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Bezvicious (Rawrz#1307)

Sex: Male
Age: 28 (Mar 24, 1988)
Country: United States

WoW Characters

BezviciousUS-BlackrockHello, let me start by introducing my self. My name is Chris and I've been playing World of Warcraft since late Vanilla. I have played several classes... Restoration Druid, Restoration Shaman Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest, Warlock, and for a very brief time at the end of Wrath a Blood Death Knight I enjoyed playing but had other commitments that prevented me from playing. I Currently have two level 85 characters a warrior and a warlock. It's the end of the Cataclysm expansion and I've just hit 85 on my warrior I intend on playing for MoP and the foreseeable future.

Raiding Experience

All of BC raiding content while relevant.

Played a Restoration Druid With
Months Behind on Eredar(briefly joined right when I just finished leveling my Priest and switched characters)
Reckless Ambition on Auchindoun(Druid,Mooteric)
Notorious on Scilla.(Druid,Enchipher)

Played a Shadow Priest with
Escaper on Bonechewer(Priest,Pookz)
Eye for an Eye on Eredar
Bloodlines on Sargeras

Briefly played my friends account with a restoration shaman and haven't touched the classes since.
I no longer have the account with my Druid or Priest :(

All Wrath Content up to Yogg Zero with two hundred+ attempts

Played a Warlock with
Duality on Stormreaver (warlock,Opposure)
At this point in my life I had to step away from the game, I did so with out saying anything to anyone. This was perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of my entire wow career.

During the time I played my warlock I had also started playing a Blood DK off and on, but didn't get the opportunity to take it past heroics due to my stepping away.

I've been 85 for about two weeks and managed to clear DS as Arms with an OS of Protection. I Leveled this character to tank for MoP, however, I understand that in the type of guild I'm looking for that it doesn't matter what class or spec I am playing. What matters is what am I willing to do to get those world 1st kills. I ask my self this question and the response is, anything. Not with out careful consideration of course. Getting those kills has been something I've longed for since I started playing mmo's in High School. I am honest about my own ability, I am open minded to others, and willing to do what ever it takes to improve my self and be of optimal benefit to those I am playing with. I understand the amount of motivation and hunger it takes to be in a world class guild. I am looking for a group of individuals that take this game as serious as I do and are motivated on the same level. I will play any class or role needed. I am here to be the best, I am here to learn, I am here to have the time of my life.

I've hit 90 on my warrior and I'm in BIS heroic gear. Also leveling a mage.
Contact Information
Bezvicious Blackrock
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