Update Progress for IRON


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Purpitup71.32655.209 hours ago
2Noxtis71.32654.479 hours ago
3Regendorf71.32653.509 hours ago
4Cascaid71.32653.479 hours ago
5Trìfecta70.93653.209 hours ago
6Noctzultul71.32652.889 hours ago
7Shelfspace14.88652.479 hours ago
8Frostfreez70.93652.209 hours ago
9Plàuged70.93651.449 hours ago
10Outlet71.32651.009 hours ago
11Blainiac71.32650.069 hours ago
12Sorrowmiir71.32649.009 hours ago
13Fentargo70.65647.879 hours ago
14Luckystrìke56.82646.949 hours ago
15Bouwmeester71.32644.449 hours ago
16Ithybear43.10643.939 hours ago
17Chibbii14.88643.319 hours ago
18Moldyheals14.21642.389 hours ago
19Cascades0.28642.279 hours ago
20Akihero0.30641.739 hours ago
21Havoker14.88640.879 hours ago
22Sophìa0.00639.319 hours ago
23Mihoshi0.30638.139 hours ago
24Runetoon0.00632.739 hours ago
25Cascaids0.00632.069 hours ago
26Zenwarrior0.00632.009 hours ago
27Pâin0.00630.199 hours ago
28Iscariote71.32628.009 hours ago
29Hodør0.00623.759 hours ago
30Syzê0.00622.389 hours ago
31Ajure0.00612.319 hours ago
32Alrya0.00611.809 hours ago
33Kaerisa0.00607.819 hours ago
34Mezbe0.00605.609 hours ago
35Raïne0.00588.479 hours ago
36Kharkas0.00584.609 hours ago

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