Update Progress for Supermassive


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, please create ticket for Blizzard Support.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Zadivitz16557.21687.5613 hours ago
2Girado16557.21687.4713 hours ago
3Nimynn16557.21687.4013 hours ago
4Cypress16557.21687.2713 hours ago
5Einzbern7505.94687.0613 hours ago
6Wuzzfuzzy6872.60687.0013 hours ago
7Bodybag16557.21686.9313 hours ago
8Voidshift16557.21686.4713 hours ago
9Dangles16557.21686.3813 hours ago
10Psychosis16557.21686.0713 hours ago
11Xalance13106.13685.6013 hours ago
12Blackmonk15849.59685.5013 hours ago
13Quantity16557.21685.4413 hours ago
14Xalence4844.90685.4013 hours ago
15Brewpower5182.92685.1313 hours ago
16Duckyz15011.09685.0613 hours ago
17Ujx16557.21684.8713 hours ago
18Gabbie15719.24684.6913 hours ago
19Ellethea16172.44684.3113 hours ago
20Aptorian14430.64683.6713 hours ago
21Athryn5402.37683.5313 hours ago
22Manlybeast5778.16683.3813 hours ago
23Slavkaa4185.44682.6313 hours ago
24Weirdpotato1379.91681.803 days ago
25Gryning924.78680.6322 hours ago
26Flyntflossy1379.88680.313 days ago
27Quality1396.70680.133 days ago
28Zaddi1396.70680.073 days ago
29Blackmere1365.75679.803 days ago
30Ixredfire778.25679.753 days ago
31Desperada739.24679.203 days ago
32Bithinchi3914.86679.133 days ago
33Hysterics1379.88679.073 days ago
34Parable1379.88678.633 days ago
35Grynadin778.22678.333 days ago
36Psychox1396.70678.073 days ago
37Kayliah423.66677.633 days ago
38Skillberg1396.70677.443 days ago
39Sleepyalli177.13677.403 days ago
40Palantir1374.04677.073 days ago
41Itzpyro12721.33677.073 days ago
42Toastrinbath7583.41676.873 days ago
43Watercolour1379.88676.403 days ago
44Memoria2160.47676.133 days ago
45Notqt1379.91675.753 days ago
46Izzfuzzy1396.70675.633 days ago
47Indom778.25675.503 days ago
48Chickenshift1396.67675.333 days ago
49Nerdrage741.91675.313 days ago
50Zwei12721.36675.273 days ago
51Yijiao1357.95675.063 days ago
52Palshift1577.45675.003 days ago
53Toastrstrudl731.08674.403 days ago
54Emmastoned1374.71674.003 days ago
55Forlife260.84673.803 days ago
56Caponi643.66672.873 days ago
57Mileycyprus1379.91672.533 days ago
58Ixmanfire1379.91672.533 days ago
59Retius133.24672.133 days ago
60Eletoo1365.75671.733 days ago
61Slavaka1357.92671.313 days ago
62Ubiquitin116.80671.203 days ago
63Gadriel138.11670.003 days ago
64Mikya739.24669.333 days ago
65Kewetie209.62669.203 days ago
66Killy16557.21668.7313 hours ago
67Shinebright130.68668.333 days ago
68Elram52.55668.073 days ago
69Afflik238.46667.253 days ago
70Itspyro219.80667.073 days ago
71Svenske112.21666.473 days ago
72Aantu54.47666.313 days ago
73Bobbybetch157.54665.333 days ago
74Toastqt657.69665.203 days ago
75Iceketchup166.92664.203 days ago
76Caponilol132.59660.693 days ago
77Zpyro117.02660.673 days ago
78Bobbyshmurda104.70660.473 days ago
79Ixcrossfire16551.85660.072 days ago
80Sre90.15659.473 days ago
81Cloudead0.00657.503 days ago
82Asmodeus0.00657.473 days ago
83Noz74.65656.803 days ago
84Todesengel13.88656.443 days ago
85Skillin59.61654.803 days ago
86Nazereth58.21654.803 days ago
87Sathh39.47654.333 days ago
88Bruaick134.94653.753 days ago
89Itspyroo12.76653.673 days ago
90Qnom0.48653.193 days ago
91Xalerino84.29653.003 days ago
92Pendants47.32652.133 days ago
93Babygirlx0.00652.003 days ago
94Umonquitin11.10651.883 days ago
95Terrezm76.85651.873 days ago
96Disloyal0.00651.473 days ago
97Sunrype70.36650.803 days ago
98Soaps142.61650.403 days ago
99Ceraphina11.99649.133 days ago
100Xelance120.90648.883 days ago
101Calimi1.33647.933 days ago
102Lunashifts89.25647.803 days ago
103Unspeakable0.00647.333 days ago
104Evilsouls0.00645.403 days ago
105Veloxy1.25645.383 days ago
106Kyndal0.00645.333 days ago
107Slavkaz0.00645.273 days ago
108Dkxalance1.25645.203 days ago
109Zads70.25645.193 days ago
110Catness10.65645.133 days ago
111Bithin0.56644.333 days ago
112Psychodesu0.72644.063 days ago
113Argentae0.00642.933 days ago
114Situationqt0.00642.403 days ago
115Felth0.14642.333 days ago
116Aesis0.75641.933 days ago
117Rockstar1.44641.673 days ago
118Asknicely89.25641.133 days ago
119Nualla13187.06641.0013 hours ago
120Nerdlol0.00640.733 days ago
121Ssjfourmikya0.00640.503 days ago
122Saops59.79639.813 days ago
123Capwni0.00639.563 days ago
124Obliette0.00639.443 days ago
125Ixposure0.00638.673 days ago
126Tupacshockur1.04638.503 days ago
127Xerro0.00638.133 days ago
128Jrbaconator0.00637.803 days ago
129Psychosenpai0.00637.753 days ago
130Slavkan0.00637.563 days ago
131Bubiquitin0.00637.333 days ago
132Psychayylmao163.03637.333 days ago
133Skankotica0.00637.273 days ago
134Smasherah0.00637.133 days ago
135Upgrade0.00637.073 days ago
136Cypruss0.00636.803 days ago
137Pancakemixx0.00636.803 days ago
138Wudan0.00636.533 days ago
139Caltasha0.00636.473 days ago
140Evilsoul0.00636.203 days ago
141Clegæne0.00635.603 days ago
142Tungiey0.00635.133 days ago
143Miiamalkova0.00634.673 days ago
144Vocabularry0.00634.073 days ago
145Philcollins0.00632.673 days ago
146Toastninja1.25632.533 days ago
147Prettylegit0.24632.473 days ago
148Bad0.00631.873 days ago
149Theka0.00630.813 days ago
150Caponixyz0.00630.733 days ago
151Massappeal0.00630.673 days ago
152Xaloz0.12630.503 days ago
153Psychøsucks0.00628.883 days ago
154Lilgaypyro0.00628.873 days ago
155Kyarie0.00627.753 days ago
156Opeiron0.00627.733 days ago
157Evilaantu0.00626.673 days ago
158Desaar0.00626.203 days ago
159Eviljàde0.00626.133 days ago
160Monkshift0.00626.073 days ago
161Critik0.00624.313 days ago
162Iitra0.00624.073 days ago
163Mackz0.00622.633 days ago
164Johnnyboy0.00618.133 days ago
165Lilasmodeezy0.00618.063 days ago
166Cuddlemania0.00617.733 days ago
167Slurpí0.00615.603 days ago
168Sesto0.00615.473 days ago
169Churchil0.00614.063 days ago
170Exemplarry0.00613.253 days ago
171Neltay0.00609.943 days ago
172Trienna0.00603.933 days ago
173Ashketchup0.00603.203 days ago
174Lockshift0.00602.603 days ago
175Superprime0.00602.533 days ago
176Stabshift0.00602.443 days ago
177Phears0.00602.403 days ago
178Sitchqt0.00602.003 days ago
179Sephiria0.00600.673 days ago
180Yajiirobe0.00599.503 days ago
181Anirra0.00598.333 days ago
182Zmaj0.00597.273 days ago
183Zaddez0.00594.273 days ago
184Gathershift0.00590.203 days ago
185Sshift0.00589.503 days ago
186Millei0.00585.753 days ago
187Allornone0.00579.063 days ago

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