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ShaquilohëalUS-Alleria4/13M EXP Monk capable of playing Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver, (prefer to heal). Coming from Top 50 US guilds in previous expansions, I have had to go casual in the beginning of WoD with the addition having a son added to the family. I have played every healing class to a percentile of 90%+ in most tiers and happened to main monk this tier, but am very flexible.

By no means do I mind proving myself against other capable healers. Skrillex#1912 is my btag and would more than glad be able to answer questions, concerns, or take comments a far as what you and I can offer eachother. Alliance or Horde. (Alliance Preferred) for money reasons, but if the fit seems worth faction changing that wouldnt be an issue.
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