Update Progress for Brotherhood of Traevant


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Teagan262.85680.886 hours ago
2Holybubba661.23676.4715 hours ago
3Kazecap155.98675.5615 hours ago
4Chlores158.49674.4015 hours ago
5Asebenx155.98673.8715 hours ago
6Cutblast119.10672.0715 hours ago
7Asheleigh120.31672.0015 hours ago
8Coralirodeth155.98671.3115 hours ago
9Firianna120.94671.0015 hours ago
10Azshrowela128.46670.9315 hours ago
11Arkadya155.98670.8715 hours ago
12Hawkslayer155.98669.4415 hours ago
13Forha660.65668.8115 hours ago
14Siniztre159.30668.4715 hours ago
15Sarynn130.88666.6715 hours ago
16Bernini128.46665.4415 hours ago
17Lirrise155.98663.4715 hours ago
18Flatiron11.64663.0015 hours ago
19Binkie22.35662.6715 hours ago
20Catris22.63662.5615 hours ago
21Troya22.63662.0615 hours ago
22Ess22.63661.3815 hours ago
23Dosha114.46661.1315 hours ago
24Penguinteeth0.62660.4015 hours ago
25Cludo66.71659.814 days ago
26Fafniyr128.46659.384 days ago
27Thundercats12.30658.404 days ago
28Fritham12.16657.314 days ago
29Eñvy12.30656.674 days ago
30Phaetheon12.02656.064 days ago
31Damagedheart57.60654.474 days ago
32Aurayle12.30654.384 days ago
33Kerred25.21654.074 days ago
34Maurah0.22653.804 days ago
35Pinklil0.55653.804 days ago
36Qaelethe0.00653.314 days ago
37Cardian12.02653.074 days ago
38Sorab12.30652.254 days ago
39Megadith12.02651.884 days ago
40Stormhammer13.00651.674 days ago
41Moton11.50651.384 days ago
42Ruark12.30651.314 days ago
43Kuln0.00651.204 days ago
44Tolen0.00651.004 days ago
45Myzerial14.16650.814 days ago
46Maddok0.22650.404 days ago
47Linassa12.02650.274 days ago
48Vyeria0.37649.934 days ago
49Acedia13.16649.804 days ago
50Dosadi0.33649.474 days ago
51Terkel25.21649.134 days ago
52Berse0.22649.074 days ago
53Cutlash0.00648.694 days ago
54Poliahu74.11648.564 days ago
55Tartherl0.35648.474 days ago
56Kixie0.00648.334 days ago
57Ceny0.33647.734 days ago
58Humoresque0.59647.564 days ago
59Eivin0.00647.534 days ago
60Artas0.00647.404 days ago
61Bankbubba0.00647.004 days ago
62Binkybot0.22646.734 days ago
63Aceoftheskyx13.22646.534 days ago
64Hijinxx13.44646.404 days ago
65Satra0.00645.884 days ago
66Niane0.35645.814 days ago
67Brackus0.00645.734 days ago
68Thefamilydoc0.00645.674 days ago
69Lemyoo0.00645.534 days ago
70Zapporah11.50645.404 days ago
71Cutfupanda0.00645.074 days ago
72Frink0.26644.074 days ago
73Phydaux0.00643.134 days ago
74Elgavacho0.00643.064 days ago
75Squishy0.00643.004 days ago
76Clawhaka0.00642.734 days ago
77Avalos0.00642.634 days ago
78Bato0.00642.564 days ago
79Bizz0.00642.474 days ago
80Marleigh0.00642.134 days ago
81Rambow14.32642.074 days ago
82Terhas0.00641.804 days ago
83Kwickdraw0.00641.404 days ago
84Nelsnpandela0.00641.254 days ago
85Dimly0.15641.004 days ago
86Niruena0.33640.804 days ago
87Ridi14.94640.404 days ago
88Brumor0.00640.134 days ago
89Kazeron0.00639.814 days ago
90Pava0.00639.534 days ago
91Eudorina0.00638.804 days ago
92Biddy0.00638.674 days ago
93Jagkoph0.15638.634 days ago
94Leyli0.00638.004 days ago
95Cordrius0.00638.004 days ago
96Chlorette0.00637.804 days ago
97Ciela0.00637.004 days ago
98Jovi0.00636.504 days ago
99Shaddoe0.00635.934 days ago
100Cluedo0.26635.674 days ago
101Hunttardd0.15635.604 days ago
102Monkiees0.00635.564 days ago
103Deadsky0.00635.204 days ago
104Firiann0.00634.874 days ago
105Adyrth0.00634.804 days ago
106Kolchan0.00634.674 days ago
107Shortshorts0.00634.274 days ago
108Zoob0.00634.074 days ago
109Weiguan0.00633.274 days ago
110Eivin0.00633.204 days ago
111Aurhorah0.22632.734 days ago
112Dewinta0.22632.674 days ago
113Anathem0.00631.934 days ago
114Gnixie0.00631.734 days ago
115Uglitha0.00631.694 days ago
116Cöle0.00631.074 days ago
117Fenghùang0.00630.754 days ago
118Düme0.26630.674 days ago
119Bodyknock0.00630.274 days ago
120Sealtoes0.33629.934 days ago
121Bladebain0.00629.694 days ago
122Deelia0.00629.534 days ago
123Anothermage0.00628.734 days ago
124Zulusam0.11628.674 days ago
125Moyrahh0.00628.334 days ago
126Darkari0.00628.004 days ago
127Clytemnestra0.33627.674 days ago
128Bogtu0.00627.204 days ago
129Yawp0.30627.004 days ago
130Berrin0.00626.934 days ago
131Taraz0.00626.874 days ago
132Dreamroamer0.00626.604 days ago
133Jingfei0.00626.004 days ago
134Kams0.00625.074 days ago
135Lileanah0.00625.074 days ago
136Getem0.00624.874 days ago
137Silvrogue0.00624.504 days ago
138Cerbpriest0.00624.204 days ago
139Hadem0.00623.874 days ago
140Padoras0.00623.334 days ago
141Valantia0.00623.074 days ago
142Sindra0.00623.004 days ago
143Menna0.00622.944 days ago
144Toris0.00622.534 days ago
145Fuchsbau0.00622.404 days ago
146Wolfnstein0.00621.444 days ago
147Agerd0.00621.404 days ago
148Alleebu0.00621.334 days ago
149Mìmzy0.00620.804 days ago
150Kujo0.00620.804 days ago
151Broxly0.00620.7315 hours ago
152Firitobi0.00620.444 days ago
153Runaric0.00619.934 days ago
154Kailthon0.00619.734 days ago
155Defunct0.22619.634 days ago
156Alliana0.00617.504 days ago
157Lunaress0.00617.074 days ago
158Mij0.00616.754 days ago
159Canona0.00615.134 days ago
160Lianitha0.00614.254 days ago
161Carterjohn0.00614.204 days ago
162Droz0.00613.694 days ago
163Lomosaltado0.00613.674 days ago
164Nixie0.00613.674 days ago
165Krapica0.00613.204 days ago
166Missedem0.00613.074 days ago
167Vojkan0.00613.064 days ago
168Adyra0.00612.534 days ago
169Fascinus0.00612.254 days ago
170Mequieres0.00611.064 days ago
171Chanish0.00610.334 days ago
172Neothas0.00610.134 days ago
173Raithian110.03610.004 days ago
174Kazecat0.00609.534 days ago
175Jazzhands0.00609.444 days ago
176Randurukenn0.00608.934 days ago
177Cahalin0.00607.874 days ago
178Dergo0.00607.134 days ago
179Celticrose0.00606.474 days ago
180Vashta0.00606.404 days ago
181Sydny0.00605.474 days ago
182Whitewizardx0.00605.204 days ago
183Iskierka0.00605.134 days ago
184Ignatìus0.00603.754 days ago
185Solstheim0.00603.564 days ago
186Svorius0.00602.944 days ago
187Shinran0.00600.314 days ago
188Ouisa0.00599.474 days ago
189Denoran0.00599.254 days ago
190Kazothor0.00598.404 days ago
191Risotto0.00597.074 days ago
192Kwixie0.00591.874 days ago
193Pinktan0.00584.944 days ago
194Korraz0.00572.274 days ago
195Clarr0.00554.604 days ago

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