Update Progress for DarkStorm


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Rasensa2951.09676.4711 hours ago
2Nicma3649.18675.931 hour ago
3Swagah2951.09675.1311 hours ago
4Cupidity2951.09674.8711 hours ago
5Suprea2224.82674.8111 hours ago
6Derp2925.55674.5311 hours ago
7Aari2951.09674.1311 hours ago
8Winkleqt2951.09673.9411 hours ago
9Kitzermitzen2951.09672.4711 hours ago
10Ríxers2951.09672.0711 hours ago
11Aeristial2951.09671.9411 hours ago
12Zynesta2179.13671.0011 hours ago
13Xynk2951.09670.7511 hours ago
14Xenorie2951.09669.7511 hours ago
15Optimas2951.09669.7311 hours ago
16Lumine2951.09669.3811 hours ago
17Darksend2923.53669.0611 hours ago
18Anenfel2180.57668.4411 hours ago
19Seerax2951.09667.6711 hours ago
20Rinkz1459.65667.6711 hours ago
21Vildebill727.71667.6311 hours ago
22Darkend2951.09666.3811 hours ago
23Xururuca2923.53665.6011 hours ago
24Specia2205.45665.3311 hours ago
25Rastwo146.68664.7311 hours ago
26Blubsy140.56664.0611 hours ago
27Ezek139.84663.8023 hours ago
28Xstyle136.68663.8023 hours ago
29Memmoria747.08663.6723 hours ago
30Silence146.68661.4023 hours ago
31Randyspears141.12658.256 hours ago
32Tailswipe146.68658.074 days ago
33Blubz747.08655.754 days ago
34Incite147.21655.134 days ago
35Xynky147.21655.064 days ago
36Silvie146.68655.004 days ago
37Garazog147.21653.444 days ago
38Curatie146.68653.254 days ago
39Snakestick14.70652.674 days ago
40Winklestab146.68652.004 days ago
41Kenjií147.21651.874 days ago
42Aeristiboom147.21651.404 days ago
43Abalop147.21651.274 days ago
44Flazz147.21651.074 days ago
45Toramir141.12650.404 days ago
46Ghorghor141.12650.004 days ago
47Xivona56.87649.802 days ago
48Safana146.68649.134 days ago
49Kitzy147.21648.734 days ago
50Xurumon88.43647.474 days ago
51Kènjii0.00647.334 days ago
52Exstasis85.08647.314 days ago
53Reprise14.18647.074 days ago
54Loridana140.56646.804 days ago
55Lina28.45646.754 days ago
56Suzii146.68645.884 days ago
57Suprep147.21645.734 days ago
58Lightend147.21645.204 days ago
59Swaggar146.68645.204 days ago
60Blubzor146.68645.134 days ago
61Razensa1.41643.404 days ago
62Otello0.00643.254 days ago
63Lexini147.21642.804 days ago
64Zyalo144.43641.874 days ago
65Quelsar28.45641.384 days ago
66Deaqon0.00640.444 days ago
67Thorwal147.21640.133 days ago
68Waterdolfin147.21639.734 days ago
69Velaya147.21639.404 days ago
70Kitties0.84639.274 days ago
71Mclovín14.00639.194 days ago
72Eyeamegg1.41639.134 days ago
73Bigjock0.00638.274 days ago
74Minionx0.00637.474 days ago
75Virulentz0.00636.694 days ago
76Flowercow0.00635.474 days ago
77Kadyia0.00634.254 days ago
78Xuruman0.00634.254 days ago
79Hczasy0.29633.404 days ago
80Linêa0.00632.674 days ago
81Reanimate0.00632.674 days ago
82Rotation28.45632.334 days ago
83Shaedar0.00632.194 days ago
84Nronali146.68630.334 days ago
85Ihan0.00628.334 days ago
86Virulent1.41627.934 days ago
87Deadset0.00627.814 days ago
88Choulema0.00627.734 days ago
89Ghoblin0.00626.874 days ago
90Katz0.00626.004 days ago
91Bielanova0.00623.004 days ago
92Xynkqt28.45622.884 days ago
93Zynestaa0.00618.274 days ago
94Eyewitness0.00617.204 days ago
95Bumu0.00617.004 days ago
96Draxey0.00614.674 days ago
97Baelaar0.00611.604 days ago
98Aramsah0.00611.134 days ago
99Xavinaa0.00610.934 days ago
100Bagofsnakes0.00610.804 days ago
101Grimréaper0.00610.074 days ago
102Optimage0.00608.204 days ago
103Nailbreaker0.00605.694 days ago
104Skydefar0.00604.804 days ago
105Deaqón0.00600.401 day ago
106Duey0.00600.074 days ago
108Deadshot0.00--1 month ago
109Coverduckx0.00--1 month ago

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