Update Progress for Standard Deviation


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Tenthstar1849.79690.381 day ago
2Arrlan5007.09687.751 day ago
3Deathbysmash3007.84687.751 day ago
4Tagged4065.92687.441 day ago
5Drkblade1698.68687.061 day ago
6Rizzsong2012.16687.001 day ago
7Ghofer2498.61686.931 day ago
8Enviouz2070.36686.871 day ago
9Bloudbath2070.36686.801 day ago
10Hawtchoklate2317.85686.751 day ago
11Organpoker2339.78686.691 day ago
12Substantia2971.81686.671 day ago
13Quickslivver869.83686.631 day ago
14Bigpapï3007.84686.531 day ago
15Johnyamerica1979.86686.271 day ago
16Onlysilent2034.33686.001 day ago
17Ragesong3007.84685.941 day ago
18Hyacissa2515.13685.731 day ago
19Kazama3007.88685.691 day ago
20Vanquìshh1968.62685.671 day ago
21Chococatt331.29685.531 day ago
22Bigboynoìse2902.26684.881 day ago
23Bråve2520.68684.561 day ago
24Samic1324.14684.561 day ago
25Deviance3007.84684.471 day ago
26Babysealkllr2548.40684.201 day ago
27Soulinity2882.45683.871 day ago
28Provisions875.52683.631 day ago
29Dargogg242.40682.501 day ago
30Hawtpaws113.09682.381 day ago
31Maplez1325.99682.071 day ago
32Mawmee2239.50682.001 day ago
33Hawtchai2729.70681.801 day ago
34Kwizz257.83681.381 day ago
35Kontin250.53680.401 day ago
36Pyrean1457.44680.191 day ago
37Jabbers1281.39679.871 day ago
38Notman249.73679.501 day ago
39Knarcolepsy150.86679.401 day ago
40Dòclock173.36678.881 day ago
41Shockacus2070.36678.881 day ago
42Peacefully1351.54677.561 day ago
43Tagsong138.45677.071 day ago
44Cause1363.80676.941 day ago
45Dèathbysmash137.33676.251 day ago
46Rizzenx183.30676.001 day ago
47Hawttea79.06675.401 day ago
48Shamhawt63.44674.811 day ago
49Luceus1369.56674.531 day ago
50Intunerih137.37671.801 day ago
51Hellrever117.84671.331 day ago
52Gulrokacus124.54671.071 day ago
53Itzcheez73.61669.441 day ago
54Silentsavior102.10669.381 day ago
55Duskylumps54.08668.631 day ago
56Kaotikz709.79667.471 day ago
57Tekkitud1241.96667.311 day ago
58Akijan12.30666.131 day ago
59Paenless1369.56666.001 day ago
60Giggantors723.65665.501 day ago
61Comet1355.80665.471 day ago
62Jisook73.45664.071 day ago
63Boldbigflank73.77663.691 day ago
64Tagmonk13.05661.471 day ago
65Tamalpais0.00661.201 day ago
66Thelk87.87660.631 day ago
67Sunine0.00659.501 day ago
68Optimator0.00659.401 day ago
69Bodega0.00659.251 day ago
70Auyen0.00659.001 day ago
71Novenus0.00658.631 day ago
72Blase68.14658.501 day ago
73Owlarrlan30.87657.881 day ago
74Durbane9.32657.401 day ago
75Rastaration0.00657.331 day ago
76Bluodbaath1.73656.881 day ago
77Zfattus112.06656.201 day ago
78Kirkwood0.00655.531 day ago
79Yoseketh120.82655.501 day ago
80Reveries0.00654.671 day ago
81Tágged0.42653.811 day ago
82Eldridge0.00653.801 day ago
83Kneegrodamus631.98653.501 day ago
84Junghana31.16653.471 day ago
85Lagunitas0.00653.331 day ago
86Meryani0.26652.731 day ago
87Almanor0.00652.471 day ago
88Critfully24.45652.001 day ago
89Yoty0.42651.561 day ago
90Ilbubbrubbll12.77651.441 day ago
91Lnguyen0.98651.331 day ago
92Ogxlong0.00651.271 day ago
93Longiscool0.12651.131 day ago
94Monterey0.00651.061 day ago
95Inarya0.00650.631 day ago
96Veeder0.00649.731 day ago
97Bellanoir43.57648.751 day ago
98Higgle0.00647.131 day ago
99Kryuus0.00646.871 day ago
100Merrygankin0.00646.501 day ago
101Bluodbath0.00645.381 day ago
102Boomhawt0.00644.311 day ago
103Aerin0.00644.271 day ago
104Creatta0.00644.201 day ago
105Crionix1.18643.931 day ago
106Ephixist0.00643.671 day ago
107Lillindris0.00643.201 day ago
108Gualala0.00642.001 day ago
109Sunyoung1.49641.871 day ago
110Mehriani0.00641.251 day ago
111Sheesa2012.16641.131 day ago
112Drayzun0.00640.331 day ago
113Ogadølf0.00639.501 day ago
114Hyeri0.84639.131 day ago
115Syrîk0.00639.071 day ago
116Bøbaflex0.00639.071 day ago
117Blueberry0.00639.001 day ago
118Eleuthria0.00638.631 day ago
119Huntsalone0.21638.131 day ago
120Shamlockhlms0.65637.061 day ago
121Drayzu0.00636.001 day ago
122Pumpkínhead0.00635.941 day ago
123Swagdk0.00635.201 day ago
124Zellios0.00634.251 day ago
125Cheeze0.00634.001 day ago
126Fortandoor0.00634.001 day ago
127Kiralyno0.00632.531 day ago
128Urtork0.00632.531 day ago
129Boktar0.00632.501 day ago
130Holymind0.22632.191 day ago
131Ebonclaw0.00631.931 day ago
132Bandaii0.00631.811 day ago
133Jungyi11.60630.001 day ago
134Tuolumne0.00628.871 day ago
135Owlkin0.00628.801 day ago
136Chewybear0.00628.731 day ago
137Zúl0.00628.271 day ago
138Jabjabshoot0.00626.401 day ago
139Cantalope0.00626.131 day ago
140Lightzoff0.00625.201 day ago
141Starank0.00623.131 day ago
142Laydee0.15622.331 day ago
143Soulshocker13.81622.001 day ago
144Doyouonetwo0.00622.001 day ago
145Nytefury0.00621.671 day ago
146Lagasse0.00620.801 day ago
147Infectshin0.00618.631 day ago
148Meridyth0.00617.801 day ago
149Tagartou0.00614.531 day ago
150Farallon0.00613.691 day ago
151Frostmuffin0.00611.931 day ago
152Caldence0.00607.871 day ago
153Dagonis0.00604.061 day ago
154Apoopoo0.00601.561 day ago
155Jyrra0.00597.311 day ago
156Xyrisse0.00593.941 day ago
157Universum0.00593.271 day ago
158Asparos0.00591.801 day ago
159Aza0.00582.671 day ago
160Deadpoolx0.00566.601 day ago
161Sakou0.00531.131 day ago
162Ròblucci0.00518.131 day ago
163Octopodes0.00358.731 day ago

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