Update Progress for Dread


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Moondel9051.7423 hours ago
2Fashionmonk9003.4423 hours ago
3Bromicide8783.6723 hours ago
4Brian8769.9623 hours ago
5Ichinowanan7620.4323 hours ago
6Fatkid7353.9323 hours ago
7Spazzadin6726.7523 hours ago
8Fatkidlol6697.6423 hours ago
9Aid5493.9723 hours ago
10Googaloo5000.0023 hours ago
11Zeldaa5000.0023 hours ago
12Worgen5000.0017 hours ago
13Spazzy5000.0023 hours ago
14Humän5000.0023 hours ago
15Gnomeburt5000.0023 hours ago
16Theriden3250.0023 hours ago
17Spazzyshot3250.0023 hours ago
18Calories2901.9323 hours ago
19Elf2875.4423 hours ago
20Chuggalove2566.0123 hours ago
21Attunement2500.0023 hours ago
22Scârfâce2500.0023 hours ago
23Scârfail2500.008 hours ago
24Spazzybubble2250.0023 hours ago
25Bró1996.7423 hours ago
26Rakore1868.3523 hours ago
27Zeldaq1250.0023 hours ago
28Grandé1000.0023 hours ago
29Peterpanman750.0023 hours ago
30Chip707.8123 hours ago
31Koldsoul500.0023 hours ago
32Scarwalker500.0023 hours ago
33Clairebear500.005 days ago
34Wildfashion250.005 days ago
35Fashionz250.005 days ago
36Shadowsill135.885 days ago
37Desmondjr133.485 days ago
38Thorinll80.006 days ago
39Aidbell80.006 days ago
40Wikkiqt80.0013 days ago
41Thatlockandy80.0013 days ago
42Fashionn80.006 days ago
43Nathan80.0013 days ago
44Thatguyandy80.0013 days ago
45Treeberta80.006 days ago
46Effiy80.0013 days ago
47Fashionstar80.0013 days ago
48Brojob80.0010 days ago
49Cleve80.0013 days ago
50Voidcher80.0013 days ago
51Noobdel80.0013 days ago
52Jojokaizer80.0013 days ago
53Lily65.0010 days ago
54Lilbearxo55.0023 hours ago
55Healsgohere50.0023 hours ago
56Aidbert30.0013 days ago
57Místerfister25.006 days ago
58Iam25.0013 days ago
59Revisk10.6613 days ago
60Brõmicide10.0013 days ago
61Deathrax7.216 days ago
62Zipadedodah5.0013 days ago
63Smooching0.0023 hours ago
64Podium0.0023 hours ago
65Chiplol0.0023 hours ago
66Zokkerr0.005 days ago
67Boxedfalafel0.006 days ago
68Clamcrusher0.006 days ago
69Conradxo0.006 days ago
70Aidkore0.0010 days ago
71Celebration0.0010 days ago
72Ghair0.0010 days ago
73Firegodxx0.0010 days ago
74Glvr0.0010 days ago
75Jpkdab0.0013 days ago
76Mowford0.0013 days ago
77Combat0.006 days ago
78Sontaku0.0023 hours ago
79Djhammer0.0013 days ago
80Kriegadin0.0013 days ago
81Bròmicide0.0013 days ago
82Partikle0.003 days ago
83Rafiikki0.0013 days ago
84Magedoc0.0013 days ago
85Nayrru0.0013 days ago
86Idlifetapdat0.0013 days ago
87Priestleyy0.0013 days ago
88Monkioz0.006 days ago
89Jermain0.006 days ago
90Dkpowah0.0023 hours ago
91Jkohn0.0010 days ago
92Maybesober0.0023 hours ago
93Sapmasterx0.0010 days ago
94Cleppyy0.006 days ago
95Darkholer0.0023 hours ago
96Oblitereight0.006 days ago
97Fashionstarz0.005 days ago
98Arionus0.0013 days ago
99Irishcarbomb0.0013 days ago
100Pencilz0.0010 days ago
101Paladinz0.0010 days ago
102Vandrace0.0013 days ago
103Druidley0.0013 days ago
104Meatrocket0.0023 hours ago
105Jaywalker0.006 days ago
106Tholyn0.0023 hours ago
107Sillybare0.006 days ago
108Teehari0.0011 months ago
109Grande0.0013 days ago
110Cleveadin0.0023 hours ago
111Elunaz0.005 days ago
112Zundra0.0023 hours ago
113Kz0.0013 days ago
114Donaskme0.0013 days ago
115Flipno0.0010 days ago
116Wookster0.0010 days ago
117Adencice0.006 days ago
118Kevgochugo0.0013 days ago
119Panpanpie0.0010 days ago

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