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Sex: Male
Age: 27
Country: Norway

WoW Characters

Sethzer Quantum of RageEU-Emeriss
Steena eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Marcý eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Stinah eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Mildah eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Steenah eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Millenia eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Mildaz eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Malinah eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Citano eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Mildax eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Florentia eXampleEU-Ravencrest
Lixima EnvyEU-Kazzak
Mildah EnvyEU-Kazzak
Citano EnvyEU-Kazzak
Sethzer EnvyEU-Kazzak
Rolento EnvyEU-Kazzak
Sagato EnvyEU-Kazzak
Mortimo EnvyEU-Kazzak
Lezard EnvyEU-Kazzak
Zemus EnvyEU-Kazzak
Maxím EnvyEU-Kazzak
Citania EnvyEU-Kazzak
Zethser Quantum of RageEU-Emeriss
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