Update Progress for IRON


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Mihoshi0.00715.6712 days ago
2Noxtis116.06710.3312 days ago
3Shelfspace150.00709.5312 days ago
4Guccifruiti0.00709.3312 days ago
5Tybasedgawd60.00707.5612 days ago
6Sorrowmiir91.62706.1312 days ago
7Gurthquake0.00703.7512 days ago
8Depletion0.00703.7512 days ago
9Cascaide0.00703.7512 days ago
10Blainiac0.00701.7312 days ago
11Syze0.00701.3312 days ago
12Cablebox0.00700.6312 days ago
13Noctzultul1.68696.5312 days ago
14Iscariote1.68695.8012 days ago
15Cascaid1.72694.7312 days ago
16Regendorf1.68692.8712 days ago
17Chibbii0.00691.0012 days ago
18Outlet0.00690.8112 days ago
19Tarecgosa1.68689.3812 days ago
20Pretzelstick0.00688.7512 days ago
21Ithybear1.68688.0712 days ago
22Mithandríl0.00686.6912 days ago
23Moldyheals0.00685.1312 days ago
24Cascades0.00685.0712 days ago
25Heathenism150.00684.9412 days ago
26Havoker0.00684.8012 days ago
27Casshole0.00684.6912 days ago
28Emilyraine0.00681.6312 days ago
29Bouwmeester0.00680.4012 days ago
30Akario0.00677.7312 days ago
31Cascaids150.00676.8812 days ago
32Runetoon0.00673.3312 days ago
33Yiipes0.00671.0012 days ago
34Shelfspot0.00668.0712 days ago
35Cínnabunz0.00666.3312 days ago
36Oridoravia0.00666.0012 days ago
37Frostyshotz0.00665.3312 days ago
38Casjade0.00665.0012 days ago
39Ðemô0.00664.8112 days ago
40Lavio0.00662.8812 days ago
41Rotomon0.00662.6712 days ago
42Charlesk0.00661.7312 days ago
43Ajure0.00661.3112 days ago
44Raïne0.00659.7312 days ago
45Ghoure0.00659.3812 days ago
46Tarec0.00658.8012 days ago
47Ithíe0.00657.6912 days ago
48Maalic0.00655.6312 days ago
49Haft0.00652.6712 days ago
50Skyfyre0.00650.6912 days ago
51Obamadon0.00650.3312 days ago
52Aerock0.00649.2012 days ago
53Zancil0.00649.0712 days ago
54Bonestoorm0.00646.3812 days ago
55Zexex0.00646.2512 days ago
56Blaíniac0.00645.8012 days ago
57Trucidio0.00645.0712 days ago
58Melenemesis0.00644.0012 days ago
59Bhuttercup0.00641.7312 days ago
60Tatotots0.00641.4712 days ago
61Bouwqt0.00641.3312 days ago
62Rainboom0.00640.6912 days ago
63Zume0.00637.8812 days ago
64Hodør0.00632.5012 days ago
65Fuzeon0.00630.3312 days ago
66Endemika0.00629.1312 days ago
67Shadowzrd0.00623.7312 days ago
68Bouwflex0.00623.4712 days ago
69Skumpy0.00611.8112 days ago
70Alrya0.00611.8012 days ago
71Fluffrangoon0.00610.4012 days ago
72Ithyphalic0.00585.1312 days ago
73Karbunkle0.00562.3312 days ago
74Purpitup0.00455.0712 days ago

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