71Xynky0.00690.257 days ago
72Ghorghor0.00690.067 days ago
73Rasensaa0.00689.737 days ago
74Suprep178.25689.403 days ago
75Anenfel0.00687.477 days ago
76Bigjock0.00687.007 days ago
77Maric0.00686.477 days ago
78Quelsar0.00685.757 days ago
79Hczasy0.00685.737 days ago
80Nronali0.00685.077 days ago
81Kênjii0.00684.067 days ago
82Kènjii0.00683.447 days ago
83Nymzlicious0.00683.337 days ago
84Ranjeet0.00681.877 days ago
85Bumu0.00681.477 days ago
86Xurumon0.00680.737 days ago
87Garazog0.00680.067 days ago
88Lumine0.00679.807 days ago
89Rastwo0.00679.257 days ago
90Bielanova0.00678.447 days ago
91Blubsy0.00678.197 days ago
92Velaya0.00677.077 days ago
93Keevan0.00676.737 days ago
94Snakestick0.00676.407 days ago
95Eyewitness0.00676.207 days ago
96Loridana0.00674.447 days ago
97Blubz0.00674.387 days ago
98Anneuh0.00673.947 days ago
99Silvie0.00673.257 days ago
100Randyspears0.00672.947 days ago
101Kapow0.00672.407 days ago
102Riggie0.00670.817 days ago
103Unbalanced0.00670.507 days ago
104Grimréaper0.00670.137 days ago
105Ynohael0.00669.137 days ago
106Mclovín0.00668.807 days ago
107Greenjuice0.00668.677 days ago
108Sisicu0.00668.387 days ago
109Deadshot0.00667.807 days ago
110Lina0.00667.007 days ago
111Reprise0.00666.637 days ago
112Optimass0.00665.637 days ago
113Deadset0.00665.137 days ago
114Baelaar0.00665.007 days ago
115Blubzor0.00663.887 days ago
116Aversion0.00663.807 days ago
117Flowercow0.00663.737 days ago
118Mohiam0.00663.637 days ago
119Winklemvp0.00662.877 days ago
120Lubuto0.00662.697 days ago
121Shaedar0.00662.317 days ago
122Safana0.00662.007 days ago
123Kènjíí0.00661.807 days ago
124Burizado0.00661.077 days ago
125Howlin0.00660.477 days ago
126Tilgi0.00660.407 days ago
127Alce0.00659.737 days ago
128Thisk0.00659.477 days ago
129Ghoblin0.00658.137 days ago
130Bullghor0.00657.677 days ago
131Hanswurst0.00657.477 days ago
132Dugar0.00657.137 days ago
133Fryd0.00657.007 days ago
134Taeyeon0.00656.737 days ago
135Xuruman0.00656.447 days ago
136Kímberley0.00656.137 days ago
137Coverduckx0.00655.737 days ago
138Katz0.00655.477 days ago
139Chiquii0.00655.077 days ago
140Nemoto0.00654.567 days ago
141Minionx0.00654.477 days ago
142Psylence0.00652.737 days ago
143Incite0.00652.697 days ago
144Bisch0.00652.567 days ago
145Kaceytron0.00652.407 days ago
146Kitzie0.00652.317 days ago
147Xynkqt0.00651.407 days ago
148Kitties0.00650.607 days ago
149Girisha0.00650.447 days ago
150Onetwofour0.00650.007 days ago
151Oqfohz0.00648.197 days ago
152Deaqon0.00647.637 days ago
153Exstasis0.00647.317 days ago
154Eivlis0.00647.137 days ago
155Aeristiul0.00646.077 days ago
156Bagofsnakes0.00645.877 days ago
157Modsto0.00645.807 days ago
158Vodosh0.00645.477 days ago
159Niénor0.00645.387 days ago
160Nailbreaker0.00644.757 days ago
161Deafork0.00644.337 days ago
162Dorri0.00644.137 days ago
163Rinkzpewpew0.00643.807 days ago
164Otello0.00643.257 days ago
165Hapis0.00643.077 days ago
166Konfuzius0.00642.817 days ago
167Yazroz0.00642.137 days ago
168Reanimate0.00641.877 days ago
169Riinkz0.00641.337 days ago
170Zynk0.00640.737 days ago
171Rotation0.00639.807 days ago
172Cutsie0.00639.697 days ago
173Access0.00638.507 days ago
174Vodosmonk0.00635.567 days ago
175Draxey0.00635.207 days ago
176Rinkzqt0.00633.337 days ago
177Linêa0.00632.677 days ago
178Ritelia0.00631.447 days ago
179Rasmate0.00631.137 days ago
180Èdgar0.00630.567 days ago
181Sulliwan0.00628.477 days ago
182Choulema0.00627.737 days ago
183Virulent0.00627.137 days ago
184Replica0.00625.077 days ago
185Deaqón0.00624.317 days ago
186Xsynk0.00623.607 days ago
187Nictia0.00622.407 days ago
188Hrigdish0.00614.677 days ago
189Abel0.00611.537 days ago
190Gaios0.00611.257 days ago
191Aramsah0.00611.137 days ago
192Mixtape0.00606.337 days ago
193Elanors0.00605.947 days ago
194Flowertroll0.00605.407 days ago
195Shaps0.00604.877 days ago
196Skydefar0.00604.807 days ago
197Sephrena0.00601.477 days ago
198Danarel0.00600.507 days ago
199Duey0.00600.077 days ago
200Tryz0.00600.077 days ago
201Mehdii0.00597.007 days ago
202Nymroth0.00593.537 days ago
203Zynadin0.00593.007 days ago
204Kitzyn0.00586.317 days ago
205Kheimos0.00580.877 days ago
206Naraeha0.00437.407 days ago

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