Update Progress for Shield of Azeroth


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Peatey50.26666.071 day ago
2Hiredgoon82.55665.941 day ago
3Cadfaela50.65665.531 day ago
4Falaurä62.67664.201 day ago
5Lyna50.65663.801 day ago
6Elz50.26663.4020 hours ago
7Maelkin50.65662.251 day ago
8Kaewyn50.65658.731 day ago
9Taggz25.77657.883 days ago
10Troolen12.88657.801 day ago
11Aalara38.93657.693 days ago
12Moonhunter38.93657.673 days ago
13Eltana0.81657.193 days ago
14Winterborn0.81656.313 days ago
15Cherlann0.81656.003 days ago
16Bloodsky38.93655.733 days ago
17Krogoth38.93655.203 days ago
18Dugglock0.81654.273 days ago
19Pree11.85654.133 days ago
20Rankor12.06653.073 days ago
21Warhawke26.16652.733 days ago
22Sondreswag13.66652.733 days ago
23Bigdaddydon38.93652.603 days ago
24Zinovya38.93652.403 days ago
25Krogthica26.16652.273 days ago
26Arsins0.75652.073 days ago
27Darkchylde38.93651.133 days ago
28Kwenbow38.93650.333 days ago
29Zoé0.72650.253 days ago
30Arinthal14.05649.873 days ago
31Rehill0.81649.673 days ago
32Billiejean12.88649.503 days ago
33Kenzaki38.15648.883 days ago
34Matriel12.06648.673 days ago
35Denile0.81648.473 days ago
36Jaydelynn0.00648.193 days ago
37Kwenlee12.11647.883 days ago
38Auramere26.16647.313 days ago
39Ilfirin0.54646.803 days ago
40Sequoy0.00646.473 days ago
41Sondresting37.76646.073 days ago
42Deckeelswah0.00645.133 days ago
43Kae0.28644.533 days ago
44Taedin24.88644.253 days ago
45Caryna67.95643.133 days ago
46Therlia0.36642.873 days ago
47Dezlar0.00642.563 days ago
48Ouri0.00642.133 days ago
49Sardarrus25.38642.073 days ago
50Thunderbear0.00641.873 days ago
51Khalahad0.30640.733 days ago
52Forge0.00640.383 days ago
53Zoohunter0.00640.333 days ago
54Sculley12.10640.273 days ago
55Noquit0.81639.871 day ago
56Hammerlady0.00639.533 days ago
57Mynisaria12.88639.333 days ago
58Syll0.00638.873 days ago
59Stinger0.28638.753 days ago
60Thorisilvera0.00638.063 days ago
61Marimar0.00637.563 days ago
62Brendon0.00637.063 days ago
63Anewbis0.00636.673 days ago
64Ashtanga0.30636.313 days ago
65Hiredhelp0.00636.073 days ago
66Sinistor0.00635.253 days ago
67Mantis0.00635.203 days ago
68Caleph0.00635.073 days ago
69Leefers0.00634.003 days ago
70Meaufaux13.66633.603 days ago
71Phoenixfire0.00633.333 days ago
72Deltta0.00633.333 days ago
73Yinmei0.13633.333 days ago
74Lyta0.00633.133 days ago
75Stromn0.00632.873 days ago
76Samria0.00632.753 days ago
77Hiredgun0.00632.073 days ago
78Trixiebell0.36632.001 day ago
79Sweaterpuppy0.00631.443 days ago
80Sondreman0.00630.873 days ago
81Ladyhunter0.00630.733 days ago
82Morcant0.00628.673 days ago
83Lykan0.00628.633 days ago
84Sondsfury0.00628.443 days ago
85Davislepisto0.00628.003 days ago
86Sinistro0.00627.473 days ago
87Zaic0.00627.073 days ago
88Kegbottom0.00625.933 days ago
89Remnants0.00624.563 days ago
90Antwan0.00624.403 days ago
91Persyus0.00624.003 days ago
92Huntersight0.00622.473 days ago
93Aeri0.00621.503 days ago
94Daego0.00621.333 days ago
95Cherlynn0.00620.873 days ago
96Elzors0.00620.813 days ago
97Lumina14.05619.873 days ago
98Xxat0.00619.193 days ago
99Draevyn0.00616.803 days ago
100Zìn0.00615.253 days ago
101Heatn0.00614.603 days ago
102Ceredwen0.00614.473 days ago
103Sneakyelz0.00613.693 days ago
104Jahjeejoo0.00613.473 days ago
105Pamika0.00610.533 days ago
106Unholywolf0.00609.003 days ago
107Shyann0.00608.803 days ago
108Davisam0.00607.673 days ago
109Sevari0.00605.733 days ago
110Shortae0.00604.733 days ago
111Delcion0.00603.473 days ago
112Syllysyll0.00602.473 days ago
113Tyrella0.00600.933 days ago
114Hellzbells0.00599.933 days ago
115Lykannex0.00599.603 days ago
116Tarin0.00599.133 days ago
117Leefersen0.00597.603 days ago
118Naturesvoice0.00595.603 days ago
119Sittykitty0.00591.733 days ago
120Raize0.00590.063 days ago
121Sabbre0.00587.733 days ago
122Astien0.00580.873 days ago
123Shadowyasha0.0041.403 days ago
124Grimscowl0.00--2 months ago

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