Update Progress for Supermassive


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreLast Checked
1Svenske12713.024 days ago
2Slavkaa12713.024 days ago
3Aantu12713.024 days ago
4Sre12713.021 month ago
5Mileycyprus12713.024 days ago
6Nimynn12713.024 days ago
7Ixcrossfire12713.024 days ago
8Bithindel12713.022 days ago
9Blackmonk12713.024 days ago
10Nualla12713.024 days ago
11Einzbern12713.024 days ago
12Quantity12713.024 days ago
13Soaps12713.024 days ago
14Caponi12713.021 month ago
15Desaar12713.024 days ago
16Toastrinbath12545.924 days ago
17Manlybeast12545.924 days ago
18Ujx12545.922 days ago
19Wuzzfuzzy12495.744 days ago
20Kayliah12495.744 days ago
21Lunarion10996.394 days ago
22Chickenshift10607.314 days ago
23Psychosis10333.114 days ago
24Sanshyy9936.221 month ago
25Dawnsharp9435.934 days ago
26Fearpress8267.494 days ago
27Snarlequin8267.494 days ago
28Youjellybrah8267.491 month ago
29Kyndal8267.494 days ago
30Dess8267.494 days ago
31Bruaick7495.794 days ago
32Voidshift7106.734 days ago
33Weirdpotato7106.734 days ago
34Saops7106.731 month ago
35Kromus6655.861 month ago
36Xalence6437.604 days ago
37Prettylegit6437.604 days ago
38Slavkan6437.601 month ago
39Skillin6437.604 days ago
40Indom6437.604 days ago
41Likely6327.504 days ago
42Baddone6327.504 days ago
43Yijiao6089.304 days ago
44Athryn5941.982 days ago
45Qnom5783.434 days ago
46Kejsare5704.434 days ago
47Gryning5554.934 days ago
48Cantoo5233.071 month ago
49Itspyro5000.004 days ago
50Psychox5000.002 days ago
51Bodybag5000.004 days ago
52Itzpyro5000.004 days ago
53Zadivitz5000.0016 hours ago
54Tychobrahe5000.004 days ago
55Xaloz5000.004 days ago
56Saiiyan5000.004 days ago
57Tupacshockur5000.004 days ago
58Bithinchi5000.004 days ago
59Ryiahh5000.004 days ago
60Sathh5000.004 days ago
61Elram5000.004 days ago
62Pancakemixx5000.004 days ago
63Bithindk5000.004 days ago
64Utility5000.004 days ago
65Girado5000.004 days ago
66Xalance5000.008 hours ago
67Ixredfire5000.004 days ago
68Killy5000.004 days ago
69Knot5000.004 days ago
70Skillberg5000.004 days ago
71Merecat5000.004 days ago
72Ubiquitin5000.004 days ago
73Nazereth4973.231 month ago
74Dessaar4386.741 month ago
75Dawnsharpie4255.424 days ago
76Utilityx4186.354 days ago
77Massappeal4138.384 days ago
78Carcinogenic3623.054 days ago
79Evilaantu3618.901 month ago
80Iceketchup3579.654 days ago
81Zalance3579.654 days ago
82Zwei3566.854 days ago
83Toastqt3544.944 days ago
84Caponilol3512.841 month ago
85Aptorian3421.764 days ago
86Ixposure3374.574 days ago
87Heyimpsycho3250.004 days ago
88Shootinblnks3250.004 days ago
89Shinebright3250.004 days ago
90Honestly3250.004 days ago
91Dkayliah3250.004 days ago
92Sshift3250.004 days ago
93Parable3179.644 days ago
94Toastrstrudl3136.054 days ago
95Psychø3053.634 days ago
96Blackpally3019.564 days ago
97Quality2979.894 days ago
98Lockshift2962.994 days ago
99Psychosenpai2750.004 days ago
100Mattchoo2740.981 month ago
101Watercolour2500.004 days ago
102Sunrype2500.004 days ago
103Desarr2346.971 month ago
104Yokin2250.004 days ago
105Ixxalfire2250.004 days ago
106Neltay2250.004 days ago
107Chandrian2249.954 days ago
108Bruaicx2000.004 days ago
109Stabshift2000.004 days ago
110Xelance1782.914 days ago
111Toriiblack1750.001 month ago
112Dkxalance1750.004 days ago
113Excellance1250.004 days ago
114Wshift1250.004 days ago
115Tiien1000.001 month ago
116Analyst1000.004 days ago
117Pbad1000.004 days ago
118Monkshift744.244 days ago
119Elegia720.991 month ago
120Hysterics500.004 days ago
121Ralphutopia421.761 month ago
122Fuzziwuzzi318.804 days ago
123Ixmanfire250.004 days ago
124Skankotica250.004 days ago
125Blackzecute250.004 days ago
126Cheshyrcat250.004 days ago
127Palantir250.004 days ago
128Thundernips194.421 month ago
129Cypress193.661 month ago
130Naltai193.664 days ago
131Desperada173.181 month ago
132Pureology155.394 days ago
133Sanshy154.461 month ago
134Utilitylol120.744 days ago
135Slavken120.744 days ago
136Bithadin120.744 days ago
137Notqt117.194 days ago
138Qtity104.784 days ago
139Argentae102.464 days ago
140Catness95.351 month ago
141Evilsoul87.174 days ago
142Umonquitin87.174 days ago
143Rusti86.061 month ago
144Juiceslayer86.064 days ago
145Psychøz86.064 days ago
146Psychøsucks83.474 days ago
147Xalerino80.004 days ago
148Ixroll80.004 days ago
149Toastninja80.004 days ago
150Grynadin80.004 days ago
151Utilityjr80.004 days ago
152Ryanlame80.004 days ago
153Madtoast80.004 days ago
154Ixpsychøfire80.004 days ago
155Clegæne80.004 days ago
156Utilityz80.004 days ago
157Lunaballoona80.004 days ago
158Ixredfyre80.004 days ago
159Notpsychø80.004 days ago
160Bithin80.004 days ago
161Wajen80.004 days ago
162Bithindelock80.004 days ago
163Lunabrews80.004 days ago
164Nuamunk80.004 days ago
165Tiamata80.004 days ago
166Veloxy80.004 days ago
167Bad80.004 days ago
168Ezybloom59.921 month ago
169Mackz59.924 days ago
170Evilsouls59.594 days ago
171Lupita51.111 month ago
172Utilityqt50.004 days ago
173Zalence50.004 days ago
174Perunslav44.014 days ago
175Utiliti30.001 month ago
176Blackmere30.004 days ago
177Viidel20.001 month ago
178Sumtingwon15.004 days ago
179Psychøs10.004 days ago
180Sherrez10.004 days ago
181Lusterwolf0.004 days ago
182Utilz0.004 days ago
183Detached0.004 days ago
184Smasherah0.004 days ago
185Djoo0.004 days ago
186Wessle0.004 days ago
187Skillville0.004 days ago
188Squirtula0.004 days ago
189Thickstickin0.004 days ago
190Quse0.004 days ago
191Utilly0.004 days ago
192Dkdawnsharp0.004 days ago
193Poproxx0.004 days ago
194Ixholyfire0.004 days ago
195Kns0.004 days ago
196Toot0.004 days ago
197Psychøqt0.004 days ago
198Camb0.004 days ago
199Psychøshift0.004 days ago
200Superprime0.004 days ago
201Deadmethodz0.001 month ago
202Ixcypfire0.001 month ago
203Eiyu0.004 days ago
204Bhiksu0.004 days ago
205Forskjellige0.004 days ago
206Saoibhinna0.004 days ago
207Poshunter0.001 month ago
208Folvora0.001 month ago
209Arodor0.004 days ago
210Xqt0.004 days ago
211Basia0.004 days ago
212Kaylée0.004 days ago
213Util0.001 month ago
214Starglams0.004 days ago
215Merecarry0.001 month ago
216Pantathian0.004 days ago
217Blackshock0.004 days ago
218Fortplease0.004 days ago
219Avaaddams0.004 days ago
220Demorafu0.004 days ago
221Missbones0.001 month ago
222Zahlen0.004 days ago
223Weirdtomato0.004 days ago
224Slavkoz0.001 month ago
225Sensko0.001 month ago
226Baldershot0.004 days ago
227Beginz0.001 month ago
228Purgemonkey0.004 days ago
229Utilitix0.001 month ago
230Sanctitti0.004 days ago
231Memu0.001 month ago
232Fought0.004 days ago
233Ralphazar0.001 month ago
234Got0.004 days ago
235Beardfäntasy0.001 month ago
236Upgradable0.001 month ago
237Sesto0.004 days ago
238Padir0.004 days ago
239Ezymonks0.001 month ago
240Parkslope0.004 days ago
241Slavaka0.004 days ago
242Slavkaz0.001 month ago
243Svenko0.004 days ago
244Recovery0.001 month ago
245Cypréss0.001 month ago
246Supahotfire0.001 month ago
247Ilegia0.001 month ago
248Ubistabbin0.001 month ago
249Ubisham0.001 month ago
250Warpress0.001 month ago
251Fuzziterror0.001 month ago
252Calimi0.001 month ago
253Churchil0.001 month ago
254Lunashifts0.004 days ago
255Funf0.004 days ago
256Qdots0.004 days ago
257Gadriel0.004 days ago
258Fattitude0.001 month ago
259Reif0.001 month ago
260Swabs0.004 days ago
261Venith0.004 days ago
262Kaybear0.004 days ago
263Phearslol0.001 month ago
264Eiryka0.001 month ago
265Disloyal0.004 days ago
266Sray0.001 month ago
267Neun0.004 days ago
268Nerdragê0.001 month ago
269Mageshift0.004 days ago
270Karachu0.001 month ago
271Bossyt0.001 month ago
272Babygirlx0.001 month ago
273Caponixyz0.001 month ago
274Parsing0.004 days ago
275Fuzzymage0.004 days ago
276Pandant0.001 month ago
277Gosone0.001 month ago
278Stabjr0.001 month ago
279Sprsmoothe0.001 month ago
280Torpedk0.001 month ago
281Cypriss0.001 month ago
282Cypruss0.001 month ago
283Conspire0.001 month ago
284Forumpost0.004 days ago
285Stormblessed0.001 month ago
286Knew0.001 month ago
287Anderston0.001 month ago
288Farrah0.004 days ago
289Dkshift0.004 days ago
290Anderkin0.001 month ago
291Sofiela0.004 days ago
292Anderstone0.001 month ago
293Gathershift0.004 days ago
294Sophia0.004 days ago
295Lily0.004 days ago
296Exemplarry0.001 month ago
297Trienna0.004 days ago
298Phearsify0.001 month ago
299Hshift0.004 days ago
300Brittany0.004 days ago
301Fisticuffz0.004 days ago
302Jordanna0.004 days ago
303Sebs0.001 month ago
304Qtq0.004 days ago
305Eleos0.004 days ago
306Jrbaconator0.004 days ago
307Velcrojester0.004 days ago
308Threk0.001 month ago
309Troublesome0.004 days ago
310Devhesinter0.004 days ago
311Icequitin0.001 month ago
312Susanboyle0.001 month ago
313Soapsie0.001 month ago
314Bmp0.001 month ago
315Afflikk0.001 month ago
316Dekurez0.001 month ago
317Ubigrippin0.001 month ago
318Nadablast0.001 month ago
319Eavx0.001 month ago
320Messori0.004 days ago
321Pendants0.001 month ago
322Sephiria0.004 days ago
323Terrez0.001 month ago
324Afflik0.001 month ago
325Bucktits0.004 days ago
326Ssjfourmikya0.001 month ago
327Tanavast0.004 days ago
328Muninn0.004 days ago
329Gaiden0.001 month ago
330Caltasha0.004 days ago
331Sarlos0.001 month ago
332Pendie0.001 month ago
333Bubiquitin0.001 month ago
334Thirmourne0.004 days ago
335Tumtums0.001 month ago
336Nold0.001 month ago
337Resentful0.001 month ago
338Xerro0.004 days ago
339Ceraphina0.004 days ago
340Oranje0.001 month ago
341Dethgnome0.001 month ago
342Memoria0.001 month ago
343Quantastic0.004 days ago
344Palshift0.004 days ago
345Ashketchup0.001 month ago
346Mikya0.001 month ago
347Noz0.001 month ago
348Phears0.004 days ago
349Demonfarmer0.001 month ago
350Capwni0.001 month ago
351Felth0.004 days ago
352Terra0.001 month ago
353Nuul0.001 month ago
354Cuul0.001 month ago
355Asmodeus0.001 month ago
356Chlorine0.004 days ago
357Shakazulu0.004 days ago
358Vuul0.001 month ago
359Rubicon0.001 month ago
360Helleborn0.004 days ago

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