Update Progress for Standard Deviation


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Hawttea7323.0316 hours ago
2Startouch7065.1517 hours ago
3Tagged6737.3416 hours ago
4Dotmcdot6546.0116 hours ago
5Dèathbysmash6546.0117 hours ago
6Deviance6546.0117 hours ago
7Sunhwa6546.0117 hours ago
8Dhenna6546.0117 hours ago
9Babysealkllr6543.5817 hours ago
10Ghofer6543.4516 hours ago
11Novarcaine6529.4517 hours ago
12Raynbo6526.6017 hours ago
13Yoseketh6495.4717 hours ago
14Projectraven6452.1917 hours ago
15Mookie6437.3017 hours ago
16Smãllpãckage6434.8117 hours ago
17Tamalpais6413.0017 hours ago
18Minglish6390.4017 hours ago
19Bråve6334.6717 hours ago
20Drkblade6259.9617 hours ago
21Paenless6221.0617 hours ago
22Grims6042.996 days ago
23Kodiak5918.076 days ago
24Scerick5801.606 days ago
25Sakou5702.738 days ago
26Meriani5405.0613 days ago
27Mauxie5371.3013 days ago
28Zampini5295.6517 hours ago
29Sanchovilla5103.9116 hours ago
30Longsta4948.6716 hours ago
31Heliium4735.0116 hours ago
32Drcheez4620.1616 hours ago
33Vonsteve4290.5117 hours ago
34Haytur4243.1916 hours ago
35Blorgin4043.1613 days ago
36Bonesdaily3768.8217 hours ago
37Irithas3654.8216 hours ago
38Ballzmrballz3407.0216 hours ago
39Runë3313.9216 hours ago
40Herserker2791.4116 hours ago
41Scrogglez2750.0016 hours ago
42Ebaydk2502.0317 hours ago
43Dòclock1750.0016 hours ago
44Celila1323.2413 days ago
45Balaxy1272.4516 hours ago
46Reveries876.0717 hours ago
47Julesy310.2416 hours ago
48Durbane310.2416 hours ago
49Mesohordy310.2416 hours ago
50Tágged310.241 day ago
51Junghana310.2417 hours ago
52Crionix310.2413 days ago
53Lillindris310.2417 hours ago
54Mingsia310.2417 hours ago
55Ellyr310.2417 hours ago
56Shampower252.0313 days ago
57Starsear252.0317 hours ago
58Devïance250.0016 hours ago
59Ampstamp152.7613 days ago
60Tagartou132.6113 days ago
61Bodega110.8817 hours ago
62Devious107.1413 days ago
63Blase80.3317 hours ago
64Smallsmonk80.0016 hours ago
65Mexicutie80.0017 hours ago
66Intunerih80.0016 hours ago
67Kaleion80.0017 hours ago
68Shammyfresh48.8313 days ago
69Salvige47.2413 days ago
70Ixanis45.0016 hours ago
71Zúl33.9413 days ago
72Grimms30.5113 days ago
73Hypnøtíq28.2013 days ago
74Veeder23.2916 hours ago
75Kirkwood22.3616 hours ago
76Caldence13.3017 hours ago
77Eldridge6.9517 hours ago
78Almanor5.0717 hours ago
79Monterey5.0017 hours ago
80Rumb0.0016 hours ago
81Reveríes0.0016 hours ago
82Trapis0.0013 days ago
83Inìquíty0.0016 hours ago
84Lnguyen0.0013 days ago
85Oruulem0.0013 days ago
86Sangwhich0.0013 days ago
87Idealistick0.0013 days ago
88Egotistick0.0013 days ago
89Wórldfirst0.0016 hours ago
90Fearfactørs0.0013 days ago
91Farallon0.0016 hours ago
92Hawttamalii0.0013 days ago
93Homeyp0.0016 hours ago
94Flyinsolo0.0013 days ago
95Gualala0.0016 hours ago
96Animalistick0.0013 days ago
97Kryptønité0.0013 days ago
98Valtesa0.0016 hours ago
99Controle0.0017 hours ago
100Darkwinds0.0013 days ago
101Brutts0.0016 hours ago
102Ghostii0.0013 days ago
103Vigrid0.0013 days ago
104Backdõõr0.0013 days ago
105Khaleesin0.0013 days ago
106Shänker0.0013 days ago
107Blorjin0.0013 days ago
108Thelegend0.0013 days ago
109Universum0.0013 days ago
110Illiailli0.0016 hours ago
111Feralwreck0.0013 days ago
112Arammu0.0013 days ago
113Vïtality0.0017 hours ago
114Nècromancèr0.0013 days ago
115Tatsuyaa0.0013 days ago
116Jyrra0.0016 hours ago
117Nezzaa0.0016 hours ago
118Altruistick0.0013 days ago
119Ròblucci0.0013 days ago
120Mÿthadør0.0013 days ago
121Rèverend0.0013 days ago
122Drkmist0.0016 hours ago
123Bamboofarts0.0013 days ago
124Telfire0.0013 days ago
125Teenydot0.0013 days ago
126Søldiér0.0013 days ago
127Marwölaeth0.0013 days ago
128Kookie0.0016 hours ago
129Clothiesftw0.0013 days ago
130Starank0.0017 hours ago
131Sillyvader0.0017 hours ago
132Tuolumne0.0016 hours ago
133Mirandesa0.0016 hours ago
134Grìmms0.0013 days ago
135Jiyeon0.0013 days ago
136Alarìus0.0016 hours ago
137Thessalon0.0016 hours ago
138Simplistick0.0013 days ago
139Pessimistick0.0013 days ago
140Syløsis0.0013 days ago
141Lilinan0.0013 days ago
142Gracefulcow0.0013 days ago
143Kiralyno0.0016 hours ago
144Yeonsoo0.0013 days ago
145Fec0.0013 days ago
146Plzdonthurt0.0013 days ago
147Sryurdead0.0016 hours ago
148Crazydïamond0.0013 days ago
149Sunyoung0.0017 hours ago
150Alilec0.0013 days ago
151Kindabigdeal0.0017 hours ago
152Theorian0.0016 hours ago
153Zedia0.0017 hours ago
154Jungyi0.0016 hours ago
155Ellyra0.0013 days ago
156Lagunitas0.0016 hours ago
157Bearsandwich0.0013 days ago
158Hyeri0.0016 hours ago
159Mommynamite0.0016 hours ago
160Flyspek0.0013 days ago
161Daynna0.0013 days ago
162Jisook0.0017 hours ago
163Meryani0.0013 days ago
164Realistick0.0013 days ago
165Jonghee0.0017 hours ago
166Xyrisse0.0013 days ago
167Yoty0.0017 hours ago
168Sylosïs0.0017 hours ago
169Sceryk0.0013 days ago
170Ðvs0.0013 days ago
171Jihiyo0.0013 days ago
172Midníghttoke0.0013 days ago
173Lancemanly0.0013 days ago
174Maxpower0.0013 days ago
175Qwijybo0.0013 days ago
176Amiright0.0017 hours ago
177Exaybachay0.0013 days ago
178Ixid0.0013 days ago
179Stikyfingers0.0013 days ago
180Embersemerge0.0013 days ago
181Crylo0.0013 days ago
182Tunya0.0013 days ago
183Jieuniu0.0017 hours ago
184Ichi0.0013 days ago
185Longiscool0.0013 days ago
186Kalmte0.0013 days ago
187Puppy0.0013 days ago
188Syzyx0.0013 days ago
189Frostitutéd0.0013 days ago
190Cantalope0.0017 hours ago
191Bøbaflex0.0013 days ago
192Seryck0.0013 days ago
193Xylaslothian0.0013 days ago
194Witelu0.0013 days ago
195Lumminedaa0.0013 days ago
196Pcap0.0017 hours ago
197Dinomight0.0013 days ago
198Horïzons0.0013 days ago
199Elthe0.0013 days ago
200Illuminize0.0017 hours ago
201Tomato0.0017 hours ago
202Kalethis0.0017 hours ago
203Grímmz0.0013 days ago
204Tsumani0.0016 hours ago
205Kirali0.0017 hours ago
206Jeneveuxpas0.0017 hours ago
207Nytehype0.0013 days ago
208Kàmatayan0.0013 days ago
209Indubious0.0017 hours ago
210Sprïnkles0.0013 days ago
211Onataurs0.0013 days ago
212Saann0.0013 days ago
213Meekayz0.0017 hours ago
214Meatshêeld0.0013 days ago
215Sibley0.0017 hours ago
216Vyrulence0.0017 hours ago
217Cheeze0.0017 hours ago
218Cleavon0.0013 days ago
219Itzpapalötl0.0013 days ago
220Epicflop0.0017 hours ago
221Shadowchin0.0013 days ago
222Quizzical0.0013 days ago
223Ergonomix0.0017 hours ago
224Mooksie0.0013 days ago
225Rabhadz0.0017 hours ago
226Tekkitu0.0013 days ago
227Merrini0.0013 days ago
228Octopodes0.0013 days ago
229Sanctius0.0013 days ago
230Terraemotus0.0017 hours ago
231Reynith0.0013 days ago
232Merriani0.0013 days ago
233Awsti0.0013 days ago
234Acherus0.0013 days ago
235Cellessa0.0013 days ago
236Psyphe0.0013 days ago
237Gnim0.0013 days ago
238Mehriani0.0013 days ago
239Ulquiorrå0.0017 hours ago
240Typhois0.0013 days ago
241Chinhunter0.0013 days ago
242Pixlez0.0017 hours ago
243Null0.0013 days ago
244Arcainist0.0013 days ago
245Grímms0.0013 days ago
246Meriahni0.0013 days ago
247Dagonis0.0013 days ago
248Kimotherapy0.0017 hours ago
249Zellios0.0013 days ago
250Lujian0.0013 days ago
251Zeiji0.0013 days ago
252Goßlaze0.0013 days ago
253Shamhawt0.0017 hours ago
254Lagasse0.0017 hours ago
255Târtârsâuce0.0013 days ago
256Kasyl0.0013 days ago
257Wreni0.0013 days ago
258Padre0.0013 days ago
259Ikon0.0013 days ago
260Syrîk0.0017 hours ago
261Rankk0.0013 days ago
262Jared0.0017 hours ago
263Telectrocute0.0013 days ago
264Phaydra0.0013 days ago
265Missmurda0.0017 hours ago
266Ebonclaw0.0013 days ago
267Fharene0.0017 hours ago
268Tenaguo0.0013 days ago
269Prawr0.0013 days ago
270Holÿ0.0013 days ago
271Scoody0.0013 days ago
272Vastas0.0017 hours ago
273Junedaze0.0013 days ago
274Eleuthria0.0013 days ago
275Echota0.0017 hours ago
276Nirog0.0013 days ago
277Samsquatch0.0013 days ago
278Sylvanoshi0.0017 hours ago
279Ixa0.0013 days ago
280Insanenuker0.0013 days ago
281Swell0.0013 days ago
282Blueberry0.0017 hours ago
283Jakel0.0013 days ago

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