Update Progress for Undying Resolution


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Rekviem1727.06684.401 day ago
2Grizzlebees1688.35684.201 day ago
3Kyonkichi1269.78684.001 day ago
4Evilvenat1710.33683.881 day ago
5Zweibella1727.06683.801 day ago
6Ponerya1727.06682.631 day ago
7Ankzu1727.06682.471 day ago
8Yz1727.34682.401 day ago
9Shaldole1235.97682.331 day ago
10Myrishka1710.33682.191 day ago
11Tusö1726.34681.941 day ago
12Ariano163.43681.801 day ago
13Almuqit1726.34681.801 day ago
14Amowrath1726.73681.691 day ago
15Gorehunter1257.56681.531 day ago
16Krystil1727.06681.311 day ago
17Pawnfu724.93681.061 day ago
18Kaygome1710.33679.401 day ago
19Halfgrim1051.14679.401 day ago
20Lissanda1216.34679.251 day ago
21Zanaro1235.64677.811 day ago
22Sanje1256.89677.731 day ago
23Jalaven707.53677.331 day ago
24Lanyra554.99674.471 day ago
25Negshake64.44669.191 day ago
26Arcavus126.00664.502 days ago
27Mindalen1727.06663.672 days ago
28Leafyvenat0.72660.942 days ago
29Ou0.80660.692 days ago
30Jw13.72660.192 days ago
31Ranico1727.06660.002 days ago
32Zêus0.00660.002 days ago
33Bubblês0.00660.002 days ago
34Miraelith1.11659.442 days ago
35Ht0.72659.332 days ago
36Remyalta0.60657.402 days ago
37Hyuno12.22656.882 days ago
38Garic0.00656.802 days ago
39Grizzlefu0.99656.632 days ago
40Corentine0.00656.402 days ago
41Muhayminah1.11656.132 days ago
42Gorepriest0.72656.062 days ago
43Pomfrey1.11655.132 days ago
44Gorefister0.60654.942 days ago
45Perfector0.00654.932 days ago
46Juvenate0.00654.002 days ago
47Tashea1.32653.562 days ago
48Kayty0.72653.442 days ago
49Lissanna1.32653.202 days ago
50Crenali0.60653.132 days ago
51Terrorwrist0.00652.632 days ago
52Setyl0.00651.692 days ago
53Goreknight0.00651.472 days ago
54Misojos0.30651.132 days ago
55Gimligolas0.00650.532 days ago
56Gorewarrior0.00650.472 days ago
57Shamaniganss0.00650.442 days ago
58Softclaw67.11650.072 days ago
59Soulstice0.00649.872 days ago
60Sofeor0.00649.472 days ago
61Alexander0.72648.442 days ago
62Tyrnil0.60648.072 days ago
63Fatbaby0.00647.602 days ago
64Grizzlehunt0.00647.332 days ago
65Narshot0.60647.002 days ago
66Grizzlich0.00646.472 days ago
67Fenrees0.00645.942 days ago
68Grizzleshank0.00645.562 days ago
69Patton0.00644.942 days ago
70Zweibel0.00644.752 days ago
71Grizzlissa0.00642.872 days ago
72Brane0.00642.072 days ago
73Maalika0.00641.062 days ago
74Apocalytica0.00640.132 days ago
75Grizzella0.00640.132 days ago
76Divinevenat0.00639.942 days ago
77Shyvana1.08639.812 days ago
78Shaxen0.00639.732 days ago
79Finsha0.00638.942 days ago
80Mattias0.00638.132 days ago
81Grizzlena0.00637.602 days ago
82Narbaine0.00637.202 days ago
83Gerob0.00636.202 days ago
84Alqahhar0.00634.932 days ago
85Ryoki0.00634.502 days ago
86Redpawn0.00633.632 days ago
87Snakendeyes0.00632.752 days ago
88Inabikari0.60631.752 days ago
89Amadruada0.00631.332 days ago
90Blooddrunc0.60630.872 days ago
91Malchome0.00630.632 days ago
92Morrighann0.00629.802 days ago
93Jaynn0.00629.472 days ago
94Plunderbunny0.00627.402 days ago
95Sylthiay0.00627.002 days ago
96Korixa0.00625.672 days ago
97Kaeley0.00624.872 days ago
98Grizzleshift0.00623.532 days ago
99Juvia0.00621.932 days ago
100Gv0.00621.532 days ago
101Infirmus0.00617.072 days ago
102Gl0.00614.602 days ago
103Grizzeldda0.00611.062 days ago
104Sairres0.00605.072 days ago
105Rillimar0.00604.752 days ago
106Qallie0.00604.672 days ago
107Inaradria0.00604.002 days ago
108Xenychte0.00603.602 days ago
109Machairi0.00599.562 days ago
110Bagheerra0.00598.932 days ago
111Dunrik0.00595.402 days ago
112Zarduxs0.00594.562 days ago
113Eruru0.00593.132 days ago
114Ryoke0.00592.252 days ago
115Neytirí0.00590.532 days ago
116Lilítu0.00588.532 days ago
117Shepsa0.00587.072 days ago
118Md0.00586.472 days ago
119Maerdred0.00580.732 days ago
120Amatérasu0.72577.812 days ago
121Vincint0.00569.932 days ago
122Uf0.00520.202 days ago
123Gn0.00434.312 days ago
124Narman0.00386.882 days ago

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