Update Progress for Shield of Azeroth


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Reviäh389.27885.2537 minutes ago
2Caryna389.27882.3138 minutes ago
3Cethin306.89882.0637 minutes ago
4Matra369.24881.8837 minutes ago
5Arril389.27881.0037 minutes ago
6Peatey270.34880.5638 minutes ago
7Shizen347.50879.9438 minutes ago
8Sybexia389.27879.8137 minutes ago
9Elz317.64879.6337 minutes ago
10Supervillain389.27878.6937 minutes ago
11Deltà303.68878.4437 minutes ago
12Whills389.27878.3837 minutes ago
13Syll389.27877.0638 minutes ago
14Villified337.63876.6337 minutes ago
15Morcant389.27876.5638 minutes ago
16Stinger369.86876.5038 minutes ago
17Therlia273.44876.4438 minutes ago
18Sayre745.81876.3838 minutes ago
19Wolfcastle380.17875.8837 minutes ago
20Lykan369.11875.5637 minutes ago
21Shawe389.27874.9437 minutes ago
22Kwenlee316.89874.7537 minutes ago
23Billiejean368.49873.8837 minutes ago
24Valarais54.83873.2537 minutes ago
25Kaewyn306.89873.1338 minutes ago
26Krogoth306.89873.002 days ago
27Lyna389.27872.7537 minutes ago
28Faehong67.27872.442 days ago
29Darkchylde306.78872.132 days ago
30Arinthal258.62871.752 days ago
31Dorker273.44871.192 days ago
32Demafied356.94870.6337 minutes ago
33Falaurä349.08870.312 days ago
34Sondreman356.08870.252 days ago
35Bigolcrittys348.41870.192 days ago
36Ellijah0.00870.132 days ago
37Dekae0.00869.192 days ago
38Whis306.78868.252 days ago
39Thareith56.81867.881 month ago
40Wtfarriss333.32867.752 days ago
41Bromsby61.18867.632 days ago
42Kenzaki261.72867.502 days ago
43Therdien306.89867.382 days ago
44Matdemon0.00867.312 days ago
45Ouri0.00866.502 days ago
46Sondredin303.68865.882 days ago
47Lynai61.17865.812 days ago
48Wroxxon303.68865.632 days ago
49Actionfigure293.64865.502 days ago
50Astien345.25865.132 days ago
51Moonhunter23.41863.252 days ago
52Warhawke46.99863.191 month ago
53Zanzalla0.00863.0015 days ago
54Mireya22.64862.631 month ago
55Deathangil12.48862.441 month ago
56Sevrenaa35.07862.251 month ago
57Bigdaddydon12.48861.191 month ago
58Cherlann0.00860.501 month ago
59Uyn303.66860.131 month ago
60Thunderbear3.67859.691 month ago
61Midnighthawk303.66859.441 month ago
62Nixel0.00858.4415 days ago
63Icyhotplaya326.78858.061 month ago
64Kagemite0.22857.562 days ago
65Guano0.00856.561 month ago
66Winterborn0.00854.631 month ago
67Superhuman0.00854.251 month ago
68Drakath3.96851.691 month ago
69Panuk0.14851.631 month ago
70Tsunami0.00851.441 month ago
71Kallysto0.00851.251 month ago
72Farrixx0.00851.061 month ago
73Lithrata0.40850.881 month ago
74Auramere23.41850.381 month ago
75Yvengen0.00850.251 month ago
76Nosica0.30849.811 month ago
77Sondresting0.00848.691 month ago
78Deltá0.00848.191 month ago
79Amarlian0.00848.061 month ago
80Pamika0.00846.441 month ago
81Valoree0.00845.061 month ago
82Bibbity0.00845.001 month ago
83Sinistor14.08844.8115 days ago
84Remnants0.00844.061 month ago
85Argial0.00843.381 month ago
86Hairypawtter0.00842.501 month ago
87Schawe1250.00842.1915 days ago
88Kynewin0.30842.191 month ago
89Horús0.00842.061 month ago
90Maelkin12.08840.941 month ago
91Brein0.00839.191 month ago
92Zoé0.00837.941 month ago
93Tadpohl0.00835.001 month ago
94Khanolach0.00834.751 month ago
95Thorisilvera0.00834.501 month ago
96Grimscowl0.00834.501 month ago
97Mideathnight0.00831.811 month ago
98Savedagain0.00830.311 month ago
99Shazambert0.00830.311 month ago
100Bippy0.00827.501 month ago
101Northis0.00826.691 month ago
102Anewbis0.00823.251 month ago
103Midradari0.00822.691 month ago
104Tehf0.00820.381 month ago
105Tarin0.00820.061 month ago
106Mantis0.00819.881 month ago
107Sammell0.00818.381 month ago
108Auroralies0.00813.251 month ago
109Issippi0.00811.881 month ago
110Kegbottom0.00810.941 month ago
111Scillara0.00809.382 days ago
112Beljarvis0.00807.441 month ago
113Duese0.00807.381 month ago
114Aerienne0.00806.631 month ago
115Skyblossom0.00804.881 month ago
116Sardarrus0.00803.501 month ago
117Sittykitty0.00802.881 month ago
118Phoenixfire0.00802.251 month ago
119Shyann0.00800.501 month ago
120Lykannex0.00799.941 month ago
121Stanktooth0.00799.251 month ago
122Bellajewels0.00799.138 days ago
123Nuala0.00799.061 month ago
124Elythea0.00799.0615 days ago
125Revïah0.00798.811 month ago
126Ariathica0.00798.561 month ago
127Sevari0.00798.251 month ago
128Sandry0.00798.191 month ago
129Meaufaux0.00797.131 month ago
130Khulan0.00794.441 month ago
131Nevisis0.00794.131 month ago
132Cherlynn0.00792.751 month ago
133Mantaa0.00789.251 month ago
134Pernickety0.00713.385 months ago
135Omisha0.00712.195 months ago
136Snowfire303.68707.8111 days ago
137Pree0.00700.675 months ago
138Arsins0.00698.255 months ago
139Semicolon0.00691.945 months ago
140Illisond0.00681.885 months ago
141Shortae0.00668.005 months ago
142Eunquan388.52665.062 days ago
143Silversata0.00664.755 months ago
144Antwan0.00662.275 months ago
145Tensega0.00649.805 months ago
146Darkspel0.00648.335 months ago
147Roriena0.00648.005 months ago
148Mornblade0.00646.255 months ago
149Alaandien0.00622.815 months ago
151Marimar0.00--1 month ago
152Ionwen0.00--1 month ago
153Lidiya0.00--1 month ago
154Kyneburh0.00--1 month ago

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