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Real Name: Lance
Sex: Male
Age: 31 (Aug 29, 1985)
Country: United States

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DanceandwinUS-Echo IslesLooking for a late nite est raiding guild possiably starting around 11pm est and ending at 2am est. also in need of people who can accept that i work in retail and my job comes first and fore-most so if work calls, work calls. Im dedicted to progresss,just need to find a guild that can do that and balance that with my weird work schedule. Im willing to server transfer and/or faction change i have prot off-spec at 463 item lvl atm but focused on DPS which is at 482 any questions hop on my realm or message me

Still looking for a place to call home, have a 479 holy priest who will come with me name is Sacramentum hop on my realm and whisper me
Littlelance I Leisure Time IUS-Echo Isles


CharacterDanceandwinUS-Echo Isles
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