Update Progress for Knight of Iron


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1艾璐璐0.60855.501 day ago
2大叔之力0.00850.561 day ago
3電子龐克0.60850.311 day ago
4雙葉杏14.78850.131 day ago
5黛咪哞兒0.00849.191 day ago
6Deadbryan0.75848.941 day ago
7Firediamond0.60848.811 day ago
8Breathless0.00848.311 day ago
9超級雞來拯救0.00847.631 day ago
10溫達修14.78847.561 day ago
11Duality0.00847.131 day ago
12綠閃電0.60846.941 day ago
13Asijkyz1264.14846.691 day ago
14艾利亞德3009.41846.251 day ago
15古爾丹丹漢堡14.78846.131 day ago
16血小熊0.00846.001 day ago
17鑽石亮晶晶0.00845.631 day ago
18Cypher150.00845.061 day ago
19願望0.75844.561 day ago
20黑崎守護0.00844.561 day ago
21亮晶晶救護車0.00844.441 day ago
22翡翠豆腐湯0.60844.131 day ago
23迦具土0.00842.691 day ago
24貝拉凱爾0.00842.561 day ago
25不小心斷了腿0.00840.561 day ago
26白弦0.00840.251 day ago
27紫星霜0.60840.061 day ago
28易碎0.00839.941 day ago
29雷禪2750.00839.941 day ago
30叔叔用下面0.00836.881 day ago
31隱元0.00835.631 day ago
32絕望晨昏0.00835.061 day ago
33嗜血牛牛0.00834.941 day ago
34Wandowns0.00834.631 day ago
35色色老頭子25000.00834.561 day ago
36裕希希0.15834.501 day ago
37聖光小曦150.00834.501 day ago
38闇芒0.00833.191 day ago
39補不住0.00832.631 day ago
40Taio0.00832.251 day ago
41Yuukibear0.00831.751 day ago
42蕾蓓卡0.00830.751 day ago
43Asaprocky150.00829.811 day ago
44海超人0.00829.191 day ago
45好啦0.00828.811 day ago
46懵柒柒0.00828.691 day ago
47一百萬到我家0.00828.561 day ago
48鮑皮壽司0.00825.381 day ago
49星玥0.00824.751 day ago
50Ballad0.00824.381 day ago
51兔子左鉤拳0.00824.251 day ago
52鹽酥喵0.00824.001 day ago
53很恐怖不要問0.00823.941 day ago
54閒逸0.00821.381 day ago
55狂怒小旻0.00821.061 day ago
56狂暴國中生0.00819.131 day ago
57心機彩妝0.00811.941 day ago
58艾利耶爾0.00808.561 day ago
59小蘭叫柯南0.00807.561 day ago
60黑糖烤布丁0.00803.441 day ago
61諾曼地蘋果塔0.00803.191 day ago
62席悅1500.00802.251 day ago
63玫芙0.00798.811 day ago
64靈惡勢力0.00797.251 day ago
65一支獨秀0.00796.061 day ago
66小鐵穿踢不爛237.75795.251 day ago
67胖嘟嘟0.00790.001 day ago
68雷姆拉姆0.00789.001 day ago
69淅點靈0.00761.881 day ago
70乃姬0.00701.251 day ago

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