1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Zorop73408.36891.6917 hours ago
2Afflikshin75061.17891.5617 hours ago
3Babyjacedk75061.17891.5017 hours ago
4Cronizer75061.17891.138 hours ago
5Brmz75061.17891.0617 hours ago
6Fuyuri75061.17891.0617 hours ago
7Bodybagg75061.17890.8117 hours ago
8Trogorr75061.17890.6917 hours ago
9Botty74319.95890.4417 hours ago
10Aroke63975.56890.0617 hours ago
11Ujx72797.13889.5617 hours ago
12Bunzz75061.17889.5617 hours ago
13Ven67675.89889.1317 hours ago
14Jackjr75061.17888.4417 hours ago
15Woopigsooie65054.65888.0017 hours ago
16Cokes68400.51886.6917 hours ago
17Ostracize75061.17886.445 hours ago
18Redditdotcom74013.76886.3817 hours ago
19Venjr73731.61886.1917 hours ago
20Cocoaa74319.95885.7517 hours ago
21Bdc75061.17885.6917 hours ago
22Nowembre75061.17885.5617 hours ago
23Iife75061.17884.9417 hours ago
24Tabbiishott67623.16884.6917 hours ago
25Pyonpyon75061.17884.5617 hours ago
26Sipepip72086.82884.502 days ago
27Sarkasmos73408.36884.311 day ago
28Trapstâr3852.76883.692 days ago
29Williee459.26883.312 days ago
30Brumzxd67354.22882.812 days ago
31Rawxd67369.75882.132 days ago
32Hypê441.01881.502 days ago
33Blixxy387.68881.442 days ago
34Waldosp67371.22880.812 days ago
35Cronesjones67369.70880.312 days ago
36Truefel71785.64880.312 days ago
37Sarkysark4518.70879.882 days ago
38Bottymist3151.91879.882 days ago
39Zoropatine67369.70879.812 days ago
40Ujxx67369.70879.812 days ago
41Novmbre67369.70879.002 days ago
42Iive67354.22878.942 days ago
43Blarch67332.68878.752 days ago
44Tabbiizhott72667.14878.132 days ago
45Mycroft476.66878.062 days ago
46Kryzite408.33877.812 days ago
47Mcfacerop888.40877.692 days ago
48Brumzk886.88877.442 days ago
49Venz415.76877.4418 hours ago
50Bigdaddyjace3803.64877.382 days ago
51Sarky886.88876.882 days ago
52Title25000.00876.752 days ago
53Vens886.83876.7518 hours ago
54Rayspite446.90876.502 days ago
55Arcmis74013.76876.442 days ago
56Zaphikel67352.75876.252 days ago
57Objection67369.70876.062 days ago
58Trogortwo886.94875.942 days ago
59Kroanen398.11875.442 days ago
60Narij408.33875.132 days ago
61Dxmond873.46875.132 days ago
62Riffwrath67371.22874.751 day ago
63Fuyurii4480.85874.502 days ago
64Egodeath67354.22874.252 days ago
65Triceracox404.53874.062 days ago
66Sickclass816.73873.632 days ago
67Weirdpotato886.88873.442 days ago
68Ròarthonn808.39872.752 days ago
69Crones888.40872.192 days ago
70Bdcz67352.70872.132 days ago
71Caitlynj886.88872.062 days ago
72Fistpep855.15871.942 days ago
73Dankmcgank413.59871.812 days ago
74Idealjars1796.60871.812 days ago
75Freekstile52.84871.502 days ago
76Riiba416.91870.942 days ago
77Brumzj181.43870.882 days ago
78Phone446.84870.812 days ago
79Arokez360.08870.812 days ago
80Yeezypeezy886.93870.002 days ago
81Brooks413.59869.812 days ago
82Teamdemacia12.77869.632 days ago
83Babyjace1111.05868.562 days ago
84Joneser888.35868.192 days ago
85Chunkage413.59868.132 days ago
86Sukut383.63867.882 days ago
87Brewkzz401.94867.812 days ago
88Frozt886.83867.562 days ago
89Orcwarr383.53867.502 days ago
90Burfday0.00867.002 days ago
91Zaphari888.46867.002 days ago
92Zzoh383.42865.692 days ago
93Termag0.00865.382 days ago
94Bôtty886.83864.562 days ago
95Axewound383.42864.442 days ago
96Iights886.93864.192 days ago
97Blankface886.94863.312 days ago
98Deathleg476.60863.132 days ago
99Fuyuridh886.88863.002 days ago
100Zilzi416.77862.942 days ago
101Riiah420.98862.692 days ago
102November886.99862.502 days ago
103Nicetoke886.93861.942 days ago
104Rohnaj0.42861.192 days ago
105Gigglê41.06861.132 days ago
106Dammedsoul0.00860.882 days ago
107Froslass4.41860.192 days ago
108Invection888.46859.882 days ago
109Blizy0.00859.502 days ago
110Syrada0.00858.942 days ago
111Trueslam886.93858.752 days ago
112Gelda23.42858.632 days ago
113Prometheium204.96857.942 days ago
114Publick0.00857.632 days ago
115Snugglés0.00855.882 days ago
116Truekill888.46855.692 days ago
117Fuzd150.00855.692 days ago
118Acideyeliner150.00855.562 days ago
119Faythles4.16855.062 days ago
120Helscreem332.52854.942 days ago
121Arcshots446.90854.942 days ago
122Róarthonn806.75854.632 days ago
123Friedmudkipz446.79854.442 days ago
124Emberice0.00854.062 days ago
125Jolencia0.00853.062 days ago
126Defugio0.00853.062 days ago
127Kwatosaghh0.00851.002 days ago
128Nibron4.36850.692 days ago
129Icantplaygam0.00850.502 days ago
130Sarx0.00850.132 days ago
131Slapchops0.00849.942 days ago
132Chunkald413.46849.882 days ago
133Poonzerjr0.00849.562 days ago
134Raimik0.00848.632 days ago
135Monkace0.00848.062 days ago
136Diamondk446.79847.882 days ago
137Warriorjanx16.43847.692 days ago
138Avarisa0.00847.252 days ago
139Astro0.00847.002 days ago
140Killmour0.00845.752 days ago
141Catscratches0.00844.442 days ago
142Phrequency0.00844.192 days ago
143Arkms446.79844.002 days ago
144Taylrswiftt0.00844.002 days ago
145Crotac0.00843.562 days ago
146Tuggett0.00843.312 days ago
147Kimchidimsum4.08843.312 days ago
148Snoozletoes0.00841.812 days ago
149Shakeltoff0.00837.312 days ago
150Jerrywest0.00836.132 days ago
151Fantasie0.00833.632 days ago
152Zurrai0.00829.382 days ago
153Novembre3.71826.382 days ago
154Beauford0.00825.442 days ago
155Ozenenz0.00824.062 days ago
156Uphaz0.00822.812 days ago
157Mazill0.00819.502 days ago
158Sarkthree371.77817.132 days ago
159Tabbidh0.00815.562 days ago
160Feedlord25000.00812.5618 hours ago
161Lamdizzy0.00810.882 days ago
162Stommped0.00807.632 days ago
163Tabbitank178.53807.252 days ago
164Croneszy0.00805.942 days ago
165Diamondd25000.00801.752 days ago
166Lucc0.00801.442 days ago
167Tim0.00800.312 days ago
168Nazerim0.00798.132 days ago
169Phuff0.00798.002 days ago
170Trueshank0.00795.502 days ago
171Bdcjr25000.00767.812 days ago
172Donnut0.00--3 days ago

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