1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Misume8023.47726.6721 hour ago
2Aughyssul8023.47725.4721 hour ago
3Ties8023.47725.4013 hours ago
4Zekke7294.78724.8715 hours ago
5Bluedreamchz8017.67724.695 hours ago
6Iife8023.47723.8121 hour ago
7Milennia7984.65723.0719 hours ago
8Donnut8023.47722.6721 hour ago
9Trueslam7938.14722.4721 hour ago
10Ujx7236.89722.472 hours ago
11Frostly7253.46721.8021 hour ago
12Seroz7990.08720.3821 hour ago
13Racialz7298.84719.9421 hour ago
14Sarkasmos8023.47718.7321 hour ago
15Invection4309.77718.7321 hour ago
16Fuyuri5787.95718.1317 hours ago
17Zoropatine5846.83718.0021 hour ago
18Zaphikel7314.06717.8821 hour ago
19Botty8023.47717.4421 hour ago
20Trogorr4932.75717.2021 hour ago
21Clive3580.87715.7521 hour ago
22Killy5836.01713.9421 hour ago
23Zorop401.46713.4021 hour ago
24Jakey2858.65712.1922 hours ago
25Cronizer4911.02712.191 day ago
26Wallum7275.48711.134 days ago
27Tabbiizhott4970.78709.137 days ago
28Golijov749.25707.477 days ago
29Misumqt178.41707.257 days ago
30Weirdpotato178.41706.807 days ago
31Atroxed163.54705.877 days ago
32Ostracize178.41704.447 days ago
33Zekkyu178.53704.407 days ago
34Sarkqq178.58703.887 days ago
35Sarky163.53703.757 days ago
36Serozlol413.16703.447 days ago
37Nicetoke178.53703.387 days ago
38Atroxejr178.41703.137 days ago
39Racialzqt178.53702.807 days ago
40Mycroft413.16702.737 days ago
41Tabbiishott178.41702.737 days ago
42Fuyurii178.41702.477 days ago
43Zafulian163.26702.473 days ago
44Hysterics413.16702.387 days ago
45Druid0.00702.207 days ago
46Frostlyhunt178.53702.077 days ago
47Zekkeboy178.58702.067 days ago
48Pyonpyon178.53702.007 days ago
49Kyshy178.41702.007 days ago
50Skillberg178.58702.007 days ago
51Sootor163.67701.807 days ago
52Melenie178.53701.757 days ago
53Tiez178.58701.697 days ago
54Truedot178.53701.477 days ago
55Brmz178.41701.407 days ago
56Rawxd0.00700.757 days ago
57Aughyfour178.53700.477 days ago
58Frostlymonk163.53699.807 days ago
59Trackpad178.58699.407 days ago
60Sootr104.89699.407 days ago
61Furyshams178.58699.137 days ago
62Botti178.53699.077 days ago
63Iceketchup178.58699.067 days ago
64Killmour0.00698.887 days ago
65Poroz163.85698.887 days ago
66Wallyshazam178.41698.677 days ago
67Riiba413.16698.477 days ago
68Dazs178.58698.197 days ago
69Iights163.67698.137 days ago
70Atroxi108.85697.677 days ago
71Dissection178.58697.537 days ago
72Oxygenation142.20697.207 days ago
73Sarkthree178.58697.007 days ago
74Tiies178.41696.537 days ago
75Racialzx178.58696.387 days ago
76Toodlefroops178.58696.337 days ago
77Misumdk178.53696.207 days ago
78Endemics178.53695.137 days ago
79Aughytwo178.58694.507 days ago
80Lyzsa0.00694.337 days ago
81Ranin4.04693.677 days ago
82Solara0.00693.407 days ago
83Napkinmath178.58692.737 days ago
84Serozdotz4.03692.607 days ago
85Jetjaguar0.28692.317 days ago
86Peeks0.00692.207 days ago
87Brumzk4.03692.137 days ago
88Tabbitank178.53692.007 days ago
89Skillin0.00691.807 days ago
90Sarkonious0.14691.197 days ago
91Joneser0.00691.007 days ago
92Sarkoma0.00690.637 days ago
93Bdc0.00690.407 days ago
94Brumz0.00689.887 days ago
95Wallykazam103.93689.677 days ago
96Atroxe8023.47689.1921 hour ago
97Truesnipe178.25688.937 days ago
98Fuyuriqt0.91687.887 days ago
99Chaosbolts178.53687.697 days ago
100Helscreem0.00686.807 days ago
101Dammedsoul0.00686.337 days ago
102Slothz0.00686.007 days ago
103Jerrywest0.00685.817 days ago
104Dazss0.00685.477 days ago
105Lamdizzy0.00685.387 days ago
106Killmourjr0.00685.137 days ago
107Bodybagg7278.24685.0721 hour ago
108Trance0.13684.734 days ago
109Herpadurpes1.61684.007 days ago
110Mikoto0.00683.507 days ago
111Ruseman0.00683.407 days ago
112Book0.00683.407 days ago
113Doombacon0.00682.937 days ago
114Hÿpê1.20680.947 days ago
115Hypê1.80680.007 days ago
116Burfday0.00679.807 days ago
117Gamer0.00679.737 days ago
118Ninjablaze0.00679.387 days ago
119Poonzer0.00679.137 days ago
120Solaralock0.00678.197 days ago
121Hecachire0.00677.737 days ago
122Jackjr0.00677.407 days ago
123Lamdeeze0.00676.067 days ago
124Ninjamaged0.00676.007 days ago
125Narij0.00675.387 days ago
126Pochiena0.00675.137 days ago
127Lilchuckee0.00675.067 days ago
128Poundd0.00673.807 days ago
129Shiftmour0.00673.477 days ago
130Sevverencee0.00673.137 days ago
131Termag0.00672.947 days ago
132Aughythree0.00672.447 days ago
133Chumz0.00672.077 days ago
134Ratchetchick0.00671.077 days ago
135Conflux0.00669.737 days ago
136Nibron0.00669.067 days ago
137Iive178.18668.807 days ago
138Nurindun0.00668.677 days ago
139Lisast0.00667.567 days ago
140Bakstreetboy0.00666.507 days ago
141Stommped0.00666.477 days ago
142Prometheium0.00665.537 days ago
143Jetjr0.00664.137 days ago
144Sined0.00663.677 days ago
145Iifted0.00663.407 days ago
146Kroanen0.00662.007 days ago
147Hecaire0.00661.387 days ago
148Acideyeliner0.00660.537 days ago
149Dadsthrobnpp0.00660.067 days ago
150Utility0.00660.007 days ago
151Danny0.00660.007 days ago
152Orcwarr0.15660.007 days ago
153Bvrfdaycake0.00659.407 days ago
154Lifeform0.00659.407 days ago
155Weenyman0.00659.137 days ago
156Skillville0.00659.134 days ago
157Riserxd0.00658.877 days ago
158Lambertone0.00657.677 days ago
159Syrada0.00657.567 days ago
160Trunix0.00657.567 days ago
161Nazerim0.00657.337 days ago
162Tuggett0.00657.337 days ago
163Krz0.00656.387 days ago
164Barreltroll0.00654.407 days ago
165Azemjr0.00654.207 days ago
166Rayspite0.00654.007 days ago
167Echoii0.00652.807 days ago
168Hecatenchire0.00652.737 days ago
169Brumzj0.00652.567 days ago
170Fuzzed0.00652.407 days ago
171Goringbull0.00652.007 days ago
172Kogmaw0.00651.407 days ago
173Deepinyou0.00651.317 days ago
174Phone0.00650.007 days ago
175Magiccow0.00649.737 days ago
176Thehuntsman0.00649.337 days ago
177Sarkysark0.00649.137 days ago
178Risercpk0.00649.137 days ago
179Bearreltroll0.00648.077 days ago
180Taliht0.00648.007 days ago
181Bowflextreme0.00647.697 days ago
182Zionna0.00647.067 days ago
183Thegoatxgoat0.00646.807 days ago
184Propimping0.00646.677 days ago
185Zexx0.00646.607 days ago
186Cliverino0.00645.677 days ago
187Jagzz0.00645.567 days ago
188Jacksr0.00644.137 days ago
189Rainiday0.00643.507 days ago
190Dankmcgank0.00643.477 days ago
191Bobofett0.00642.887 days ago
192Tim0.00642.137 days ago
193Jaket0.00641.817 days ago
194Shiena0.00641.137 days ago
195Stealthcore0.00640.757 days ago
196Poonzerjr0.00640.137 days ago
197Savahana0.00639.407 days ago
198Blizy0.00639.387 days ago
199Zapa0.00639.137 days ago
200Kryzite0.00638.257 days ago
201Fwuhzy0.00638.257 days ago
202Dinklagedad0.00638.197 days ago
203Healmour0.00638.137 days ago
204Waakaa0.00637.877 days ago
205Tpyo0.00636.807 days ago
206Othila0.00636.757 days ago
207Pudgepicker0.00636.387 days ago
208Whatashock0.00636.257 days ago
209Ipowpowu0.00635.937 days ago
210Veya0.00635.477 days ago
211Powpowu0.00635.207 days ago
212Tabbiishot0.00634.877 days ago
213Snoozletoes0.00634.567 days ago
214Whener0.00634.337 days ago
215Kvetch0.00634.137 days ago
216Slapchops0.00633.757 days ago
217Tinyslickman0.00633.737 days ago
218Sarkaneshot0.00633.737 days ago
219Nàtrah0.00633.337 days ago
220Shooterguy0.00633.337 days ago
221Shakeltoff0.00633.337 days ago
222Fouled0.00633.007 days ago
223Brooks0.00632.407 days ago
224Ashuin0.00631.477 days ago
225Cfg0.00630.807 days ago
226Bodystomp0.00629.697 days ago
227Renlol0.00628.677 days ago
228Kizl0.00628.637 days ago
229Troakii0.00627.277 days ago
230Karambit0.00627.277 days ago
231Phrequency0.00626.947 days ago
232Huntsmán0.00626.277 days ago
233Fistavust0.00625.697 days ago
234Sark0.00625.477 days ago
235Onslawtt0.00625.197 days ago
236Shrimpdikx0.00624.407 days ago
237Gamingboy0.00621.947 days ago
238Mordeus0.00619.137 days ago
239Icantplaygam0.00618.757 days ago
240Stuns0.00617.007 days ago
241Bhang0.00613.007 days ago
242Classbalance0.00609.337 days ago
243Khov0.00609.197 days ago
244Fantasie0.00608.007 days ago
245Sarkasmosjr0.00606.537 days ago
246Dropbearz0.00603.737 days ago
247Bmathmatical0.00603.407 days ago
248Hecatinchire0.00602.007 days ago
249Ksenija0.00601.007 days ago
250Misumxvx0.00600.3121 hour ago
251Monkamstyle0.00598.737 days ago
252Seczkriminal0.00589.277 days ago
253Nibby0.00576.537 days ago
254Zurrai0.00518.2021 hour ago
255Mortemflore0.00161.257 days ago
257Sarkosis0.00--7 days ago
258Darksummons0.00--7 months ago
259Litelight0.00--7 days ago

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