Update Progress for Pie Vendor


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Lenlaar1500.00735.4015 hours ago
2Agetoki1500.00734.8115 hours ago
3Fyra1500.00734.6315 hours ago
4Maedhros1500.00733.3115 hours ago
5Ethan1500.00733.2015 hours ago
6Deriho1500.00733.1915 hours ago
7Errez1500.00732.4715 hours ago
8Midvane1500.00732.4415 hours ago
9Teyliana1500.00731.6315 hours ago
10Priemii1500.00730.8815 hours ago
11Sonic1250.00730.0015 hours ago
12Magious150.00728.0015 hours ago
13Reflect750.00727.2515 hours ago
14Cares750.00725.4415 hours ago
15Jessix1250.00724.8715 hours ago
16Kadjai500.00724.4015 hours ago
17Kirklees1500.00722.6315 hours ago
18Demônlock150.00721.8715 hours ago
19Souldk1500.00721.2515 hours ago
20Afflict1.50718.8015 hours ago
21Sishiya500.00718.5015 hours ago
22Soulstealêr150.00717.0715 hours ago
23Pearchan110.69716.1315 hours ago
24Kiko0.00712.4015 hours ago
25Flanagin150.00711.4710 days ago
26Yxann0.00710.6710 days ago
27Heckla5356.81710.0010 days ago
28Twistedmind0.00710.0015 hours ago
29Stark0.00710.0010 days ago
30Nimaweh1.50709.8010 days ago
31Hecklar0.00709.3810 days ago
32Twistedhell1500.00709.385 days ago
33Asakura0.05708.3310 days ago
34Pyranas150.00708.2010 days ago
35Twiztedmind83.93707.7310 days ago
36Twistedmonk0.00707.3310 days ago
37Atriala1.68706.1310 days ago
38Retrified0.00706.0010 days ago
39Titianna47.36705.8010 days ago
40Ellariareed0.30705.6710 days ago
41Goodníght0.00705.4410 days ago
42Caeran0.30705.3310 days ago
43Hotdeadchick0.00705.0010 days ago
44Kishna0.00704.6910 days ago
45Náruto0.00704.6710 days ago
46Bearbunns79.54702.8010 days ago
47Darkosiris0.00702.0010 days ago
48Redpopsicle0.00702.0010 days ago
49Thokkan2.52701.8710 days ago
50Mylan0.00701.5610 days ago
51Siphon0.25699.7510 days ago
52Rowenye0.00698.7510 days ago
53Paradynus0.00698.4710 days ago
54Vannilla0.56697.6910 days ago
55Yfelyy30.00697.5310 days ago
56Suoiler0.00697.2510 days ago
57Relious0.00696.8810 days ago
58Endryx0.00696.2510 days ago
59Magicmii0.00696.0610 days ago
60Khaid0.00695.7310 days ago
61Noodledeath0.00695.0710 days ago
62Battlecow0.00693.4710 days ago
63Evilryu0.00692.7310 days ago
64Noriara0.05692.675 days ago
65Integreat0.00692.6010 days ago
66Tritium0.00692.2510 days ago
67Avenge0.00691.9410 days ago
68Sef0.00690.1310 days ago
69Jessixsama0.00690.0010 days ago
70Yueying1500.00689.885 days ago
71Sideways0.00689.8010 days ago
72Pandamonkium0.00689.4710 days ago
73Swedgen0.00688.8010 days ago
74Sporklord0.00688.7510 days ago
75Kyoism0.00687.8110 days ago
76Kempo0.00687.8010 days ago
77Ashali0.00687.7510 days ago
78Narsi0.00686.6010 days ago
79Bigredbutton0.00685.3310 days ago
80Sojourn150.00684.6710 days ago
81Luicruz0.00684.3310 days ago
82Ililot0.00684.0710 days ago
83Farinx0.00684.0010 days ago
84Rodeojones0.00683.4010 days ago
85Velonya0.00683.2710 days ago
86Harlenquinn0.00683.0710 days ago
87Freelancebum0.00682.7310 days ago
88Midvainglory0.00682.6310 days ago
89Warcamel0.00682.6310 days ago
90Hyperbolic0.00682.4010 days ago
91Kanret0.10682.3310 days ago
92Gentlemango0.00682.2510 days ago
93Battlecow0.00679.6910 days ago
94Melanissa0.00679.1310 days ago
95Heckles0.00679.1310 days ago
96Mii0.00678.3810 days ago
97Descendynce0.00678.0010 days ago
98Scoff0.00677.4710 days ago
99Jessicks0.00677.3310 days ago
100Ninja0.00676.4010 days ago
101Breck0.00676.1310 days ago
102Mideel0.00675.8010 days ago
103Tyco0.00675.2710 days ago
104Shinrinder0.00675.0610 days ago
105Shurtugal0.00674.8110 days ago
106Ben0.00674.4010 days ago
107Yfelshammy0.00673.8710 days ago
108Herilton0.00673.7510 days ago
109Ascendynce0.00673.4010 days ago
110Branderson0.00673.1310 days ago
111Minimii0.00673.0010 days ago
112Raalnel0.00672.3310 days ago
113Ursoc0.00671.3310 days ago
114Heckman0.00670.6710 days ago
115Caducean0.00669.3810 days ago
116Gigawatt0.00668.9410 days ago
117Thokkan0.00668.3310 days ago
118Paragonus0.00667.0010 days ago
119Melict0.00666.7310 days ago
120Gaendalf0.00666.1310 days ago
121Shruikan0.00666.0710 days ago
122Gentlewaters0.00665.8010 days ago
123Lethäl0.00665.3810 days ago
124Aetna0.00665.2010 days ago
125Dwyrf0.00665.2010 days ago
126Pelt0.00665.1310 days ago
127Irron0.00664.7310 days ago
128Yfely0.00664.6710 days ago
129Dex0.00664.0010 days ago
130Bigmacintosh0.00663.9310 days ago
131Zannith0.00663.3110 days ago
132Wolfarin0.00662.5610 days ago
133Randylf0.00662.3810 days ago
134Hittomii0.00662.0010 days ago
135Laurita0.00661.1310 days ago
136Xannith0.00660.8710 days ago
137Heckaldi0.00660.1910 days ago
138Altecfenix0.00659.4710 days ago
139Meatballs0.00658.2010 days ago
140Northman0.00657.4710 days ago
141Glixin0.00657.3310 days ago
142Olaan0.00656.8710 days ago
143Vincent0.00656.4010 days ago
144Cannoli0.00656.3810 days ago
145Vannity0.00654.3110 days ago
146Wrathguard0.00653.1310 days ago
147Atarius0.00653.1310 days ago
148Lenderson0.00652.6710 days ago
149Healina0.00652.6710 days ago
150Merlotte0.00652.4010 days ago
151Ellira0.00651.5310 days ago
152Talis0.00651.2010 days ago
153Middadin0.00650.0010 days ago
154Rosalen0.00649.3810 days ago
155Bullvy0.00649.1310 days ago
156Dea0.00648.5310 days ago
157Celeres0.00647.9410 days ago
158Lea0.00647.5310 days ago
159Aidichan0.00644.0710 days ago
160Stable0.00643.4710 days ago
161Paladumb0.00643.1910 days ago
162Tertella0.00642.5610 days ago
163Joffrey0.00641.2510 days ago
164Peacefulyy0.00641.2010 days ago
165Dalaeth0.00640.6710 days ago
166Gzannith0.00640.4410 days ago
167Wyrdfell0.00640.4010 days ago
168Winstpal0.00639.7510 days ago
169Brawlk0.00639.6710 days ago
170Adoraa0.00639.4410 days ago
171Lenlar0.00639.3110 days ago
172Middeus0.00636.1310 days ago
173Spinach0.00636.0010 days ago
174Rjdk0.00635.6010 days ago
175Midgem0.00635.5310 days ago
176Bramen0.00635.0010 days ago
177Twistedmage0.00634.1310 days ago
178Corazon0.00633.4710 days ago
179Snowbunns0.00630.8710 days ago
180Teyla0.00627.4010 days ago
181Agann0.00625.0710 days ago
182Aylric0.00625.0010 days ago
183Gentlewave0.00624.6710 days ago
184Lausanne0.00620.3310 days ago
185Mesaana0.00619.3810 days ago
186Rjmage0.00618.4710 days ago
187Nillaice0.00604.8010 days ago
188Nuria0.00600.6010 days ago
189Elianne0.00578.6710 days ago
190Daedric0.00--1 year ago

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