Update Progress for Undying Resolution


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Gorehunter70.78654.931 day ago
2Rekviem70.78654.131 day ago
3Krystil70.78653.811 day ago
4Zweibella70.78653.531 day ago
5Sanje70.78653.071 day ago
6Shaldole42.88652.401 day ago
7Yz70.78651.531 day ago
8Lepios70.78651.251 day ago
9Softclaw14.67650.131 day ago
10Pawnfu70.45649.871 day ago
11Ponerya70.78648.731 day ago
12Lissanda70.78648.731 day ago
13Grizzlebeez42.88648.631 day ago
14Kyonkichi42.88647.401 day ago
15Tusö70.78646.801 day ago
16Ankzu70.78646.631 day ago
17Negshake14.89645.751 day ago
18Almuqit70.78645.471 day ago
19Evilvenat56.28645.331 day ago
20Mindalen70.78644.731 day ago
21Kaygome14.55643.471 day ago
22Jalaven28.72641.401 day ago
23Juvenate0.00641.201 day ago
24Iino70.78640.941 day ago
25Myrishka42.45639.131 day ago
26Ranico70.78638.401 day ago
27Garic0.00636.933 days ago
28Corentine0.00636.633 days ago
29Jw0.28636.443 days ago
30Setyl0.00635.443 days ago
31Hyuno0.00635.313 days ago
32Ou0.00634.133 days ago
33Arcavus14.22633.003 days ago
34Remyalta0.00632.401 day ago
35Goreknight0.00632.003 days ago
36Alexander0.00631.633 days ago
37Grizzlefu0.00631.063 days ago
38Terrorwrist0.00628.253 days ago
39Crenali0.00626.803 days ago
40Leafyvenat0.00622.943 days ago
41Finsha0.00622.333 days ago
42Bubblês0.00621.633 days ago
43Soulstice0.00621.533 days ago
44Gorefister0.00621.501 day ago
45Narshot0.00621.333 days ago
46Gv0.00618.073 days ago
47Kaeley0.00617.873 days ago
48Shaxen0.00616.563 days ago
49Perfector0.00616.273 days ago
50Shamaniganss0.00611.503 days ago
51Inabikari0.00611.503 days ago
52Maerdred0.00610.873 days ago
53Zêus0.00610.063 days ago
54Grizzella0.00609.383 days ago
55Lilmindy0.00609.073 days ago
56Amadruada0.00608.933 days ago
57Snakendeyes0.00608.673 days ago
58Gimligolas0.00608.073 days ago
59Narbaine0.00606.873 days ago
60Qallie0.00604.673 days ago
61Malchome0.00594.063 days ago
62Dunrik0.00592.473 days ago
63Mattias0.00588.803 days ago
64Amowrath56.23586.271 day ago
65Korixa0.00152.693 days ago
66Xenychte0.00--20 days ago
67Ryoki0.00--20 days ago
68Fenrees0.00--20 days ago
69Sairres0.00--20 days ago

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