Update Progress for The Old Republic


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Luvpie0.00710.5311 days ago
2Karurã0.00704.0011 days ago
3Vorgak0.00703.7511 days ago
4Cheezebye0.00703.3311 days ago
5Lighten0.00702.0011 days ago
6Jakuma0.00702.0011 days ago
7Landytews36.47701.6311 days ago
8Photon0.00700.6311 days ago
9Lighthope1.41692.8011 days ago
10Ryukan0.00692.1911 days ago
11Darkwiz0.00687.7511 days ago
12Lolicon0.00686.3311 days ago
13Raikyn0.00683.8111 days ago
14Sephirus0.00682.0711 days ago
15Eurgene0.00676.7311 days ago
16Eragoth0.00676.0011 days ago
17Bootingo0.00675.4011 days ago
18Yozza0.00674.0611 days ago
19Linlynn0.00673.8811 days ago
20Seeringe0.00673.6911 days ago
21Choubolan0.00671.6011 days ago
22Monstrocity0.00669.5011 days ago
23Darkaztxt0.00665.7511 days ago
24Spellshroom0.00663.8711 days ago
25Svogthos0.00663.1911 days ago
26Ellè0.00662.7311 days ago
27Blackangers0.00661.2511 days ago
28Ladrelis0.00659.4011 days ago
29Blader0.00655.4411 days ago
30Originsrush0.00654.7511 days ago
31Kemuri0.00654.2511 days ago
32Ravenxce0.00652.0011 days ago
33Celès0.00649.1311 days ago
34Dweams0.00647.9311 days ago
35Azu0.00646.0011 days ago
36Sarasvatia0.00645.6711 days ago
37Bullkein0.00644.6911 days ago
38Imnotpo0.00642.5611 days ago
39Lacyn0.00641.8011 days ago
40Iyce0.00641.4011 days ago
41Rajañg0.00641.0011 days ago
42Rosmah0.00640.7311 days ago
43Yuiee0.00640.5311 days ago
44Darkqy0.00638.8011 days ago
45Nozumichan0.00638.3311 days ago
46Fwenz0.00638.1311 days ago
47Skystalker0.00636.3311 days ago
48Leviona0.00633.6011 days ago
49Loveboat0.00633.0711 days ago
50Aulis0.00628.6311 days ago
51Addictaz0.00626.3311 days ago
52Klor0.00625.7511 days ago
53Jinboeng0.00625.1311 days ago
54Darkmessian0.00624.2711 days ago
55Eviljam0.00623.8011 days ago
56Snicker0.00612.0011 days ago
57Ironite0.00607.1911 days ago
58Goombus0.00605.4711 days ago
59Gaiatotem0.00599.6711 days ago
60Eliantir0.00598.7311 days ago
61Tinkywinki0.00598.7311 days ago
62Mushrõõm0.00575.4011 days ago
63Theodemar0.00572.0011 days ago
64Lightoo0.00569.8011 days ago

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