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Update Progress for Quantum


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in If data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Deiis6558.99697.001 day ago
2Smackychan6558.99697.001 day ago
3Lacklustre5788.71696.801 day ago
4Crucifixus5375.06696.801 day ago
5Sitzz5511.46696.631 day ago
6Jemblast4585.64694.801 day ago
7Laogan5544.98694.251 day ago
8Icharis6558.99694.201 day ago
9Aletheia3814.40693.881 day ago
10Thunderbuffz6495.00693.801 day ago
11Encamai5888.18693.631 day ago
12Mynx6079.16693.001 day ago
13Aralinya6542.46691.941 day ago
14Mechanger3786.57691.941 day ago
15Zitzz3620.41691.941 day ago
16Khairul3634.39691.801 day ago
17Creebix6024.42690.801 day ago
18Elysanne3998.09690.671 day ago
19Aerd2030.75690.131 day ago
20Aegidius1369.41689.531 day ago
21Lille734.99689.001 day ago
22Linnyn242.19688.751 day ago
23Lippicott171.43688.601 day ago
24Ryvaal2388.13688.561 day ago
25Rashika1234.37687.801 day ago
26Zaduke343.55687.251 day ago
27Kittycon162.54687.131 day ago
28Melonmysst3438.63686.671 day ago
29Glennade3132.62686.401 day ago
30Luminairre2340.31686.311 day ago
31Erhuolieren215.13685.931 day ago
32Krazymonk171.82685.401 day ago
33Farrqueue700.86685.381 day ago
34Krixis2117.28685.331 day ago
35Myronysticus171.22685.201 day ago
36Jianshang116.86684.801 day ago
37Caylie158.04684.801 day ago
38Valdiz207.09684.401 day ago
39Splitt2321.33684.071 day ago
40Hashirath2821.77683.471 day ago
41Starocean2290.57683.131 day ago
42Gnekasha2220.79682.471 day ago
43Trentbag2608.70682.331 day ago
44Wattodo2220.79682.311 day ago
45Vanhalamash149.51682.131 day ago
46Lightplasma360.07681.801 day ago
47Witzz198.63681.801 day ago
48Räìdën214.36681.441 day ago
49Healbòt754.63680.751 day ago
50Slashhealme267.41680.691 day ago
51Vercingetore2016.30680.131 day ago
52Zenanger128.77679.271 day ago
53Elfynn2625.23679.131 day ago
54Sentmegold2472.67678.881 day ago
55Kaijin82.95678.131 day ago
56Fuzzer2662.86677.671 day ago
57Paloani708.57677.061 day ago
58Kopicat141.00677.001 day ago
59Chips1421.13676.941 day ago
60Smacklicious205.82676.731 day ago
61Meowlios71.05676.331 day ago
62Nocto1457.56676.001 day ago
63Xenergy1291.43675.671 day ago
64Torve121.70675.531 day ago
65Ahaa197.75675.071 day ago
66Raheals110.93675.001 day ago
67Freodom71.24674.801 day ago
68Andonisus125.29673.001 day ago
6949.54672.131 day ago
70Arakinya151.24671.801 day ago
71Thirstyhippo125.56671.731 day ago
72Lucifirix1.42671.071 day ago
73Äberçrombie65.41669.731 day ago
74Novenics125.14669.201 day ago
75Totemwar0.15668.751 day ago
76Waazzai67.77667.941 day ago
77Pitzz70.48667.801 day ago
78Isera0.29667.671 day ago
79Valèntino0.00667.001 day ago
80Zohaiz0.78666.191 day ago
81Tënk31.64664.401 day ago
82Darthanger41.85664.251 day ago
83Fuzzynickles65.41664.201 day ago
84Monthlytodo91.36664.061 day ago
85Smackshen0.00663.941 day ago
86Yolosmack0.00662.631 day ago
87Dony145.67662.471 day ago
88Jacein80.08662.201 day ago
89Valiriel0.00662.071 day ago
90Angrypaly1.34661.931 day ago
91Shuudousou0.00661.561 day ago
92Vassaro14.69661.401 day ago
93Héritière126.83660.191 day ago
94Joot0.28660.001 day ago
95Ho0.00660.001 day ago
96Sil0.31659.801 day ago
97Warbarbíe0.28659.731 day ago
98Nelyo0.32659.441 day ago
99Oridecon0.98658.671 day ago
100Chubbykorkor125.23658.401 day ago
101Farmter75.56658.331 day ago
102Izierio1.21658.311 day ago
103Xiaolust0.00657.501 day ago
104Nubjin0.00657.471 day ago
105Zurokk0.00657.401 day ago
106Iseesnow0.26657.331 day ago
107Islacker0.00657.131 day ago
108Hotfuss74.56656.691 day ago
109Whatnow130.58656.671 day ago
110Khaden0.00656.601 day ago
111Postergirl0.00656.471 day ago
112Taduke0.00656.331 day ago
113Wiggy0.99654.931 day ago
114Flaggelant14.79654.811 day ago
115Bonafaye6542.26654.671 day ago
116Maduke0.00652.941 day ago
117Nemmie0.28652.501 day ago
118Hefirius0.00651.691 day ago
119Irtykki0.00651.251 day ago
120Brukk0.64650.941 day ago
121Toreizer0.26650.471 day ago
122Krytt0.00650.381 day ago
123Grèèd0.00649.271 day ago
124Mengmeng0.00649.131 day ago
125Melishious0.50648.941 day ago
126Trollyouk0.48648.471 day ago
127Sylvia0.76648.331 day ago
128Jergling0.00648.201 day ago
129Vartu0.00648.191 day ago
130Golmor0.00647.871 day ago
131Icewallow0.00647.271 day ago
132Trapwithin0.00647.071 day ago
133Drukawee0.00645.671 day ago
134Jazzkik0.00645.381 day ago
135Shaep1.21645.201 day ago
136Dragôn0.65644.691 day ago
137Yuzujuice74.86644.401 day ago
138Kevros0.00644.001 day ago
139Keynleion0.00643.931 day ago
140Siegfric0.67642.811 day ago
141Kohaku1.38642.401 day ago
142Phake0.65642.401 day ago
143Puffie0.00642.191 day ago
144Tofuninja0.26641.631 day ago
145Pandaribbon0.00641.601 day ago
146Utadahikaru0.00641.331 day ago
147Laksamaihum0.28641.271 day ago
148Confound0.00640.751 day ago
149Dratino0.00640.381 day ago
150Dratoss0.26639.751 day ago
151Karindria0.00639.471 day ago
152Angrylock0.00639.271 day ago
153Linniel1.21638.811 day ago
154Babamonkey0.00636.131 day ago
155Melth23.39634.381 day ago
156Seyfric0.77634.131 day ago
157Nemick0.72634.071 day ago
158Bluedge0.26633.731 day ago
159Isawsnow0.00633.731 day ago
160Winatlife0.00633.331 day ago
161Vedor0.00632.501 day ago
162Calicokitten0.00631.071 day ago
163Santarinee0.00630.881 day ago
164Letsdance0.00630.751 day ago
165Cantlosmebro63.22628.801 day ago
166Vercingetorx0.00628.471 day ago
167Twofase0.30627.001 day ago
168Desolatee0.00626.401 day ago
169Huskscar0.39626.131 day ago
170Shadowchaser0.00625.871 day ago
171Nosfentor0.00622.801 day ago
172Orctimatum0.00622.001 day ago
173Sibeicui0.00621.871 day ago
174Kuramath0.00621.531 day ago
175Radeath0.00621.061 day ago
176Sigfric0.00620.381 day ago
177Dotaisbetter0.00620.191 day ago
178Seytos0.13620.001 day ago
179Jayolo0.00617.881 day ago
180Aradnap0.00617.631 day ago
181Calicocatz0.00617.601 day ago
182Lilacne0.00617.271 day ago
183Restwithin0.00616.331 day ago
184Grimmhorn0.00602.531 day ago
185Vercingethor0.00598.401 day ago
186Nilalap0.00596.801 day ago
187Kungeth0.00595.381 day ago
188Draxinusom0.00543.131 day ago
189Cringer0.00542.881 day ago
190Cycho0.00511.071 day ago
191Kissandbang0.00--1 day ago

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