Update Progress for Dread


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Worgen16882.97689.2017 hours ago
2Struthgoat16861.07688.678 hours ago
3Notaustin16849.44688.3315 hours ago
4Eclips16882.97688.0717 hours ago
5Moondel16882.97687.1917 hours ago
6Ashapls16882.97687.1317 hours ago
7Nvsiya16769.76686.8717 hours ago
8Haxpaxington16882.97686.8017 hours ago
9Brian16714.71686.4417 hours ago
10Agoles8207.57686.2015 hours ago
11Elementlol6214.69686.1317 hours ago
12Soberlol16882.97686.0017 hours ago
13Asheria12497.26685.8017 hours ago
14Bromicide16700.72685.7517 hours ago
15Bawnches16175.13685.7517 hours ago
16Wildfashion16882.97685.1317 hours ago
17Varulf12666.06685.1317 hours ago
18Mitsuforever15345.87684.5017 hours ago
19Boxedwaffle12651.43684.4017 hours ago
20Boxedawful6536.77684.4017 hours ago
21Feonix16714.71684.1917 hours ago
22Clairebear16877.51684.1917 hours ago
23Ichinowanan16868.89684.0017 hours ago
24Jazo8001.36683.8111 hours ago
25Seoyeon16882.97683.5017 hours ago
26Megarises3864.18681.4017 hours ago
27Peter2102.87681.2520 hours ago
28Rokkd954.51680.197 days ago
29Möñk1331.23676.697 days ago
30Wikkiqt664.48676.337 days ago
31Struthy1597.55676.317 days ago
32Fatkid2909.30676.007 days ago
33Fashionstar251.99675.757 days ago
34Rancora243.39675.137 days ago
35Starrfox203.22674.443 days ago
36Healzrforus3624.25674.447 days ago
37Cleveadin2947.75674.007 days ago
38Whiskytango147.24673.887 days ago
39Bró210.52673.137 days ago
40Scooterjones2703.98672.9421 hour ago
41Ashaplox240.37672.477 days ago
42Effiy711.58672.077 days ago
43Asherian233.05671.207 days ago
44Wookster124.29671.137 days ago
45Chip238.07671.137 days ago
46Poprocknroll238.07670.477 days ago
47Noobdel1330.69670.407 days ago
48Nazlenius625.56670.407 days ago
49Bakinsoda223.12669.677 days ago
50Hotsizzle119.82669.507 days ago
51Mitsukuni1559.54668.737 days ago
52Fashionrises128.15668.077 days ago
53Atrainzz613.78668.077 days ago
54Eriozdk229.19668.007 days ago
55Notaustinxd235.83667.887 days ago
56Snoopdoggie136.01667.407 days ago
57Agoleslol228.65667.337 days ago
58Rangoon143.24667.257 days ago
59Strutty128.15667.137 days ago
60Mazaf0.26666.477 days ago
61Mfear229.19666.407 days ago
62Zeldaa176.95666.277 days ago
63Naleana124.29665.697 days ago
64Lechies163.37665.337 days ago
65Crossblesser139.35665.077 days ago
66Moondle139.35664.757 days ago
67Bawnchee127.23664.677 days ago
68Cleve2715.16663.077 days ago
69Claire243.71662.257 days ago
70Erioz14010.55662.197 days ago
71Sillybear146.32662.007 days ago
72Aptek78.62661.737 days ago
73Babomang605.82661.337 days ago
74Brucelinkzx0.15661.257 days ago
75Fashionmonk120.40660.737 days ago
76Nasir78.31660.637 days ago
77Mewbertz0.00660.007 days ago
78Deadrat0.00660.007 days ago
79Conradxo0.00660.007 days ago
80Teddybear0.00660.003 days ago
81Clonemasterx0.00660.007 days ago
82Beamy13.43659.477 days ago
83Siphorith120.40659.407 days ago
84Donaskme605.82658.567 days ago
85Maive13.17658.567 days ago
86Jaywalker61.09658.507 days ago
87Healandco10.91658.137 days ago
88Shytreme0.84657.567 days ago
89Voidcher116.63657.537 days ago
90Qtlol0.11657.337 days ago
91Zoire14.05657.337 days ago
92Eclipsydk233.05657.337 days ago
93Gravegobbler155.20657.337 days ago
94Cbear128.15656.757 days ago
95Dehthwish34.92656.447 days ago
96Abolita54.02656.067 days ago
97Yerg0.84656.007 days ago
98Nanami123.03655.877 days ago
99Bommy0.84654.807 days ago
100Soberwow123.15654.737 days ago
101Bannanas0.00654.677 days ago
102Raifu0.00654.677 days ago
103Resurge22.56654.537 days ago
104Laraven23.80654.337 days ago
105Senpaifurr729.79653.507 days ago
106Calories147.09653.007 days ago
107Slumpyman0.10652.5020 hours ago
108Getbent0.00652.007 days ago
109Laundryday0.00652.007 days ago
110Deadratx0.00652.007 days ago
111Arzaac0.65651.947 days ago
112Dkpowah0.00651.807 days ago
113Chobits116.48651.337 days ago
114Yukari0.00651.007 days ago
115Blushes0.55650.877 days ago
116Brò12.04650.637 days ago
117Whyian0.00650.507 days ago
118Adencice0.45650.337 days ago
119Desmondjr0.30650.067 days ago
120Riffz0.15650.007 days ago
121Zezay80.81649.737 days ago
122Flaks0.67649.507 days ago
123Seiber14.89649.337 days ago
124Exotikyou0.00649.337 days ago
125Dropthatflag0.00649.337 days ago
126Elf29.54649.077 days ago
127Nazlonius0.60648.877 days ago
128Reesi0.00648.817 days ago
129Wargasmic0.77648.697 days ago
130Smooching54.55648.677 days ago
131Flipno0.00647.887 days ago
132Velariance0.00647.877 days ago
133Ulî1.42647.337 days ago
134Whitcomovich0.78647.077 days ago
135Bownerdz0.00647.077 days ago
136Thatelfandy0.00647.077 days ago
137Marooned0.00646.677 days ago
138Thunderjoo0.00646.677 days ago
139Aerio0.00646.677 days ago
140Muli53.45646.677 days ago
141Lieren123.18646.677 days ago
142Gerp0.00646.257 days ago
143Iceblocks0.60646.137 days ago
144Rhuk0.28645.757 days ago
145Peterpanman120.40645.007 days ago
146Fatkidlol1.31644.937 days ago
147Bimmy0.00644.477 days ago
148Reik0.00644.407 days ago
149Jkohn0.00644.407 days ago
150Kookie147.09643.887 days ago
151Dynamism72.21643.507 days ago
152Burr0.00643.477 days ago
153Shuey0.00642.637 days ago
154Ambuur0.00642.317 days ago
155Googaloo11.76642.137 days ago
156Fashionz0.00642.007 days ago
157Cmx0.00641.737 days ago
158Marinakruger1.30641.677 days ago
159Snidlol0.00641.477 days ago
160Amën0.39641.387 days ago
161Plasticware0.00641.337 days ago
162Huntaý0.00641.3321 hour ago
163Ahngelus0.00641.337 days ago
164Supernõva0.00641.337 days ago
165Whitco0.26641.337 days ago
166Iam29.54641.007 days ago
167Grandé146.56640.677 days ago
168Boolei0.84640.317 days ago
169Cleppyy133.17640.257 days ago
170Baxtab0.00640.007 days ago
171Evakami0.30639.607 days ago
172Xoly0.00639.477 days ago
173Hyrax1.43639.277 days ago
174Ashaplz0.00639.277 days ago
175Zipadedodah0.00639.077 days ago
176Misaex0.00638.937 days ago
177Majinerioz0.00638.677 days ago
178Steve1.34638.637 days ago
179Capmasterx0.00637.507 days ago
180Gooage0.00637.477 days ago
181Luckii0.00637.337 days ago
182Efanor0.90636.737 days ago
183Dkgodx0.00636.537 days ago
184Zoleras0.00636.137 days ago
185Slimshadyx0.00636.007 days ago
186Djhammer0.00635.387 days ago
187Yarg0.78634.697 days ago
188Phoenix26.56634.207 days ago
189Showfeet42.16634.007 days ago
190Misae0.00633.737 days ago
191Vivox0.14633.607 days ago
192Gary0.00633.337 days ago
193Zeldaq0.00633.077 days ago
194Mcnuggits0.00632.877 days ago
195Krrld0.00632.507 days ago
196Deadlygoo0.00632.477 days ago
197Kevgochugo0.00631.537 days ago
198Struthmate0.00631.383 days ago
199Rìléy0.00631.277 days ago
200Mydeathnight0.00631.137 days ago
201Chknwtrmln1.43631.077 days ago
202Nethicula0.26631.077 days ago
203Carugar0.00630.677 days ago
204Fearandco0.00630.003 days ago
205Irishcarbomb0.00629.737 days ago
206Boxedfalafel0.00629.737 days ago
207Glossy0.11629.197 days ago
208Swore0.55628.477 days ago
209Swolgreve0.00628.137 days ago
210Urotzukidoji0.00627.887 days ago
211Thatguyandy1.44627.877 days ago
212Chanaynay0.00627.877 days ago
213Nhudri0.00627.407 days ago
214Caloriesx0.00627.137 days ago
215Phox63.90626.507 days ago
216Panman0.00626.067 days ago
217Anise0.00625.637 days ago
218Suazie0.00625.337 days ago
219Gambino0.00624.937 days ago
220Cleppykin0.00624.277 days ago
221Gxtwo0.00624.207 days ago
222Itsaustin0.00623.633 days ago
223Gagadk0.00623.137 days ago
224Zzero0.00622.537 days ago
225Englols0.00622.537 days ago
226Nigloo0.00622.207 days ago
227Rageandco0.00622.137 days ago
228Podium0.00621.137 days ago
229ßabaganoosh0.00620.387 days ago
230Brow0.00620.387 days ago
231Wasalyna0.00620.207 days ago
232Lollipopqt0.00619.933 days ago
233Zâríne0.00619.337 days ago
234Vandersloot0.00619.317 days ago
235Khalid0.00619.137 days ago
236Jpkdab0.00618.677 days ago
237Sugar0.00618.077 days ago
238Mellissamana0.00617.877 days ago
239Prothvar0.00617.737 days ago
240Dorfknight0.00616.937 days ago
241Sparkuggz0.00616.733 days ago
242Lily14.45616.007 days ago
243Spazzy0.00615.757 days ago
244Mthrash1.29615.677 days ago
245Namebrand0.00614.507 days ago
246Phyron0.00614.137 days ago
247Topo0.00613.737 days ago
248Itchynail0.00613.737 days ago
249Zundra0.00608.137 days ago
250Drexotik0.00606.477 days ago
251Remy0.00605.337 days ago
252Danklife0.00605.077 days ago
253Fourchan0.00603.607 days ago
254Haobe0.00603.477 days ago
255Oblitereight0.00602.937 days ago
256Lerajie0.00602.877 days ago
257Majinshady0.00602.877 days ago
258Cherioz0.00602.677 days ago
259Elunaz0.00600.877 days ago
260Madmaax0.00599.877 days ago
261Angryhat0.00597.003 days ago
262Tenon0.00592.407 days ago
263Sayonas0.00590.207 days ago
264Humän0.00588.207 days ago
265Arrowgodx0.00587.277 days ago
266Kz0.00585.077 days ago
267Ohsnapboolei0.00584.507 days ago
268Jclone0.00523.637 days ago
269Aptekz0.00492.2721 hour ago
270Whatsgoingon0.00--2 months ago

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