1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Milennia39550.05697.811 day ago
2Donnut40169.05696.811 day ago
3Ties40169.05696.801 day ago
4Druid39942.38696.801 day ago
5Cliperlol39162.06696.401 day ago
6Rawxd40169.05695.751 day ago
7Invection19592.83695.691 day ago
8Frostly19478.66695.531 day ago
9Aughyssul39831.52695.3312 hours ago
10Sooter39162.06694.801 day ago
11Zaphikel40169.05694.731 day ago
12Sarky30142.34694.191 day ago
13Zorop18955.24693.811 day ago
14Vapour39164.05693.631 day ago
15Bluedreamchz38775.71693.311 day ago
16Killmour20485.65693.131 day ago
17Mistwenner30123.02692.931 day ago
18Botty40169.05692.881 day ago
19Zoropatine29511.51692.251 day ago
20Dazs39162.06691.941 day ago
21Fuyuri30628.11691.801 day ago
22Trueslam17890.75691.311 day ago
23Iife39933.84691.001 day ago
24Tabbiizhott30142.34690.071 day ago
25Lyzsa30590.16690.001 day ago
26Sarkasmos19004.57687.401 day ago
27Joneser9378.86687.251 day ago
28Tabbiishott17164.77685.731 day ago
29Solara4114.60685.401 day ago
30Trackpad3975.17685.331 day ago
31Mycroft1227.67685.131 day ago
32Pappajack4075.61684.131 day ago
33Iive3416.53683.671 day ago
34Frostlymonk3908.85683.531 day ago
35Pyonpyon3932.61683.191 day ago
36Truedot3974.88683.131 day ago
37Cebel13530.30682.801 day ago
38Lamdizzy3561.20682.251 day ago
39Sootor3220.75682.001 day ago
40Kyshy4075.04681.331 day ago
41Iights407.17681.001 day ago
42Dissection4054.04680.331 day ago
43Tiez3952.72680.311 day ago
44Jetjaguar15365.49680.071 day ago
45Poroz251.43679.881 day ago
46Burfday4444.81679.801 day ago
47Brmz2964.77679.671 day ago
48Nazerim262.75679.071 day ago
49Botti3975.17678.751 day ago
50Aughytwo3980.56678.561 day ago
51Hecachire13867.83677.731 day ago
52Acog13530.30677.381 day ago
53Jackjr2362.06676.401 day ago
54Oxygenation232.32675.601 day ago
55Toodlefroops251.09675.061 day ago
56Gamer765.58675.001 day ago
57Pochiena2653.96674.801 day ago
58Lamdeeze2065.08674.501 day ago
59Killmourjr3960.16674.401 day ago
60Sarkonious226.94674.061 day ago
61Hypê137.19673.471 day ago
62Sevverencee665.62672.801 day ago
63Lifeform2132.23672.401 day ago
64Babykiss251.43672.381 day ago
65Aughythree247.54671.811 day ago
66Shiftmour278.89671.801 day ago
67Helscreem117.82671.731 day ago
68Melenie2596.05671.191 day ago
69Book397.97671.071 day ago
70Ratchetchick2185.77670.071 day ago
71Lilchuckee343.29670.061 day ago
72Tiies247.21669.471 day ago
73Poundd361.26669.471 day ago
74Conflux266.44669.071 day ago
75Jerrywest236.22668.801 day ago
76Acogz2736.29668.801 day ago
77Riiba407.44667.731 day ago
78Lisast266.10667.251 day ago
79Pixshot2570.18666.931 day ago
80Dammedsoul11.77666.871 day ago
81Poonzer61.72666.751 day ago
82Sarkthree267.56666.561 day ago
83Ivankov40.53666.381 day ago
84Tabbitank234.97665.671 day ago
85Napkinmath250.57665.131 day ago
86Truesnipe251.59664.001 day ago
87Sined13867.83663.671 day ago
88Fuyurii140.41662.471 day ago
89Kroanen266.33662.001 day ago
90Dazss1388.29662.001 day ago
91Orcwarr118.77661.631 day ago
92Hecaire1320.16661.061 day ago
93Bakstreetboy0.00660.811 day ago
94Solaralock20.84660.671 day ago
95Dadsthrobnpp86.05660.061 day ago
96Danny206.70660.001 day ago
97Konductive2693.98659.731 day ago
98Stommped89.60659.471 day ago
99Bvrfdaycake147.06659.401 day ago
100Weenyman85.01659.131 day ago
101Riserxd86.00658.871 day ago
102Narij0.00658.311 day ago
103Prometheium0.00657.801 day ago
104Trunix42.50657.561 day ago
105Jetjr72.64657.531 day ago
106Tuggett0.45657.331 day ago
107Coolbuts0.30657.331 day ago
108Lambertone241.70657.331 day ago
109Syrada0.30656.941 day ago
110Asular753.97656.471 day ago
111Krz89.40656.381 day ago
112Herpadurpes13.55656.201 day ago
113Sarklimate0.48656.001 day ago
114Acideyeliner0.84655.001 day ago
115Termag120.96654.131 day ago
116Hecatenchire147.06652.731 day ago
117Echoii43.00652.471 day ago
118Fuzzed0.00652.401 day ago
119Goringbull223.26652.001 day ago
120Slothz154.72652.001 day ago
121Nibron19.51651.881 day ago
122Rayspite0.00650.671 day ago
123Bowsnhoes211.38650.471 day ago
124Pixull131.53650.201 day ago
125Phone0.00650.001 day ago
126Brumz10.21649.731 day ago
127Risercpk77.02649.131 day ago
128Taliht0.72647.671 day ago
129Siki0.23647.191 day ago
130Magiccow0.00647.071 day ago
131Zionna14.38647.061 day ago
132Thegoatxgoat79.00646.801 day ago
133Thehuntsman122.12646.671 day ago
134Propimping0.00646.671 day ago
135Deepinyou0.00646.631 day ago
136Zexx28.78646.601 day ago
137Barreltroll0.00646.471 day ago
138Jagzz0.00645.561 day ago
139Jacksr0.00644.131 day ago
140Ostracize0.54644.061 day ago
141Dankmcgank126.00643.471 day ago
142Bobofett0.45642.881 day ago
143Bowflextreme0.00642.751 day ago
144Jetjaguarex0.00642.751 day ago
145Tim0.00642.131 day ago
146Jaket40.81641.811 day ago
147Shiena0.00641.131 day ago
148Cliverino147.06641.071 day ago
149Stealthcore0.00640.751 day ago
150Savahana1.41639.401 day ago
151Bearreltroll0.00638.871 day ago
152Kryzite0.00638.251 day ago
153Fwuhzy0.00638.251 day ago
154Dinklagedad89.40638.191 day ago
155Healmour89.54638.131 day ago
156Waakaa0.00637.531 day ago
157Italyslock89.59637.201 day ago
158Tpyo0.00636.801 day ago
159Othila0.00636.751 day ago
160Pudgepicker0.84636.381 day ago
161Whatashock0.00636.251 day ago
162Ipowpowu0.00635.931 day ago
163Chumz0.00635.731 day ago
164Brumzj0.87634.731 day ago
165Snoozletoes0.45634.561 day ago
166Whener0.00634.331 day ago
167Slapchops0.00633.751 day ago
168Tinyslickman0.00633.731 day ago
169Nàtrah0.00633.331 day ago
170Shooterguy1.42633.331 day ago
171Shakeltoff0.00633.331 day ago
172Nick0.00633.251 day ago
173Fouled0.00633.001 day ago
174Sarkysark0.00632.601 day ago
175Powpowu0.00632.531 day ago
176Blizy0.00632.501 day ago
177Brooks0.45632.401 day ago
178Ashuin0.00631.471 day ago
179Cfg0.45630.801 day ago
180Renlol0.00628.671 day ago
181Kizl0.00628.631 day ago
182Troakii0.00627.271 day ago
183Ruseman0.00627.271 day ago
184Karambit0.00627.271 day ago
185Phrequency0.00626.941 day ago
186Huntsmán0.00626.271 day ago
187Fistavust0.00625.691 day ago
188Brumzk0.00625.401 day ago
189Onslawtt79.00625.191 day ago
190Sark0.00624.801 day ago
191Shrimpdikx0.00624.401 day ago
192Gamingboy0.00621.941 day ago
193Acogx126.51621.071 day ago
194Mordeus0.00619.131 day ago
195Icantplaygam0.00618.751 day ago
196Tabbiishot0.00618.731 day ago
197Stuns0.00617.001 day ago
198Bhang0.00613.001 day ago
199Kvetch0.00611.131 day ago
200Sarkaneshot0.00610.331 day ago
201Khov0.00609.191 day ago
202Poonzerjr0.00607.001 day ago
203Osianna0.00605.271 day ago
204Hecatinchire0.00602.001 day ago
205Ksenija0.00601.001 day ago
206Monkamstyle0.00598.731 day ago
207Ktbjr0.00597.071 day ago
208Litelight0.00538.071 day ago
209Elusivè0.00537.751 day ago
210Dropbearz0.00412.001 day ago
211Kogmaw0.00398.131 day ago
212Classbalance0.00387.471 day ago
213Mortemflore0.00161.251 day ago

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