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Update Progress for Victorious Secret


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Liat344.81714.441 day ago
2Evaine153.76714.201 day ago
3Mightymike364.69713.001 day ago
4Pawwed380.12711.531 day ago
5Luver91.58707.811 day ago
6Killpriest79.66707.801 day ago
7Killknight87.36707.531 day ago
8Jaebez88.56706.631 day ago
9Finkan103.16705.801 day ago
10Pocähontas87.69704.751 day ago
11Allbeefpatti76.03704.251 day ago
12Theqizmo88.91703.191 day ago
13Vehicle75.87702.311 day ago
14Nuzell87.36701.251 day ago
15Harrisonford90.90700.671 day ago
16Pepticgnome87.36700.401 day ago
17Athena14.09699.811 day ago
18Tyronwa87.36699.401 day ago
19Luvely24.13698.731 day ago
20Jurny25.84697.671 day ago
21Isfurax86.47697.251 day ago
22Devoursoul76.14696.941 day ago
23Moribund13.69695.631 day ago
24Kurozome0.00695.201 day ago
25Noriane0.00693.201 day ago
26Furburgg0.00689.801 day ago
27Akïll0.93689.401 day ago
28Mightytroll0.00689.401 day ago
29Klåsh0.00687.561 day ago
30Åmbitious0.00685.131 day ago
31Zara0.00681.671 day ago
32Cowdaver0.00678.731 day ago
33Quiznoes0.44677.001 day ago
34Drunkmónk0.00675.671 day ago
35Sniper0.00675.601 day ago
36Lafonda0.00675.061 day ago
37Swallz0.00672.671 day ago
38Athose0.00672.331 day ago
39Galen0.00669.731 day ago
40Biebersaurus0.00669.691 day ago
41Bertram0.00666.631 day ago
42Coldpain0.00660.311 day ago
43Sukmyheals0.00659.671 day ago
44Perceptiøn0.00656.001 day ago
45Vuudu0.00654.071 day ago
46Praymate0.00652.191 day ago
47Vuduchild0.00650.941 day ago
48Darkwench0.00648.671 day ago
49Pod0.00648.001 day ago
50Sourplum0.00647.071 day ago
51Greyballz0.00646.401 day ago
52Sourbeef0.00642.691 day ago
53Killoc0.00642.531 day ago
54Athös0.00642.401 day ago
55Domingo0.00642.401 day ago
56Greenx0.00642.311 day ago
57Dankheals0.00641.001 day ago
58Bluebelow0.00639.071 day ago
59Lakan0.00638.331 day ago
60Isilza0.00637.931 day ago
61Peonue0.00637.531 day ago
62Putridtaint0.00635.801 day ago
63Korlassh0.00633.801 day ago
64Immortalìs0.00633.271 day ago
65Morphoholic0.00632.931 day ago
66Scrotes0.00631.871 day ago
67Peato0.00628.751 day ago
68Obeisity0.00628.691 day ago
69Kagorgis0.00628.401 day ago
70Mïyagi0.00623.801 day ago
71Zapthose0.00623.601 day ago
72Canadria0.00616.071 day ago
73Booche0.00613.501 day ago
74Orthodox0.00611.561 day ago
75Dirtybishop0.00603.001 day ago
76Ryoric0.00602.531 day ago

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