Update Progress for Shield of Azeroth


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Thareith0.30849.504 days ago
2Supervillain0.75849.191 day ago
3Arril0.30846.131 day ago
4Sybexia0.75845.561 day ago
5Sayre0.45845.001 day ago
6Caryna0.75844.631 day ago
7Moonhunter0.45844.634 days ago
8Demafied0.45844.194 days ago
9Rëviah0.75843.441 day ago
10Kaewyn0.15843.384 days ago
11Morcant0.75843.381 day ago
12Falaurä0.45843.064 days ago
13Eunquan0.15842.194 days ago
14Valarais0.00842.004 days ago
15Wolfcastle0.45841.944 days ago
16Elz0.45841.564 days ago
17Sinistor0.30841.314 days ago
18Bigolcrittys0.75841.251 day ago
19Lynai0.30841.131 day ago
20Darkchylde0.45840.814 days ago
21Kynewin0.30840.564 days ago
22Mireya0.30840.444 days ago
23Lykan0.75839.311 day ago
24Peatey0.00838.504 days ago
25Kwenlee0.30838.504 days ago
26Matra0.45838.384 days ago
27Warhawke0.45836.504 days ago
28Cethin0.30835.885 days ago
29Sondreswag0.30835.385 days ago
30Shizen0.00831.631 day ago
31Syll0.75830.191 day ago
32Midnighthawk0.15827.941 day ago
33Wtfarriss0.45826.384 days ago
34Auramere0.00825.889 days ago
35Whills0.00824.941 day ago
36Snowfire0.00823.759 days ago
37Actionfigure0.00823.509 days ago
38Drakath0.00810.8813 days ago
39Cherlann0.00808.2513 days ago
40Bigdaddydon0.00808.1913 days ago
41Therlia0.00807.1913 days ago
42Ouri0.00806.4413 days ago
43Arinthal0.00806.0613 days ago
44Sittykitty0.00802.8813 days ago
45Remnants0.00802.7513 days ago
46Amarlian0.00801.2513 days ago
47Winterborn0.00800.6313 days ago
48Brein0.00799.4413 days ago
49Nuala0.00799.0613 days ago
50Dorker15.00799.063 days ago
51Krogoth0.00798.3113 days ago
52Midradari0.00795.567 days ago
53Nevisis0.00794.1313 days ago
54Khulan0.00793.5013 days ago
55Billiejean0.00792.0013 days ago
56Dekae0.00791.9412 days ago
57Therdien0.00790.8812 days ago
58Shyann0.00789.8813 days ago
59Sardarrus0.00788.7513 days ago
60Thunderbear0.00787.0013 days ago
61Shawe0.00714.1313 days ago
62Stromn0.00710.002 months ago
63Deathangil0.00710.002 months ago
64Nosica0.30704.382 months ago
65Phoenixfire0.00698.4413 days ago
66Valoree0.00673.332 months ago
67Lithrata0.40669.002 months ago
68Bibbity0.00665.692 months ago
69Thorisilvera0.00664.802 months ago
70Pamika0.00663.202 months ago
71Sandry0.00655.692 months ago
72Northis0.00650.311 month ago
73Argial0.00638.562 months ago
74Mantis0.00629.332 months ago
75Astien0.00607.272 months ago
76Whis0.00600.382 months ago

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