Update Progress for Blood of Vengeance


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Dooly2500.0014 days ago
2Caledfwlch182.9714 days ago
3Pandakin146.7214 days ago
4Toronaga129.1014 days ago
5Jozee113.1714 days ago
6Korpens106.957 months ago
7Cerebra97.917 months ago
8Iithian91.0514 days ago
9Doolies80.0014 days ago
10Mojengles80.0014 days ago
11Dakiros80.0014 days ago
12Kibler80.007 days ago
13Dirtybeans80.0014 days ago
14Síds80.0014 days ago
15Loganhound80.0014 days ago
16Helwrath80.0014 days ago
17Crazzer80.007 days ago
18Fluffhed80.0014 days ago
19Trogtank80.0014 days ago
20Jíggles58.5014 days ago
21Doolyfire55.0014 days ago
22Theherbman18.2914 days ago
23Tadeka12.6014 days ago
24Spoonfork7.5514 days ago
25Tranquilly0.0014 days ago
26Goroc0.0014 days ago
27Katika0.0014 days ago
28Trogmonk0.0014 days ago
29Ebusiness0.0014 days ago
30Bearlyeagle0.0014 days ago
31Deadthorn0.0014 days ago
32Thewolfe0.0014 days ago
33Itzzy0.0014 days ago
34Khaahhn0.0014 days ago
35Jozi0.0014 days ago
36Rixar0.0014 days ago
37Eskimobile0.007 months ago
38Skunki0.0014 days ago
39Pheneronn0.0014 days ago
40Makefoopanda0.0014 days ago
41Orichstab0.0014 days ago
42Churizo0.0014 days ago
43Thunderdóme0.0014 days ago
44Rhui0.007 months ago
45Tarrók0.0014 days ago
46Glurb0.007 months ago
47Toronagavein0.0014 days ago
48Seldon0.0014 days ago
49Aradaninth0.0014 days ago
50Padwakaga0.0014 days ago
51Grandeur0.0014 days ago
52Erve0.007 months ago
53Leetdru0.007 months ago
54Azerial0.0014 days ago
55Windblade0.0014 days ago
56Tpfddïn0.007 months ago
57Kalibán0.0014 days ago
58Tiktoc0.0014 days ago
59Leightone0.007 months ago
60Selypewpews0.0014 days ago
61Prauzi0.0014 days ago
62Runsfrombees0.007 months ago
63Chalise0.0014 days ago
64Dethryl0.0014 days ago
65Gruntz0.007 months ago
66Brainpriest0.0014 days ago
67Hasan0.0014 days ago
68Daraan0.0014 days ago
69Karmisa0.007 months ago
70Nakiros0.0014 days ago
71Czonka0.0014 days ago
72Bahuo0.0014 days ago
73Aradaneth0.0014 days ago
74Dárkcow0.0014 days ago
75Domedots0.0014 days ago
76Xenogear0.007 months ago
77Silent0.0014 days ago
78Deriah0.0014 days ago
79Tassadar0.0014 days ago
80Gobblersnobb0.0014 days ago
81Dkqt0.0014 days ago
82Sukäduk0.0014 days ago
83Almostelvis0.0014 days ago
84Deathlydidde0.0014 days ago
85Oreó0.0014 days ago
86Hoggaboom0.0014 days ago
87Lightców0.0014 days ago
88Pugz0.0014 days ago
89Bodywash0.007 months ago
90Tierus0.0014 days ago
91Chimae0.0014 days ago
92Lorikx0.007 months ago
93Bubbeloseven0.007 months ago
94Prototrog0.0014 days ago
95Krikz0.007 months ago
96Kitanos0.007 months ago
97Furfoxsnakes0.0014 days ago
98Stormlash0.0014 days ago
99Rexxkwondo0.007 months ago
100Gillioth0.0014 days ago
101Stonreighn0.007 months ago
102Solaiz0.0014 days ago
103Charazard0.007 months ago
104Darlton0.007 months ago
105Cubanate0.0014 days ago
106Lithian0.0014 days ago
107Anidale0.0014 days ago
108Traeu0.007 months ago
109Yingyangyoom0.0014 days ago
110Brashnard0.007 months ago
111Brstnwitflvr0.007 months ago
112Emoapples0.0014 days ago
113Hemolust0.0014 days ago
114Munkk0.0014 days ago
115Konân0.007 months ago
116Vizharan0.0014 days ago
117Tightpants0.007 months ago
118Scyronn0.007 months ago
119Pildoor0.007 months ago
120Healbone0.007 months ago
121Protoss0.0014 days ago
122Dirtyswine0.007 months ago
123Nonfat0.007 months ago
124Brainmower0.0014 days ago
125Mestyzo0.007 months ago
126Dekrepid0.0014 days ago
127Trogadin0.0014 days ago
128Faceroller0.0014 days ago
129Hiromatsu0.0014 days ago
130Scooterlibby0.007 months ago
131Detestra0.0014 days ago
132Nubzy0.0014 days ago
133Amithu0.0014 days ago
134Lohka0.0014 days ago
135Freshly0.0014 days ago
136Eggnoodle0.007 months ago
137Unborn0.0014 days ago
138Bitethis0.0014 days ago
139Cowanaga0.0014 days ago
140Supergrass0.0014 days ago
141Earthprogany0.007 months ago
142Makefoowatta0.0014 days ago
143Raymora0.007 months ago
144Stabded0.0014 days ago
145Sukaduk0.0014 days ago
146Serpicoh0.0014 days ago
147Bodyspray0.007 months ago
148Esmee0.0014 days ago
149Secretcutter0.0014 days ago
150Sukubis0.0014 days ago
151Stimulating0.0014 days ago
152Keebs0.0014 days ago
153Bizarostormy0.0014 days ago
154Sïds0.0014 days ago
155Brainfarts0.007 months ago
156Annakin0.0014 days ago
157Viollated0.0014 days ago
158Grandpa0.0014 days ago
159Brainded0.0014 days ago
160Marsipan0.0014 days ago
161Dayman0.0014 days ago
162Bohrium0.0014 days ago
163Cyrail0.007 months ago
164Malthai0.0014 days ago

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