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Update Progress for The Dragon Steel


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Yehe0.00692.731 day ago
2Condolence0.00692.311 day ago
3Muace0.00692.001 day ago
4Sonyanalog0.00691.751 day ago
5Pentty0.00691.381 day ago
6Kurorov0.00688.751 day ago
7Xiaokken0.00687.601 day ago
8Lovekiki0.00687.131 day ago
9Jumosiqi0.00687.071 day ago
10Bubbleteaa0.00686.691 day ago
11Serendipityz0.00686.601 day ago
12Deathsacrif0.00686.531 day ago
13Donlee0.00686.441 day ago
14Barometz0.00686.201 day ago
15Besinfuless0.00686.131 day ago
16Lely0.00684.131 day ago
17Blzer0.00683.671 day ago
18Oxooxo0.00683.471 day ago
19Artilleryz0.00683.131 day ago
20Prettybloom0.00683.071 day ago
21Nimev0.00682.941 day ago
22Pakoka0.00682.401 day ago
23Onewan0.00681.331 day ago
24Tianyababa0.00680.871 day ago
25Chendahan0.00680.751 day ago
26Becampione0.00680.131 day ago
27Dannyknight0.00679.531 day ago
28Monkleesin0.00678.811 day ago
29Yajuice0.00678.191 day ago
30Vyaphets0.00677.751 day ago
31Sigre0.00677.311 day ago
32Envytime0.00675.731 day ago
33Darkseafood0.00675.331 day ago
34Fluoxetina0.00674.731 day ago
35Lovelyhh0.00674.561 day ago
36Tearaven0.00674.071 day ago
37Nksao0.00673.811 day ago
38Superrmt0.00673.131 day ago
39Caloriess0.00673.001 day ago
40Laughingswor0.00672.941 day ago
41Buyaosong0.00671.251 day ago
42Nove0.00670.631 day ago
43Babehan0.00670.061 day ago
44Sukida0.00670.001 day ago
45Omio0.00669.501 day ago
46Littlealina0.00669.131 day ago
47Armageddonk0.00668.131 day ago
48Xxquincy0.00668.071 day ago
49Maplesnow0.00667.881 day ago
50Alexmercerxi0.00666.811 day ago
51Miaom0.00664.731 day ago
52Lovebigmac0.00664.401 day ago
53Xiaoobinbinn0.00663.751 day ago
54Isobela0.00663.501 day ago
55Eleen0.00663.251 day ago
56Doubsolomid0.00661.311 day ago
57Turanturando0.00659.811 day ago
58Dasha0.00655.801 day ago
59Xiaobinxiao0.00655.501 day ago
60Sumercey0.00655.061 day ago
61Bearbobo0.00655.001 day ago
62Busao0.00654.001 day ago
63Quanty0.00653.871 day ago
64Bilibilibo0.00652.191 day ago
65Izlzlzlz0.00652.071 day ago
66Lazypandaa0.00651.471 day ago
67Lukerkane0.00649.531 day ago
68Deathnumber0.00648.561 day ago
69Hellokiitty0.00647.941 day ago
70Ahly0.00646.131 day ago
71Dannylock0.00645.071 day ago
72Miortic0.00641.731 day ago
73Xenzbek0.00641.471 day ago
74Nannana0.00640.601 day ago
75Ohkami0.00638.331 day ago
76Angelysugar0.00637.631 day ago
77Nikomoon0.00637.401 day ago
78Reyynold0.00637.071 day ago
79Mundoorz0.00635.801 day ago
80Landoa0.00635.131 day ago
81Tinyee0.00635.061 day ago
82Forsaked0.00634.871 day ago
83Wuwamage0.00634.871 day ago
84Moonseeker0.00634.811 day ago
85Sedrey0.00634.501 day ago
86Corpsemen0.00634.001 day ago
87Vsvsv0.00633.401 day ago
88Morganan0.00632.731 day ago
89Xgën0.00630.881 day ago
90Pgfury0.00630.601 day ago
91Centipad0.00630.441 day ago
92Pandad0.00629.331 day ago
93Foxxyy0.00628.441 day ago
94Nover0.00628.071 day ago
95Solomonki0.00626.001 day ago
96Xiaobinnbinn0.00621.131 day ago
97Sevendeath0.00618.601 day ago
98Sevenhunt0.00616.671 day ago
99Salanghaiyo0.00610.871 day ago
100Eurydicell0.00607.801 day ago
101Firebanana0.00605.671 day ago
102Docky0.00604.671 day ago
103Gravesorz0.00604.471 day ago
104Shoubee0.00598.331 day ago
105Sevenkill0.00597.811 day ago
106Yinba0.00596.331 day ago
107Pullyy0.00595.731 day ago
108Sodaclub0.00588.801 day ago
109Paloga0.00584.071 day ago
110Klacuss0.0041.331 day ago

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