Update Progress for Standard Deviation


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Tagged170.35713.1318 hours ago
2Bigpapï171.21712.0019 hours ago
3Starconn171.19710.3819 hours ago
4Luceus170.48710.3319 hours ago
5Ghofer170.31708.3319 hours ago
6Deathbysmash170.26708.3119 hours ago
7Gulrokacus170.90708.1919 hours ago
8Kwizz398.17708.1319 hours ago
9Scandraya679.34708.0619 hours ago
10Vanquìshh169.69706.8019 hours ago
11Hawtchoklate171.10706.7519 hours ago
12Bråve170.07705.4019 hours ago
13Babysealkllr164.80705.1319 hours ago
14Jcee169.93703.6019 hours ago
15Johnyamerica115.49702.3319 hours ago
16Soulstyle110.89702.1319 hours ago
17Deviance161.64701.8019 hours ago
18Wojtek165.09701.8019 hours ago
19Pyrean102.34701.0719 hours ago
20Hawtchik42.89700.1319 hours ago
21Reedö117.18700.1319 hours ago
22Hyacissa130.16699.4019 hours ago
23Intunerih14.25699.1319 hours ago
24Vezed117.18698.5019 hours ago
25Shockacus0.00697.0019 hours ago
26Drcheez0.52696.2019 hours ago
27Ragesong0.00694.381 day ago
28Tagsong131.41693.808 days ago
29Hawtchai0.69693.479 days ago
30Soulinity0.00693.009 days ago
31Maplez101.65691.409 days ago
32Shadows0.00691.331 day ago
33Beerback0.00691.209 days ago
34Devious0.00691.139 days ago
35Dargogg0.00690.639 days ago
36Ishootsht0.42690.209 days ago
37Rokky0.00690.209 days ago
38Tamalpais27.96690.009 days ago
39Soulmate0.00689.889 days ago
40Dèathbysmash0.00689.699 days ago
41Lillindris0.56689.389 days ago
42Dòclock1.16689.079 days ago
43Lüceus59.63688.809 days ago
44Shamhawt0.57687.259 days ago
45Soulreavr115.33687.259 days ago
46Excediani0.00686.331 day ago
47Bigboynoìse0.00684.889 days ago
48Tágged0.15684.698 days ago
49Ogadølf0.00684.679 days ago
50Samic0.00684.569 days ago
51Hawttea0.60684.139 days ago
52Bodega0.00683.389 days ago
53Tagmonk4.40683.138 days ago
54Boldbigflank0.00681.759 days ago
55Cause0.00681.569 days ago
56Meryani0.00681.539 days ago
57Gualala0.00681.409 days ago
58Almanor0.00680.739 days ago
59Køre0.28680.639 days ago
60Kontin0.00680.409 days ago
61Monterey0.00680.339 days ago
62Notman0.00679.509 days ago
63Knarcolepsy0.00679.409 days ago
64Laydee0.00679.199 days ago
65Elluu0.56679.139 days ago
66Reveries0.56678.679 days ago
67Peacefully0.00678.199 days ago
68Kirkwood0.00678.009 days ago
69Eldridge0.00677.609 days ago
70Duskylumps0.00676.509 days ago
71Ròblucci0.00676.339 days ago
72Fekel0.00675.739 days ago
73Tuolumne0.00675.079 days ago
74Soulreav0.00675.079 days ago
75Veeder0.00674.079 days ago
76Lagasse0.00674.009 days ago
77Sibley0.00674.009 days ago
78Huntsalone0.00673.409 days ago
79Ilbubbrubbll0.00672.879 days ago
80Shadowchin0.00671.889 days ago
81Mehriani0.00671.639 days ago
82Lagunitas0.00671.479 days ago
83Akijan0.00671.449 days ago
84Ouchiebobo0.00671.319 days ago
85Scandrayaa0.56670.699 days ago
86Beanslayerx0.00670.389 days ago
87Farallon0.00670.009 days ago
88Sunine0.00669.449 days ago
89Tagrogue0.00669.388 days ago
90Kiralyno0.00669.009 days ago
91Durbane0.00668.539 days ago
92Optimator0.00668.479 days ago
93Novenus0.00667.389 days ago
94Auyen0.00667.339 days ago
95Tekkitud0.00667.319 days ago
96Yoseketh0.00666.139 days ago
97Paenless0.00666.009 days ago
98Mònsoon0.00666.0019 hours ago
99Cheeze0.00665.639 days ago
100Giggantors0.00665.509 days ago
101Comet0.00665.479 days ago
102Boomhawt0.00664.759 days ago
103Hawtshawt0.00664.079 days ago
104Jisook0.00662.739 days ago
105Automatek0.00662.339 days ago
106Pumpkínhead0.00662.009 days ago
107Soulvenom0.00661.949 days ago
108Owlarrlan0.00660.699 days ago
109Rastaration0.00660.679 days ago
110Thelk0.00660.639 days ago
111Nytefury0.00660.139 days ago
112Valtesa0.00659.139 days ago
113Renektmate0.00658.809 days ago
114Blase0.00658.509 days ago
115Thessalon0.00657.739 days ago
116Luceusbigdk0.00657.009 days ago
117Creatta0.00656.209 days ago
118Jonghee0.00655.409 days ago
119Junghana0.00654.479 days ago
120Shamlockhlms0.00654.339 days ago
121Kneegrodamus0.00653.509 days ago
122Higgle0.00653.409 days ago
123Critfully0.00652.009 days ago
124Yoty0.00651.569 days ago
125Lnguyen0.00651.339 days ago
126Ogxlong0.00651.279 days ago
127Jyrra0.00651.199 days ago
128Longiscool0.00651.139 days ago
129Camillezen0.00650.319 days ago
130Ephixist0.00649.389 days ago
131Hallowedsoul0.00649.069 days ago
132Syrîk0.00647.339 days ago
133Kaotikz0.00647.139 days ago
134Starank0.00645.679 days ago
135Blueberry0.00645.509 days ago
136Crionix0.00643.939 days ago
137Cantalope0.00643.609 days ago
138Whoatek0.00641.809 days ago
139Bøbaflex0.00641.339 days ago
140Hazaard0.00641.259 days ago
141Sunyoung0.00640.879 days ago
142Fec0.00640.739 days ago
143Drayzun0.00640.339 days ago
144Hyeri0.00639.139 days ago
145Octopodes0.00638.679 days ago
146Eleuthria0.00638.639 days ago
147Drayzu0.00636.009 days ago
148Swagdk0.00635.209 days ago
149Zellios0.00634.259 days ago
150Fortandoor0.00634.009 days ago
151Apoopoo0.00633.139 days ago
152Urtork0.00632.539 days ago
153Boktar0.00632.509 days ago
154Holymind0.00632.509 days ago
155Scaandraya0.00632.009 days ago
156Ebonclaw0.00631.939 days ago
157Bandaii0.00631.819 days ago
158Jungyi0.00630.009 days ago
159Jeneveuxpas0.00629.339 days ago
160Owlkin0.00628.809 days ago
161Chewybear0.00628.739 days ago
162Nècromancèr0.00628.339 days ago
163Zúl0.00628.279 days ago
164Rabhadz0.00625.739 days ago
165Stavroph0.00625.279 days ago
166Lightzoff0.00625.209 days ago
167Primula0.00624.809 days ago
168Elephantom0.00622.209 days ago
169Soulshocker0.00622.009 days ago
170Doyouonetwo0.00622.009 days ago
171Jellotìme0.00621.879 days ago
172Blightek0.00619.609 days ago
173Infectshin0.00618.639 days ago
174Ergonomix0.00616.879 days ago
175Tagartou0.00614.539 days ago
176Frostmuffin0.00611.939 days ago
177Caldence0.00607.879 days ago
178Hatersvacate0.00605.279 days ago
179Dagonis0.00604.069 days ago
180Hazama0.00603.389 days ago
181Dotacus0.00599.699 days ago
182Xyrisse0.00599.069 days ago
183Chinhunter0.00597.339 days ago
184Fharene0.00593.279 days ago
185Universum0.00593.279 days ago
186Jeröme0.00592.009 days ago
187Asparos0.00591.809 days ago
188Sprïnkles0.00590.209 days ago
189Terraemotus0.00589.639 days ago
190Cellessa0.00585.009 days ago
191Vïtality0.00583.739 days ago
192Aza0.00582.679 days ago
193Rèverend0.00580.339 days ago
194Marwölaeth0.00580.209 days ago
195Soulcalíber0.00571.209 days ago
196Deadpoolx0.00566.609 days ago
197Sakou0.00531.139 days ago
198Meriahni0.00--8 months ago

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