Update Progress for Kia Ora


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Jèxt1250.006 days ago
2Oakstone1250.006 days ago
3Tolva1250.006 days ago
4Mistz1250.006 days ago
5Tanrennth1250.006 days ago
6Fronemia1250.006 days ago
7Deathisezy1250.006 days ago
8Vulzian1250.006 days ago
9Yarpi1250.006 days ago
10Maoripaladin1250.006 days ago
11Ashlant1250.006 days ago
12Fuzzyducky750.006 days ago
13Codalgin500.006 days ago
14Ånimal500.006 days ago
15Xxsapphire250.006 days ago
16Zaranar100.766 days ago
17Boffing93.631 month ago
18Heywhat86.221 month ago
19Riico82.811 month ago
20Fünk82.776 days ago
21Ikroadiel82.431 month ago
22Seeme80.006 days ago
23Liiala80.006 days ago
24Mijsham80.006 days ago
25Fearina80.001 month ago
26Woobeh80.001 month ago
27Firefistâce70.161 month ago
28Satsujin65.006 days ago
29Seefú64.586 days ago
30Tanrenth63.506 days ago
31Atharmaka62.866 days ago
32Lightstriker53.971 month ago
33Thefünk50.266 days ago
34Aketi50.001 month ago
35Rootzó50.006 days ago
36Althore50.006 days ago
37Shtrife43.466 days ago
38Dennycråne42.276 days ago
39Ashelleron42.216 days ago
40Bubuk35.006 days ago
41Walphenolne35.006 days ago
42Inklion33.696 days ago
43Alfheim33.456 days ago
44Lucira30.006 days ago
45Augidgetty30.006 days ago
46Erranaxx30.006 days ago
47Raho29.701 month ago
48Wîllow25.546 days ago
49Wasiat25.546 days ago
50Tiàl25.006 days ago
51Çeîlas25.001 month ago
52Boboi25.006 days ago
53Charizma25.001 month ago
54Tolva20.001 month ago
55Nanakia20.006 days ago
56Korgan13.991 month ago
57Fûnk10.006 days ago
58Frohawk6.806 days ago
59Bronlowan5.006 days ago
60Valarn5.006 days ago
61Alarash5.006 days ago
62Swiftstalker0.006 days ago
63Ashanderie0.006 days ago
64Nicomaige0.006 days ago
65Onyxgana0.006 days ago
66Belaqua0.006 days ago
67Pandaslol0.006 days ago
68Milaona0.006 days ago
69Gentonix0.006 days ago
70Mcspooge0.006 days ago
71Asphodal0.001 month ago
72Rumney0.006 days ago
73Koilie0.006 days ago
74Jöfer0.001 month ago
75Åmateur0.006 days ago
76Tiannaxantho0.001 month ago
77Zhangefei0.001 month ago
78Bertrude0.001 month ago
79Lukie0.001 month ago
80Anoor0.001 month ago
81Neoakela0.006 days ago
82Venonmous0.006 days ago
83Monkday0.006 days ago
84Floomigger0.001 month ago
85Furfel0.001 month ago
86Candro0.006 days ago
87Wooup0.001 month ago
88Azazek0.001 month ago
89Rumness0.006 days ago
90Gaatos0.006 days ago
91Seemeslayem0.001 month ago
92Ddruidthing0.001 month ago
93Sikkem0.001 month ago
94Rûamoko0.006 days ago
95Roongermong0.001 month ago
96Evaluna0.001 month ago
97Bölts0.001 month ago
98Orniass0.006 days ago
99Tyrandie0.006 days ago
100Tïmmeh0.001 month ago
101Monkbenz0.001 month ago
102Falron0.001 month ago
103Thrommy0.001 month ago
104Kerch0.006 days ago
105Osh0.006 days ago
106Anelsa0.001 month ago
107Theanalator0.001 month ago
108Amell0.001 month ago
109Pardrek0.006 days ago
110Ellâ0.001 month ago
111Yamis0.001 month ago
112Vizieer0.001 month ago
113Sayatia0.006 days ago
114Kiennt0.001 month ago
115Arry0.006 days ago
116Xtide0.001 month ago
117Zhiu0.001 month ago
118Garonis0.001 month ago
119Levelien0.001 month ago
120Doake0.001 month ago
121Partybox0.006 days ago
122Ahorneydevil0.006 days ago
123Animã0.006 days ago
124Grapeeyes0.001 month ago
125Ullelaven0.006 days ago
126Darkmight0.006 days ago
127Jackäl0.006 days ago
128Haizytwo0.001 month ago
129Quickzkills0.001 month ago
130Chunkblast0.001 month ago
131Ximos0.001 month ago
132Totemrocks0.001 month ago
133Thwacker0.001 month ago
134Fatherturgid0.001 month ago
135Baldjerk0.001 month ago
136Fronos0.006 days ago
137Architeuthis0.001 month ago
138Brieanna0.006 days ago
139Âlcohealic0.001 month ago
140Balrae0.001 month ago
141Spïrt0.001 month ago
142Vändalize0.001 month ago
143Kaeno0.001 month ago
144Beardforce0.001 month ago
145Icestina0.001 month ago
146Tormentd0.001 month ago
147Syllaris0.001 month ago
148Vaargun0.001 month ago
149Mightywilly0.001 month ago
150Pakicetus0.001 month ago
151Mortizzle0.001 month ago
152Limjai0.001 month ago
153Fohire0.001 month ago
154Rainless0.001 month ago
155Bearesford0.001 month ago
156Balgruun0.001 month ago
157Mythisism0.001 month ago
158Squigglës0.001 month ago
159Wellydeep0.001 month ago
160Huntkuza0.001 month ago
161Chandis0.006 days ago
162Kallodin0.001 month ago
163Loten0.001 month ago
164Valhala0.001 month ago
165Õdiñ0.006 days ago
166Saullen0.001 month ago
167Syux0.006 days ago
168Eenyuhpoo0.001 month ago
169Oppamario0.006 days ago
170Cmpunkk0.006 days ago
171Hyùga0.001 month ago
172Watchthisbro0.006 days ago
173Virialus0.001 month ago
174Punduh0.001 month ago
175Wharemaru0.001 month ago
176Nerò0.006 days ago
177Serella0.001 month ago
178Pentakillz0.006 days ago
179Pentåkillz0.006 days ago
180Calleia0.001 month ago
181Pandermonium0.001 month ago
182Lutis0.006 days ago
183Solpadeine0.001 month ago
184Théfunk0.006 days ago
185Bigbadboss0.001 month ago
186Sneg0.001 month ago
187Zeedevil0.006 days ago
188Frotron0.006 days ago
189Prïme0.006 days ago
190Froj0.006 days ago
191Rukai0.001 month ago
192Lanféar0.006 days ago
193Dacail0.006 days ago
194Blackery0.006 days ago
195Brild0.006 days ago
196Liquidation0.006 days ago
197Clie0.006 days ago
198Girrafecat0.001 month ago
199Abovedeath0.001 month ago
200Teeheu0.001 month ago
201Aldisdark0.001 month ago
202Daney0.001 month ago
203Falaria0.001 month ago
204Trondimir0.001 month ago
205Sàlt0.006 days ago
206Raztor0.006 days ago
207Thêfunk0.006 days ago
208Luciàn0.006 days ago
209Nóscópe0.001 month ago
210Sackett0.006 days ago
211Rodos0.001 month ago
212Rosmini0.001 month ago
213Dedworganism0.001 month ago
214Roddaz0.001 month ago
215Nickeryy0.006 days ago
216Monthy0.001 month ago
217Klev0.001 month ago
218Garris0.001 month ago
219Amaradra0.006 days ago
220Andrillo0.006 days ago
221Saltspepper0.001 month ago
222Draejin0.006 days ago
223Lazykeint0.001 month ago
224Evilvarian0.006 days ago
225Tîm0.001 month ago
226Shonah0.001 month ago
227Emilylol0.006 days ago
228Râgnárøk0.001 month ago
229Armàgéddøn0.001 month ago
230Conypinwheel0.006 days ago
231Whodinii0.001 month ago
232Saielea0.001 month ago
233Timmehh0.001 month ago
234Apollõ0.001 month ago
235Kurtisbloww0.001 month ago
236Exicutor0.006 days ago
237Tiimmyy0.001 month ago
238Daneyy0.001 month ago
239Warmachinè0.001 month ago
240You0.001 month ago
241Hinenuitepo0.006 days ago
242Kúpe0.001 month ago
243Reivac0.006 days ago
244Dominõ0.001 month ago
245Asherea0.006 days ago
246Gnowaimee0.001 month ago
247Nogunpewpew0.006 days ago
248Oolanna0.001 month ago
249Atomant0.001 month ago
250Dorgrath0.001 month ago
251Arckmage0.006 days ago
252Darkknights0.001 month ago
253Animallust0.006 days ago
254Mixxy0.001 month ago
255Osen0.001 month ago
256Grìmace0.001 month ago
257Khaoz0.006 days ago
258Pappz0.001 month ago
259Slêêzy0.001 month ago
260Tomanytotems0.001 month ago
261Masacist0.001 month ago
262Fullmetâl0.001 month ago
263Milkleak0.001 month ago
264Milkbeard0.006 days ago
265Honney0.006 days ago
266Tetokuwaru0.001 month ago
267Delthis0.006 days ago
268Ethica0.001 month ago
269Mehy0.001 month ago
270Aleragne0.006 days ago
271Faamous0.001 month ago
272Alleron0.006 days ago
273Xplosiv0.006 days ago
274Darkkstalker0.001 month ago
275Fallus0.001 month ago
276Passa0.001 month ago
277Selasieye0.001 month ago
278Duderino0.006 days ago
279Theodrin0.006 days ago
280Elfinlust0.006 days ago
281Younglust0.006 days ago
282Gronkjaer0.006 days ago
283Wandi0.001 month ago
284Lustania0.006 days ago
285Beamerbandit0.001 month ago
286Nhanced0.001 month ago
287Linky0.001 month ago

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