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Real Name: Bryan McCann
Sex: Male
Age: 21 (Nov 22, 1994)
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Chemistry stalk and killUS-EluneContent removed due to violation WoWProgress ToS (4).
Bryan sit and knitUS-Elune
Alysrazor Ice Cream CitadelUS-KorgathIgnore the guild changes, those are not me, they are from the previous toon with the name alysrazor.
Originally from Sen'jin (Alysrazor-Sen'jin)
Azgalor BurstUS-Zul'jinPreviously known as Alysrazor on US - Sen'jin
I raided in Carebear Council during 5.4 and went over and raided with Big crits on horde up until we get killed Mythic black hand.
Took a break and here i am just raiding casually.
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